What Do You Want To See This Week?


So this week marks CTIA, the wireless trade show that previews future happenings of the American wireless industry. Phonearena did a preview of what to expect for all the carriers and while we aren’t expecting any surprises, we do hope for confirmation on a few devices. First off, the Sidekick 2009, a device we’ve already had some CTIA thoughts about courtesy of Noah from Phonedog. The sidekick line hasn’t seen a whole lot of love in recent months and an overhaul would be a most welcome change to a T-mobile staple device. 
Next, we’re talking G2/Magic/Dream/Sapphire, quite possibly the most anticipated T-mobile device in recent months. Having recently passed the FCC, and causing quite the stir, the rumor mill continues to churn out hope for a CTIA release. We’re not banking money on this one, but we’re pulling for an announcement. Personally, I’d like to see this announced over any of the other possibles we can hope to hear from T-mobile or its manufacturer partners this week. 
Next up, the TouchPro2, a phone more than a few of you have been asking about ever since a screen shot of possible T-mobile USA software popped up last week. Twitter and my inbox have been out of control with questions regarding the possible launch of this for T-mobile. Desparate to replace your outdated wings, more than a few of you are definitely looking for a possible announcement of this device in T-mobile magenta markings. 
Well those are, courtesy of the guys from Phonearena, the 3 devices we most hope to see from T-mobile this week. The real question is, what else do you guys want to see? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Trell

    I definitely want to see all those devices plus more announced at CTIA but there is still a big problem in the world of the BIG T, COVERAGE. Our 3G footprint is size of baby shoe and other carriers 3G foot print is the size of clown shoes. Come on Tmobile expand and upgrade your networks for us, or all HE77 will break lose.

  • I guess the Sidekick… but I don’t and doubt it’ll release tomorrow like people have said. I love my Sidekick. I wouldn’t mind seeing the HTC Magic/G2 thingy or whatever you call it too. Even thou “Sidekicks” have my heart, and that’s what i’m gonna get.

  • B

    Touch Pro 2, hands down. That is first and foremost (by far) what I need to hear from T-Mobile, and a May release would be heavenly. 1700MHz of course is necessary, and UMA would be nice.

  • GlockBuster

    The Huawei Android device, the Touch Pro 2, or the Samsung Android device.

  • Ron

    Tmo should definitely announce the Huawei device at CTIA…Do you know what they are actually going to announce? Prolly more entry level samsungs. Got to love tmo.

  • mfabela

    ditto with glockbuster

  • t1 connect

    How many times a year is ctia. Seems like its more than once.

  • bittermormon

    I want tmo to address Google pulling tethering apps from the market. At launch they said they were cool with it. Now Google is pulling apps because they violate carrier terms? WTF?!?

  • alt-mobile

    Wing 2 and G2

  • Emiliano

    Touch Pro2 with UMA. Also some more expanded 3g coverage.

  • Alex

    I would like some Nokia E-Series phones with the AWS bands. My E51 is so much more useful than my G1 except in the fact that I can only use its 3G when I travel abroad.

  • Sanjay

    T-mobile phone with windows mobile 6.5, 3 mp cameraor higher, with 3g, with GPS, top of the line with touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, not a phone that will be obsolete in 2 months because T-mobile is last in releasing phones. With imminent release. Fast processor and plenty of memory. I don’t care if it is a little thicker for better battery life. 16GB micro SD slot (not 8GB). Bluetooth of course, Wifi of course and maybe UMA.

  • xxqbnxx

    Im all for the G2 !! Bring it !

  • Chuong

    Touch Diamond 2
    Nicely spec S60v3/v5

  • CallawayBomber

    Having put my executive wife into a G1 this past week…I have to say that the Wing went-a-fling out the window. I don’t believe that the phone even deserved a proper burrial.

    Having figured out the syncing and setups needed to make the G1 a viable business device, I doubt the need for a Touch Pro phone.

    It would be in poor taste to even name another phone after that turd bomb. Just checking the time and date would slow down that phone sloth-like speed.

  • jmts80

    This is wishful thinking but I want to c the whole lot! G2/magic/sapphire, Touch pro 2, and Sidekick 2009. Its time magenta did something big to reward its loyal customers

  • Patrick

    I know CTIA tends to be for devices but an announcement about 3g expansion would be GREAT. not having really done anything since LAST YEAR makes it difficult for t-mo fans to keep their enthusiasm about it

  • um i hope t-mobile does have something good to offer.. i would be very pissed if they take out some low entry crappy samsungs….

  • Andrew

    Hopefully we see some news about the magenta. Thats the one Im waiting for! Now, off to find the mythical clitoris!

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Here’s what I’d like to see, in order of preference: Newest 3G cities, launch dates for said new 3G cities, Cupcake time-frame, and the G2 phone. :-)

  • I think if they do not announce some more 3G coverage it will not matter if they announce anything else.

  • Rommel

    N-seriers or a high end se!-enough htcs!

  • There better be some information on cupcake. That’s all I want.