Pulse Has Too Many Dots

We keep hearing about the T-Mobile Pulse without much confirmation on a US release (but I still think we will see some Huawei Android phone in the future).  However, we do have more information on the U8220 bound for a European release (I’m still hoping it will launch here, and maybe I’m not the only one, right?).  Anyways, there was a dealers website that put up details (and what appears to be more renders) of the Pulse, even saying that it will launch in October for 257 EUR (which is about $360 here).   Rumor says it will have a 3.5-inch display with native resolution of 320×480 pixels, 3.2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD slot and HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps support.  I think we should all join hands and wish for this to come to T-mobile USA, leave your love in the comments.


  • jusblase

    This is the best looking android device so far only hope it comes to the US

  • B

    That is a fine looking phone, if I do say so myself. And I’m not even a fan of touchscreen only phones.

  • Ben

    I haven’t heard anything from this site in a long time about what’s going on with the Samsung i7500. That is the phone I will put down money for, yet it seems like it has dropped off the planet. Anything?

  • Bobby99

    I’ll just stick with my unlocked iphone 3GS for now:)

  • FILA

    Is that really the way the T-Mobile logo on the face of the phone looks like over there? But I really think we should all join hands and pray for some dam screen shots of the G1v2. Am I like the only one excited for the next best QWERTY Android device. This onscreen keyboard is pissing me off, but I cant give up the android.

  • Madprofessor

    Disappointing. I was really looking forward to seeing if this was to be the phone I’d finally use my upgrade on. Well here’s hoping for the Galaxy.

  • so its confirmed that what i was reading through other blogs that this is going to the Uk market. looks like Tmo is banking on the Mt3G for as its flagship phone and they don’t want any other competition on the line.

    …i think its time to jump ship? =(

  • Sanjay

    It would helpful to me if when you discuss phone specs for smartphones you would mention the operating system. I for one use that to decide if there is any interest or not.

    I don’t understand the T-mobile logic to hold back phones because they want to promote another (I sort of do but also don’t). T-mobile does not provide phones they provide service. They should try to promote their service by trying to get as many good phones and let their customers decide which one they want instead of shoving their choice down our throats. I bought the Touch Pro 2 and am really enjoying it, but it took them so long to get us a WM 3G phone because they wanted to promote Android (or so it seems). Now people are saying they are holding back others to promote MT3G? It makes no sense to me. Promote your product T-mobile, you can’t control what the phone manufacturers do.

  • iam a droiddict n if this peace of botlove lands on t-mobe im all in Also, im not sure why the my touch ,G1, hero, galaxy didnt have a bigger display like this phone supposedly does im sure im not the only one who feels this way later taters

  • Ben

    @Andrew Just came back to the site to check on my galaxy question, and I appreciate your answer. I am looking forward to it, but at the rate things are going, guess it’ll be 2010. Would be cool if there were sticky post charting certain phones, maybe wiki style? I know this can be found elsewhere, but this is the only phone/Tmo blog I subscribe to. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks! Good news :)

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