Open Comment Friday


It is finally Friday and the weekend is right around the corner, and you know what that means, don’t you? PARTY Open comment Friday!  In case you live under a rock are new to this idea, this is when we open the comments to discuss anything and everything.  On the T-Mobile front you could discuss the Touch Pro 2 launch (how is it working for you?), the launch dates of the Samsung Scarlet or the Nokia 5130, you could talk up the Gravity 2, discuss Tmobile’s customer care, rant about the Driftwood, give your rooting experience, or even just tell David that you miss him (I know I do).  If you are so inclined, you could even discuss the beginnings of football season or the last few months of baseball.  Go forth and comment!

  • Teko

    TP2….T-Mobile for FTL, WireFly, & NewEgg FTMFW!!!

  • GlockBuster

    T-Mobile employee here. Rumor I heard is T-Mobile is delaying the launch of the Samsung i7500 Android phone until Q1 2010 because they want the myTouch to be their flagship Android device for the holidays. If this is true, I am a little irritated. T-Mobile is willing to launch a Motorola Android deivce that looks like it belongs to the blue Power Ranger but wants to delay the best looking one yet? No dice.


    Is there an app on the market that will let me change the trackball l.e.d. color on my MT3G wen i get different notifications ei.txts,missed calls,voicemail ala sidekick????Help me out

    & 1 more thing wats d point of having bluetooth on the MT3G if it doesnt even support OBEX PUSH,the 2 only apps on d market are GARBAGE!!!My Moto ROKR did it with no prob.wat a dissapointment!

  • Godbolt

    349.00 for a TP2? i guess i will stick to my unlocked iphone 3G. MT3G is just a G1 with a little more spice and a little (i mean very little) more under the hood. Samsung galaxy would be great in the line-up, as would the sony ericsson rachael, and the moto sholes. C’mon, give the people what they want!!!!!

  • TouchPro2Lover

    I am so in love with the Touch Pro 2 played with one yesterday. I cant wait till payday next week I will be dropping the money to buy this phone with no problem !!!! Althoug I am ver dissappointed in the advertising for this device, T Monile acted like the Touch Pro 2 was another nokia music phone, actually less than one of those, they gave it no advertising except for twitter!!! WTF T-Mobile?????!!!!

  • Behold Kinda sux

    If your are close to your upgrade you can call tmobile and they just might allow you to get a full upgrade before you are due. I did it and then was able to get a full upgrade a few months later also. I guess they didnt log it in the system correctly and I got two upgrades in a 3 month span. The only down side is I purchsed the not so smart samsung behold.

  • Behold Kinda sux

    I would much rather have anything HTC puts out. They make nice phones, like the original dash which was ahead of its time with stereo bluetooth. One of the best phones I have had to date. After it every thing seams like a downgrade.

  • Matthew

    I have got 2 questions… Why did T-Mobile cap the conference calling on the Touch Pro2 to 3 and how come no one has a phone that will work on all the carriers 3g networks??? That way if I like a phone somewhere else then I can just buy it and unlock it like back in the day, but now if I want 3g, I have to go with T-Mobile’s limited selection…

  • sdnegus

    To be honest, from what I’ve seen of the moto morrison, it is exactly what I would like in a phone (withing reason of course). I just hope that they realease it in another couple colors. *praying for a green for my lady and a black or grey for me

  • James

    I’m loving my TP2.

  • e 90 guy

    Any more info on the N900 from anyone out there?

  • xnifex

    Picked up the TP2 for $434 on 1 year extension with 1 month free service (-$40) & also dropped my text plan from $15 to $10 per month, so a savings of $60 over the year. so technically I got the phone for $334. That’s what i tell myself anyway. yay!

