MotoDev Summit, Morrison To Attend


It hasn’t been much of a secret that Motorola is hoping to reclaim its former status (remember the RAZR?) with a handful of successful Android phones.  Motorola, however, is going about manufacturing their android phone in a different manner by focusing on recruiting developers.  On October 6th, Motorola will hold an event, MOTODEV Summit, to showcase the resources available to developers and provide a first look at the company’s upcoming Android-based phones.  It is expected that Motorola will show the Morrison in an official presentation, and who knows, they may debut another Android phone for T-Mobile at CTIA the next day(one can dream, right?).


  • Ima cop it

  • bing bang

    I’m marking my calendar so I can remember to check the site on the 6th. Hope this morrison/cliq is worth the wait.

  • FILA

    The Motorola Morrison is already confirmed for T-Mobile for a fall release, look at October. Think Im kidding?

    Now if your up for some shitty Moto, go right ahead

  • timmyjoe42

    This is the best looking phone that is coming up.
    I wish it would have UMA.

  • Rotton Core

    With the somewhat-iffy news about G1 updates and from my own personal experience with G1, the next Android handset has GOT to be more powerful. No more of this 192MB RAM crap and I almost have to question that if 192MB is already bogged down, how much difference is 256 going to make? We need more.

    So the deal breaker on the Moto is going to be the stats. They put out something more powerful than the G1, I’ll get it. If not, forget it. I’ll wait until a true premiere Android handset is released.

    I’m at the point where I’m really and finally starting to get mileage out of the G1… finally got some decent apps that I use all the time and have everything integrated into the handset… it really makes you realize that Android just needs to come into it’s own… and as soon as I get to this point, not even one year after realease, it runs out of memory and is all boggy.

    I defintely am going to stick w/ Android, I just want a more powerful handset now.

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