Android Confirmed For Next Week


Still waiting for a new Android release? Get ready all you Android fans the wait it over! Because according to Engadget Mobile, a T-Mobile company spokesperson has said that: “Next week, T-Mobile will share more details about its next Android-powered phone, the follow-on device to the T-Mobile G1 with Google.” It is not certain that the “Android-powered phone” is the MyTouch 3G but that’s what we’ve got our money on! Sound off in the comments!


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  • dqnny


  • OMG I AM SOOO EXCITED! I have been like contemplating whether or not I should just get the G1 or the Blackberry 8900.. Cause I have a sidekick ID and no one knows how bad I need a new phone! I just finally got all my contacts back cuz for some reason they got all deleted.. Ugh, stupid sidekicks.. BUT YESSS UGH finally! G2 come to Mommmmma!!

  • chano

    cant wait. anyone have and idea on the price? i currently have tmobile and will be buying the phone straight up.

  • iTony523

    So does anyone know the pricing?
    and will i need a data plan to use this phone ??

  • Andrew

    I pray that they won’t just announce a release date…. at least give us pre-order?

  • Marc

    Nice step forward Tmobile!! What about the TP2??

  • I will be buying this phone out right also. And one for my wife also. She loves android just as much as me lol. I can’t wait to have it. I didn’t go with the g1 cuz I knew another phone would come out forsure and I just don’t like buying stuff when it first comes out. Just to buggy and stuff

  • Amanda

    i cannot wait any longer! i want it today! so excited!

  • Jim

    Mytouch is ok (name is horrible) but I wish the i7500 and Huawei were being released. Better yet, I wish all the upcoming Androids would drop together so we can have better choices.

  • James

    Watch it be some low end android phone, like that ugly green samsung that was floating around. I want my Magic now!! The only other phone I would forgive Tmo would be the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Kickstar13

    Android is a smartphone OS, it can’t be low-end.

  • andrew

    ::yawn:: any driftwood news?

  • JLA

    T-mobile is labeling this phone the “Iphone Crusher”

    It may offer some enhancements we do not know about, I do agree, My touch is a stupid name, Google Ion, why cant they stick with that? sounds a lot better “check out my new phone, its called the Google Ion”

    “check out my new phone, its called the… ummm… Mytouch3g”, yes thats what is really called, regardless I am excited

  • UMMMMm…. look at the phone pic above… why is someone at 1:50am taking pictures of a phone? ROFL!!!!

    this phone is f&^%$@#$ ugly…. but i still will buy it.. unfortunately :(
    i love the fact its thinner and NO QWERTY… i love that.. but its still ugly!

  • flyyphone

    Eyyy, please announce that this is coming in a color other than white.

    I think I’ll pass on this for the TP2. July 22nd can’t come soon enough. This 3g-less 8900 has began to annoy me.

  • beej

    Okay, this has me excited! I can’t wait. I swear, though, if it’s not the MyTouch, I’ll be so bummed.

    @ Jim- I agree that the i7500 and the Huawei would be cool, but for some reason, I’m stuck on this one.

    @ James- I agree, I will be so disappointed if it’s the ugly green Bigfoot. Ugh

    @ dqnny & Ash- Great, just a little more teasing. Now I’ll have to check the site every 10 minutes! Goodbye productivity!

  • TaTo22

    yay new baby on the way g1 one needs a brother

  • Lance

    Its good that tmo is FINALLY rolling out another android, though I would also rather see the i7500 come out than the mytouch

  • Mauro

    Geez about time tmobile, I have the 8900 and I love it, who is going to switch from the 8900 to mytouch 3g? Are there any good facebook apps or msn messenger app?

  • Ash

    @ beej- I hear ya! Letss just forget about work until we have our mytouch 3gs!! I am really hooping that when they give us more info it is a pre order sale and not just a release date! The end of June is appproaching! @ Mauro- I am currently using an 8900 and I am def. getting this device! I am actually waiting on my replacement in the mail. Some of my keys stopped working! The android market has plenty of aapps to keep you happy! My 8900 doessnt even let me use the myspace and facebook apps! I am soo ready for this phone!!!

  • CameronWest

    This is a waste of time for Tmo. It’s the EXACT same thing as the G1, minus the keyboard and plus an extra hour of battery…

    When Tmo can finally get its hands on an Android device that has at least 8GB of internal storage, a battery that ACTUALLY holds a charge and a…dare I say…Iphone sized screen…I will be jumping in line.

