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Yet another Android phone expected to head for T-Mobile. One of the 5 Android phones expected to release at the end of this year . The Motorola Morrison will be Motorola’s first Android phone. Motorola has been struggling a lot and let’s just hope this will get them off the ground. Motorola’s said in the past that it wants to build its Android lineup around a social networking platform, so this could be the perfect device for all you heavy texters! Specs are unknown as of yet for this white and blue ‘droid but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we get info! Feel free to express your likes and dislikes in the comments!



  • rudy

    honestly i don’t know what to think of it.

    it looks ok, but not better than the bigfoot.
    if it can’t compete with the big foot and it’s oled screen it’s already at a disadvantage.

  • All these new slide-out QWERTY phones!

  • Lance

    Im liking this whole slew of upcoming android phones, but im still a firm commit to the samsung galaxy/i7500.
    Unless of course this has better specs…not holding my breath for it though.

  • FILA

    Well Im not much for MOTO, and although I like the concept of the phone, I think the keys will be hard to type on, looks like the screen is smaller compared to the G series of HTC’s lineup. and well Im not and won’t be gettin excited over this, sorry, just not and never buyin a MOTO, very picky about my phones and brands!

    Come on G2!

  • poochilau1

    @FILA yeah me too. Nokia should definitely get in the android game.

  • FILA


    My brands are NOKIA, HTC and that Huawei is looking pretty interesting. I dont think NOKIA will ever get into the Android game, but can you imagine what that phone would be like, jeeze! Told ya, Im picky about my phones, but all well.

  • rudy

    Nokia will never get into android.

    They are firmly behind S60 and maemo.

  • SusieDoll

    a lot of QWERTY phones coming out i like this one

  • timmyjoe42

    What is up with that BLUE!
    It looks a lot like the upcoming HTC with a sliding keyboard.
    If this has UMA and 3G, I might be lured to upgrade.

  • angelo

    wow this looks cool. in a weird way
    i think it resembles a nokia xpress music phone

  • Sprint on 042410

    I’m not fond of the colors but am interested as it’s motorola in the USA. My wife has a moto rizr and that phone is built strong with a ringer you can actually hear unlike this G1, my old shadow, my sons sidekick lx and my daughters gravity. If the build is like the rizr I would get it.

  • It’s kind of ugly, and I really hate to say that, cause I know when everybody else says that about T-Mobile phones, lol. But, maybe it’ll be good. Customers will love Text/Social network friendly phones. I want that Samsung QWERTY Android thou

  • Dude

    I’m just stoked there is going to be a lot of options out there. The Android platform is going to spread like a wildfire over the next year…I’m so excited for all of the new apps!

  • Ryan

    Most likely they will do for android what they did for sidekicks. The slide is the biggest piece of shit sidekick that ever came out. Motorola needs to hang their hats.

  • Ryan

    sprint, i am not knocking your optimism, but the rizr was packed with problems. i would gladly trade putting my phone on silent than having my phone’s screen blank out or have the buttons not fall off (arrow keys sticker falls off)

  • Sprint on 042410

    Ryan, not to make this a Rizr discussion but my wife’s phone has been perfect over the last 14 months. I guess everyone has different results with the same equipment. My main reason for supporting Motorola is that they’re a US based company and I’m rooting for them to turn things around and achieve success in the smartphone arena. If the Morrison is their one shot at the big time they may deserve to fail but I’m hoping they have more than that coming out.

  • soviet

    dont except anything good out of moto. ss galaxy looks good but i think se would put more reliable hardware. if nokia makes android ill shave my hair on my head, since my balls r shaved already

  • InfidelCastro

    Find the alt key then go down and left. Is that a 3.5mm headphone jack? Looks like it might be.


    The person at T-Mobile picking these g’awful phones needs to be fired!

    Seriously…..T-Mobile would rather compete with itself than with the rest of the carriers. That’s so freakin’ funny.
    They act if they need a slew of Android phones to be competitive. How many Blackberry Storms does Verizon have in their product lineup? How about AT&T? Have they announced plans to release a slew of iPhones in their stable? What exactly is T-Mobile hoping to accomplish with a platform that lags behind the rest of the platforms is features and performance. I will say the performance is due to the sub par hardware it resides on.

    I really hope T-Mobile gets acquired by a competitor. This is always how it starts…..a company continues to make bonehead decisions. They then try to make a desperate push to stop the bleeding but by then it’s too late. Sprint appears to be saving themselves from this type of disaster with the Pre. I don’t see much hope for T-Mobile.