Well This Phone Is Sure To Cause Excitement!


I hope all of you are sitting down for this big BIG announcement, that’s right on April 22nd T-mobile is launching the awesome, the sleek, the sexy Nokia 1661. That’s right this “feature-rich” device will come with, text messaging, a speakerphone AND last but not least, drum roll please, an alarm clock! Hold your excitement, make sure you are sitting, get something to drink if you need to because this bad boy is heading to T-mobile prepaid everywhere. 

Seriously though, its always nice to see a low cost handset that might appeal to those who simply have no need for anything with bells and whistles and simply just want an emergency backup. This should fit the bill nicely, no word on price but expect it at the end of April.


  • What, no calculator?! How in the world am I supposed to calculate a tip?!!

  • GlockBuster

    Yeah except for T-Mobile already has 5 phones with no features and we hardly sell any of them as is. This is the last thing we need.

  • paw

    It also has a very nice Flashlight!

  • paw
  • RS

    I had a better looking phone in 1999. This phone is sooo last decade!!

  • duce


  • Rev. Otto

    Oddly enough I like this phone and see a purpose for it. There are times when I don’t want to have my G1 on me and just want to run out the door, throw a phone in my pocket and go. The gym, a rainy day shopping trip, etc. I have two sim cards for the same account and even the cheapest Nokias can take a beating for years.

  • sharon

    OMG! ALARM CLOCK!!! ummm all Nokia’s carry an alarm clock, all 20 that I have used at least.

  • louis

    Why would anyone care about a Nokia phone. If don’t even look modern. HTC has the best phones.

  • Andres

    This phone reminds me of the Motofone F3. Basic phone, basic features, but also durable. It is the type of phone you can throw around without much consequence.

    There is a market for these types of phones although not generally in the United States.

  • Guys, I am tired of paying for features we dont use on these phones. One of them is video calling, ur face appears ugly and dark on the other side and its not worth using you can loose your girl. That is why I opted for free to air TV on these dual sim phones. I have STCF006and it rocks.