  • Maryam

    Motorola courts Android developers:

  • Abe

    No offense to the cat in the picture that you have for “open comment Fridays” but seriously the picture itself is very old looking and unattractive. Makes the site feel very old and ragedy. If that’s your cat, all power to you but have a nicer colorful background that looks techy in a way since this is a mobile phone site. This isn’t an old used vacuum cleaner website lol. Again no offense to the cat…I’m just starting to hate visiting this site on Fridays because of this picture lol.

  • Tony

    T-Mobile needs to drop the additional charge for billing. I’m glad I only get charged for a phone bill and not my cameo bill.

  • SGT. Cell

    TGIF everyone. Enjoy the weekend. And oh yeah, any news on the Pluto/magnum? Dying for any kind on new info.

  • I just want to know one thing when will a USA cellphone carrier introduce video calling? I been To London. Few times and they also have t-mobile overthere and all of their phones have a front facing camera for video calling. I used it a couple of times and it was awesome. Does anyone know when we will see this on the USA ?????

  • d8witdes10e

    New logo coming anytime soon for

  • cory jay

    do any know know how to add programs to the tp2 r where u can download them from

  • P

    TP2…and xda-dev, here I come. I picked it up on Wednesday…was one of the first in El Paso, but I have this thing called work and school which has given me no time to play/hack/mess with it. Now I can. I love this device so far. I upgraded from a HTC Kaiser and it still seemed like a significant upgrade. Beautiful screen. Perfect clarity. Video quality is impressive. Games are great. Browsing is awesome. Music player is perfect. So far, the only thing bothering me is that I’m still kinda slow on it. Once I get it hacked and tweaked just the way I want, I’m sure I’ll get faster at navigating with it. Then I’ll use Sprite Backup to copy an image backup and I’ll be set. Unless you are way too picky, this phone is awesome.

  • Anyone hear anything more about the Behold.2 (Samsung 939). I think the addition of wifi and android in that device would be about perfect. There was one little blurb about it a month or so ago and now…nothing.

  • the hinge on TP2 is ugly looks like it was a last minute diy from home depot.

    but awaits XDA folks to drop android onto this…

  • Blackberryman

    does anyone know/hear anything more about the Blackberry driftwood for tmo?? i was just about to get the new curve when i checked on here and saw the pic of device and now thats the blackberry im waiting for. but has anyone hear about the possible release for this? last i heard it was sept but im sure itll be different than that.

  • 4ty-phive

    Rooting my G2 has open the phone up to lots of new features like viewing the home screen in landscape mode. The rom I have is custom, so things are not quite as snappy. But, I’m happy with it. The nice thing is if I want to return to the Tmo rom, I can do that too. This is sweet.

  • G2? you mean mytouch? or the hero which is named G2touch in UK.

  • kitty

    does anyone know anything in regards to the release date or pricing of the gravity 2?

  • FILA

    myTouch 3g, is anyone experiencing lag. I got widgets, or I shall say HAD widgets and crap on my screen, a bunch of apps already downloaded. Been one week, but now when I try to attempt to write a message the keyboard lags and you can imagine how frustrating that can be. Does anybody has have that problem, with lag on the myTouch? Way its sounding people have that problem on the TP2. Really its just time for these companies to step up and upgrade to a new processor. All these apps and shit and multi-tasking is killing these little 500 some mhz processors, it just cant keep up. They need to move to like a tegra based chip now, and it needs to be fast.
    I love Android but Im noticing some pretty big drawbacks.
    -no bluetooth file transfer (without a root)
    -no support for animated gif’s (the ones you get through MMS)
    -no multi select for contacts
    -cant access Address book while writing a new text
    -major lag in keyboard (maybe this is due to widgets running in background or to many apps? I dont know, I deleted the widgets but wheres the fun, keyboard frees up a little more but still not 100. They should give all power to the keyboard when using it, I mean its a major app you kno. most people text, you need a phone to keep up.)

    I really hope Donut solves these problems

  • Kasey

    If T-Mo doesn’t launch at least one impressive Android device by years end (ie. not a plastic toy like the MyTouch), I’m dropping them as a carrier.