Dearest Readers


Dearest Tmonews readers, a number of you have taken note both publicly on the blog/forum and via email regarding the new ad content appearing on the site. Obviously this is of some concern to you considering ad content has been sparse and hardly intrusive. However, Tmonews has grown to the point, (thanks to all of you!) ad content is now a necessity in order to sustain the websites momentum. In order for us to continue to bring the best possible content, the very best groundbreaking news on T-mobile, I needs me some cash flow. 

Obviously we would prefer if T-mobile themselves were to show interest in advertising on Tmonews, but I tend to think they don’t particularly like what we do. Therefore, ads have to come from elsewhere and frankly, I’m not putting ads for Shamwow on the site. So while Sprint ads or the like may be particularly odd, they are there for good reason and I expect, no I hope that you, the readers, will understand why. However strange it may seem, they are there so I can continue to do what you expect of me.