    Until then, the G1 works just fine for me

  • Android Rebellion Member

    Let the Rebellion against iPhone begin!!!. I’m tired of all these people drinking the “over priced iPhone Kool-Aid” This phone is going to be great!!!

  • WEAK! I concur with above – it’s G1 without the keyboard – so Google is giving you less for more money, trying to screw you again. iPhone is going to bitch-slap this device into the next decade (and I hate Apple too). I hate that Google is all trying to “do no evil” but covertly, they are trying to screw you over at each chance they get, and their primary business plan of AdWords is totally premised on theft of trademarks. What a croak! And, Android is supposed to be free, why are the phones so ‘spensive? They should be charging only for the HW costs.

    It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby! 33 days and a wake up!

  • Zane

    You know what sucks about 3G phones by T-Mobile, their not gonna have 3G capability everywhere because T-Mobile’s 3G is rather….limited right now….im just saying. IM STILL GETTING ONE THOUGH!!!

  • jayyoung

    knowing tmobile next week they will only come with a date an proberly come with a totally different deivce

  • mando

    i dont think this is the follow up to the g1 i just think its another android option if you dont want the physical keyboard. the g1 v2 is probably the follow up to the g1.

  • Kickstar13

    @Ash & Beej

    Keep checking Tmonews we will keep all you guys posted as soon as we get info.

  • Armo


    just because a device is a smartphone, doesnt mean it cant be low end. for example, the upcoming BlackBerry Gemini. there are many “lower end” smartphones out there. that being said, im pretty sure that ll the Android devices that come out this year with T-Mobile be “higher end”. if not all of them the majority will.

  • Fausto

    If you read the last “T-mobile Scoop” Text it tells us to keep an eye out for the next month Scoop in which we will find the new phone and how to get them before anyone else. If you don’t have this text come to your phone now is the time to get it.

  • shotdisc98

    Give me UMA or give me sadness! Anyone confirm the early specs that were given, that included the 5mp camera?

  • -ray

    It is nice that another Android phone is coming out, but like the G1 this phone looks cheap.. Maybe it is just the lack of something else on it besides being all monochrome plastic… The I7500 does look promising though..

  • amajor118

    Why must these phones go through the European countries first? Just dug up some info on the Huawei Anroid phone and it is set to be released the second half of Q3! WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY not the US first?

  • Mauro

    I saw the i7500 and it looks hot! But when is tmobile going to have it?? Some french carrier was going to sell it in june or july, can’t remember but that samsung is going to make the G2 look bad… I mean HTC needs to hire some better engineers/designers…

  • Luckie

    We got a new name for MyTouch its the GT2: Meaning “Google-Touch2? that will give it more character, according what I”ve read the “Mytouch” is a realy good phone I am out of Contract wit T-Mobile now but when the “GT2″comes out I will renew again. Anyone knows when the release date is?

  • Red

    If they are not a bunch of fucking idiots they’ll go ahead and start releasing the phones that are supposed to compete this summer. The only phone they have released this summer is the shitkick and fI’ve been hearing that it’s flopping big time.

  • jayyoung

    Isn’t nextweek HTC Rosie confrence in London where they are releasing new devices what r the odds of that and TMO releasing a new android phone supposedly nextweek but i’m jus speculating

  • Benjamin B 007

    I think they’re going to announce the Samsung I7500 instead of the mytouch 3G.

  • chrisrussell86

    T-mobile was trying to get me to renew my contract in January. i have the dash which is not a very fun phone. the only thing i liked about it is the text to speech thing it had when i got a text. really wanted the i phone but i thank the g1 was better and big but. i hope the speaker is louder then the g1 to. this phone will beat all phones i wonder if i offer my first born they will let me have it now. LOL

  • JLA

    I don’t understand why t-mobile is being so damn quiet and secretive over this, I mean they are in no position to act that way considering there 3g is spotty at best, and ranked 4th behind Sprint, which everyone seems to hate. All I am saying is, this better be one hell of a device, it would have made more sense if they had released it before the Iphone, to take away Apple’s thunder, but it is what it is, and now we play the waiting game again, how about some specs t-mobile? is that asking too much…

  • poochilau1

    Much Better Than That Windows Mobile Wanna Be Dash 3G.
    This little player has it all……………mind the mail for exchange.

