T-mobile To Do Away With 1 Year Contracts??


I’ve been trying to nail down this rumor for a few days now, but it seems as though enough sources are confirming that its time to run with the story. T-mobile, apparently hit hard by both economic downturn and some less than impressive Q3 and Q4 numbers is going to do away with the 1 year contract option. Looking to do away with rising churn, T-mobile is going to solely focus on the 2 year contract option. While most of you won’t find this disconcerting, those of you like myself who find themselves changing phones as often as underwear will be in no uncertain terms, pretty disappointed by this change. Generally speaking, the wireless industry focuses on 2 year contracts (surprise, surprise!) because thats the hook with a subsidy of the device but T-mobile has been one of the last strongholds for 1 year contracts. 

Further details on this development can be found at this link

  • mingkee

    I am terminated by T-Mobile because I was caught tethering a phone at corp store, the rep dragged me, and ask me for my account number, and terminated my account!!!
    (April joke, just for today)

  • tremor

    I’m ok with this personally…from what I heard, T-mobile will soon be launching three-month long contract terms. The best part is that you will qualify for the full discounted price on an upgraded phone at the end of each term!

  • battamer

    You change your underwear once per year?

  • Emiliano

    YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!! That was good.

  • soviet

    good one

  • RS

    I only do 1yr contracts so I can have a better phone since technology changes so fast. If I was going to stick with a phone it has to be something kicka$$ such as the iphone, lg prada or touch pro, etc. 2yrs is too long of a commitment, thats why I’m not married.

  • tato22

    lol good one guys hit the link to moree

  • B

    That actually had me

  • Kirk

    WTF is right. If T-Mobiles numbers are down why in the hell are they still doing no contracts. That doesn’t make any sense

  • …..aww man hilarious!

  • benji

    While the contracts are 2 years, you’re eligible for fully discounted handset prices (with another 2-year extension) after 1 year.

  • edmund

    best one so far today =D
    freaked me out alot cause all i do is one year contracts haha
    good job TmoNews!!

  • michael

    When I first signed up for T-Mobile, I was elated to see the one-year contract (after being burned by then Cingular) and quickly signed another one…by the time it came for a phone upgrade though, I had no option except the 2-year; and then switched to a promo plan that also required a 2-year plan. I didn’t know that they were still offering one-year contracts. Guess I will have to inquire with my next phone upgrade if I am eligible.

  • FILA

    almost took a shit in my panties

  • Melissa

    T-Mobile still offers 1 year contracts you just have to go to a store for a new customer or request a 1 year upgrade when you are fully elg as a exisiting customer. Not sure where the info came from, but it’s wrong.

  • The news are right. I tried to get a 1 year contract and both T-mobile customer servcie and the store rejected. In 2008 Dec I still got the 1 year if I paid 25Bucks.
    After 1 yr. and 2 months my Samsung behold touch screen died so I had to look for a new one.
    With Interent plans at 30USD per month it sucks to get any smart phone other than Iphone at ATT especially if they lock me for 2 years.

    Sad to hear this about Tmobile…thinking of switching to ATT I even checked verizon :(