What Do You Want To See This Week?


So this week marks CTIA, the wireless trade show that previews future happenings of the American wireless industry. Phonearena did a preview of what to expect for all the carriers and while we aren’t expecting any surprises, we do hope for confirmation on a few devices. First off, the Sidekick 2009, a device we’ve already had some CTIA thoughts about courtesy of Noah from Phonedog. The sidekick line hasn’t seen a whole lot of love in recent months and an overhaul would be a most welcome change to a T-mobile staple device. 
Next, we’re talking G2/Magic/Dream/Sapphire, quite possibly the most anticipated T-mobile device in recent months. Having recently passed the FCC, and causing quite the stir, the rumor mill continues to churn out hope for a CTIA release. We’re not banking money on this one, but we’re pulling for an announcement. Personally, I’d like to see this announced over any of the other possibles we can hope to hear from T-mobile or its manufacturer partners this week. 
Next up, the TouchPro2, a phone more than a few of you have been asking about ever since a screen shot of possible T-mobile USA software popped up last week. Twitter and my inbox have been out of control with questions regarding the possible launch of this for T-mobile. Desparate to replace your outdated wings, more than a few of you are definitely looking for a possible announcement of this device in T-mobile magenta markings. 
Well those are, courtesy of the guys from Phonearena, the 3 devices we most hope to see from T-mobile this week. The real question is, what else do you guys want to see? Sound off in the comments!

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