Huawei Android Actually 8220?


It has been a while since we have heard anything about the Huawei Android phone, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t dream about it.  In June we thought we were getting the 8230 in the third quarter of this year (how I wish that would happen) but there is some speculation that T-Mobile USA will be getting the 8220 (just like our European counter part).  Little is known about the 8220, also known as Pulse, except that it has just received its WiFi certificate, it has a 3.5 inch touch screen, Bluetooth, a 3MP camera and 256 MB of memory (expandable to 16 GB).  Like I said, little is known about the 8220 and whether it will be the lone Huawei Android phone on T-Mobile USA or if it will accompany the 8230.  Leave your thoughts in the comments and compare the 8220 to the 8230 after the break!



  • Broke

    It is pretty dreamy! I have it bookmarked and still like to check in on it from time to time. Hope its the one. Though I do like the original photo better. Why are they always changing these things when they’re already perfect? Still pretty neat though. Here’s hoping this is my first Android!

  • steven

    They need to make an Android phone that caters to normal people, people who don’t data plans. Although I won’t be able to appreciate it fully, at least the masses will have a chance to experience Android to some extent

  • Razius

    What I am worried about is the last specifications I saw they were saying that the touch screen is “pressure” sensitive. To me that reminds me of the old Wing’s touch screen and similar devices. I don’t know if that is actually what it is like, but really that is my concern. If anyone can clarify on that by all means do so.

  • -ray

    Wow.. I was about to pull the trigger for the mytouch, but this phone looks awesome. Would T-mobile cannibalize the sales of the mytouch and release this early?

  • from other bllogs i’veread that this phone is the UK tmo….

  • just some dude

    loss the chrome and we’ll talk.

  • eYe

    Another low-end device, nice looking but still low-end. When will we get nice 3.7″ screen, 5-8gb internal storage, 320-384 ram/1ghz processor phone? I don’t even care what it costs, I just want something usable

  • Robert_x24x

    If T-Mobile gets this phone, I guarantee you they’ll take away the chrome look to cut costs.

  • James Jones

    I heard this phone with be in a new lil wayne music video called stop snitchin’ and he will rap about how the chrome matches he 24’s on his chromed out 85 cutty.

  • B

    I love the brushed steel. Any word on the processor?

  • eYe

    Bet you money that its the same 528mhz as the rest of them out there