Sense in Tattoo


Motorola Cliq or Huawei Luna not your style, then maybe some HTC Tattoo fits your needs.  While we have known that the Tattoo has android, we can now see that it will also run the Sense UI, which ultimately means it will not be a “With Google” phone.  It seems odd to me that HTC would run the sense UI on a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen, but I’m not entirely complaining.  Head past the break to watch a video of the Tattoo in action (it looks pretty good with some Sense, actually).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

DroidDog via  HTCSource

First real hands-on video for the HTC Tattoo from htcsource on Vimeo.

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  • Moose

    Nice vid screen looks responsive.

  • MishkaGreen

    Any word on this coming to T-Mobile USA? I would like to see more Android options on this side of town.

  • JDean86

    The screen is too small imo. I’ll never go back to resistive either. The phone looks uglier than the G1 too. Yeah cover that shit with stickers and what not! Call them ‘tattoos’ the cheapies will buy it!

    Cliq can’t come sooner!

  • 30014

    For me personally the resistive screen makes this phone an “epic fail”. But I find the form factor of the phone attractive and everyone is looking forward to the “sense” ui. If tmo prices this right they will move a boat load of them, I am worried about the phones processor though. “Sense” is a widget heavy ui and a small processor is just going to ruin the experience.

  • equisxx23

    cant make my mine! i was soo happy bout donut. then there was sence now blur… is all gona be bout what the phone look like in person i love HTC tho! but motorola got me cravin there product

  • edd

    whats wrong with resistive touch screens?
    you just have to push a little harder but you can be more accurate on the touch screen and use a glove when its cold =]

    but the screen is slightly too small…

    • Andrew

      The more accurate argument really on applies if you are using a stylus over a finger. Personally, I don’t mind resistive touch screens all that much, but nothing beats the sensitivity of capacitive touch screens.

  • Hmmm very interesting…

    I wouldn’t have that the Tattoo would be the first phone on T-Mobile from HTC to run Sense UI on it, but from the looks of the video it looks quite smooth. Whoever is looking for a low-end/cheaper in price Android phone I really think this phone is PERFECT for them (resistive touch screen and all).

    Can’t wait to see what the future brings from Motorola and HTC…

  • SoTacMatt

    FM Radio? That’s kinda cool. HD radio would be really smooth!

  • J-Hop2o6

    now that can’t be a trackball.. what is the circle button? i don’t see no video’s of it being used

    • Andrew

      Essentially, its a D-Pad, 8 way directional plus click in I believe

  • J-Hop2o6

    oh ok.. is it joystick type directional? or click directional?

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