  • Vaddy

    According to this article which was published 4 hours ago, the Samsung i7500 will be released in the United States within the new two weeks????

  • I dono man…this phone does look sick…but my main concern is the on-screen keyboard…I hate on-screen keyboards but this one seems to have even less spacing than the sucky iphone does (which would not be good)…

    Still waiting on an Android phone that totally blows me away…

  • jayyoung

    I’m hoping its the HTC HERO that run rosie but not with that big chin cause that phone is ugly hope they modifyed it

  • FILA

    I CANT WAIT!!!! Im so excited myself! im so glad there announcing it next week, I just hope we dont have to wait another long wait for this damn phone, that will piss me off. I think Im gonna go with this after I make sure I can type a message on that onscreen, TP2 pissed me off so thats that, and I really do want Android! God I just cannot wait, Im so excited, like seriously, lol

  • Say-Low

    I waited long enough.. Tmobile hurry up with the release!! =)
    Hmm.. can we like start lining up for this phone? Just wondering because I just want to get my hand on one!! Who’s going to be the first to post here up o.O?!

  • m3tric

    Release the goddamn phone already. You know T-Mobile drops the ball when the Canucks even get the phone before us. For this long ass wait, we better at LEAST get the 5.0 MP camera.

  • Tropi

    T-Mo will start selling it right after the announcement next week. Nice!
    They need too compete with the new I-phone.

  • is it the Magic or one of the Android base phones?….gees com’on Tmo’ stop slackin.

  • Colin Small


    I don’t see where it says the i7500 will launch in the US. T3 is a UK magazine.

  • Colin Small

    This is just my best guess. It sounds like Bright Lights with the space looking theme would be the Samsung Galaxy. The iPhone 3G S comes out tomorrow, T-Mobiles best effort against an iPhone release would be the Galaxy. I see the MyTouch3G as more of an update to the G1. I hope this is the way it turns out because the Galaxy/i7500 is the phone I have been waiting for.

  • Razius


    ” Also according to T3, the Samsung i7500 will be out for sale in the U.S some time in the next two weeks.”

    First paragraph of the article at the end.

  • JLA

    You think the next Android phone is going to be the Samsung Galaxy, rather then the Mytouch 3g? That would be interesting, or is the Galaxy releasing in the next two weeks, and the Mytouch 3g, in August? I will say when I talked to a rep over the phone last Sunday, she told me the next android phone would be from HTC, but also hinted there could be 2 android phones released this summer. I don’t know, but the Galaxy is very thin, which I love, so I’d choose it over the Mytouch 3g, what do you guys think? Does t-mobile have 2 android phones up their sleeves? Next week we will know

  • the Samsung Galaxy is ugly compared to the iphone it wouldn’t have chance agianst the iphone. but the Magic is pretty slick and offers both of form and function. something that the iphone offers fully. although Huawei U8230 Android phone would be best against the iphone.

  • Mauro

    Not sure if mytouch 3g can fight with the new iphone. I haven’t use an iphone but I did use an ipod touch which is pretty much the same. After 2 weeks of using it I returned it, I didn’t like the interface. Android seems different and more reliable. I didn’t buy the G1 because it was the first android version and obviously I know the phone was going to come with some bugs. I like the galaxy design and I think that’s the phone that is going to fight directly with the iphone. Either way if tmobile decides to release the mytouch next week ill give it a try and if I like ill keep it until the galaxy comes out.

  • tmobilerep

    Sorry but the mytouch wont be out this month. The preorder will start i believe on july 8th. Also, the samsung phone you’re talking about may be the highlight which comes out july 15th..

  • tmobilerep

    oh yeah, brightlights is just a new way they want us to interact with has nothing to do with a phone release..

  • andy_lowe02

    That phone looks like the new G2 to me. It has been out in the UK for a while now dubbed the HTC Magic. You can see it on the HTC website. Andy yes for all you people wondering you will need a data plan for the phone as well…come on it’s common sense. You can buy the HTC Magic from UK or on EBay but it is not supported through the T-Mobile 3G network yet,it’s a totally different 3G. Hope you all like it! Look for the HTC Magic. Try and compare the G1 and the HTC Magic.