Nokia 3710 coming to T-Mobile!


Do you like swirls, Nokia, T-Mobile 3G,  mid range flip phones and that hidden screen technology found on the 7510?  Then T-Mobile’s Nokia 3710 is just for you!  This simplistic flip phone holds a 2.2 inch QVGA screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot.  This clamshell is destined for a fourth quarter launch and will come in 3 colors, pink ( which looks more like a pleasant champagne to me), black and plum!  Sound off in the comments with your opinions, rants, like its and love its.


  • nice! times two….

  • Galen20K

    Not bad for a Mid-Range phone, I think that Cheap people are starting to get Spoiled with Phones like these that are simple but actually pretty Nice and actually has some Features people want like 3G and a MicroSD card slot.

  • efjay

    Nice, Verizon gets the Omnia II and t-mobile gets this…

  • WazzuKirk

    Another T-Mobile Piece of S***….ugh, I’m tired of TMO being 2nd rate on their phones. The only good phone they have right now is the BlackBerry 8900, and that has no 3G.

  • Angel

    The specs say data is EGPRS class 32. My understanding is that this is slower than HSPA (HSDPA) 3.5G like the sony ericsson tm506. Can anyone shed some light?

  • @Angel, you are correct. But according to Nokia, this phone has wcdma(umts), up to 384 kbps, which is a major bummer because I thought that this device would have hsdpa. But even if it’s basic 3g it’s better than no 3g at all.

  • texasjr

    not bad!

  • Tmo Ben

    Alright, I’ve been reading a lot of handset bashing in these comments lately, and I cannot restrain myself anymore. People, not only do the VAST MAJORITY of cell phone users in the US not need/want to pay for data, what is wrong with T-Mobile’s smart phones? Admittedly, our winmo options have been pathetic, but we lead the way with the G1, and our bb options are pretty diversified. Sure, the bb’s don’t have 3G, and I’m just as unhappy as the rest of you about that. 3G is only part of the operability of the phone, however, and magenta has got it’s bases covered. Who cares if half our phones aren’t touchscreen? Fun fact: according to some of my friends at VZW, the Storm has been running with a 55% return rate. Simply throwing touchscreens on phones does not happy users make. Anyway, while I agree that some of T-Mobile’s handset options leave something to be desired, as a longtime member of the wireless industry, I think it’s pretty shortsighted, not to mention uninformed, to chalk everything up to the latest fad in high end handsets and judge an entire companies product line by such standards. Bottom line, T-Mobile delivers what the majority of its users want: mid-range handsets with quality service at an affordable price.

  • Aaron Ratner

    Woo hoo. Get us some real phones. My Dash (cooked w/wm6.1) is now two years old. My G1 is a year old and I hate BlackBerry. If TMO waits any longer I am gonna be forced to look elsewhere for a nice phone. (OK, probably not, but still.)

  • Junior

    eww why the hell does tmobile always get the ugly looking phones. lmao tmobile really sucks.

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