T-Mobile Pulse Passes The FCC

T-Mobile Pulse

The original thought was that T-Mobile was going to get the Huawei 8230.  Then uncertainty arose when the WiFi documents of the 8220 came around.  At long last, though, we have found the heartbeat, courtesy of the FCC, to the T-Mobile Pulse and it is alive (and I couldn’t be happier).  The T-Mobile Pulse is listed as a HSPA/UMTS/GPRS/GSM/EDGE Mobile Phone with Bluetooth, which seems about right.  Also, Huawei has asked that the external photos, internal photos, test setup photos and the users manual all be kept confidential for a 90 day period, with a possible 45 day extension (I know, that is the bad news).  The good news? Well, it looks like we could see this phone by years end, maybe around holiday season.  I’m not sure if you are as excited about this as I am, but you can leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments.


  • nick

    Looks to be a decent phone

  • Galen20K

    This phone looks as if it could Really be something Special!

  • MadProfessor

    Sweet news.

  • Jeremy

    No UMA??? Come on T-Mobile!!!! I hope it has a 3.5mm jack for audio. In my opinion T-mobile needs to get hooked up with Sony Ericsson on an Android phone. At this rate the big T will never get an Android phone to truly compete with that other phone.