Free Overnight Shipping, No Activation Fee


Want to add a line or maybe get a family member to join the T-Mobile family? Well now is the perfect time! T-Mobile is currently offering FREE overnight shipping and NO activation fees for new customers as a web-exclusive offer. Not to mention there are some phones that qualify for a web discount.  Head over to the T-Mobile website to take advantage of this spectacular offer!  Only from T-Mobile!


  • First!

  • Wizzyconsin

    when did we get the assholes that like to post first?

    also, activation fees are a joke. if you dont have the negotiation skills to talk your way out of that one, youre a complete fool.

  • Dominic

    If only there were some decent phones worth getting…….

  • It’s all about the Touch Pro 2, baby! 34 days and a wake up!

  • William

    If you go to I noticed today that if you sign up for a 2 year plan via the web the G1 is only $49!