Samsung T659 (Scarlet) Sliding In September 2nd


The Samsung T659 (another phone you may remember from June), codenamed Scarlet, is another low end phone coming to T-Mobile in September.  The Scarlet is a 3G enabled slider with stereo bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera with video capture, and is capable of E-mail, messaging (text, picture AND video) and instant messaging.  They are calling this a premium slider, so get them while they are hot.  Two more pictures after the break.

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  • artiepants

    Any noise on the SonyEricson CS8? …all went kind of quiet on that front after the leaked inventory lists in June…

  • Autumn

    Ya know, this actually looks like a pretty nice phone. If I don’t go for the MyTouch 3G I might actually buy this for myself. Any idea on price yet?

  • Alek

    I’m glad they finally got rid of the annoying t-zones key on most of their phone.

  • wow! tho.

    you know.. this reminds me of the sgh-t629? the old silver slider! I had that phone when I first switched to t-mobile.. pretty good for low level phone. I might get this phone! :]

  • g_willi

    That first image is appropriate for a T-Mobile phone — always searching for network coverage. lol


  • steven

    this was one of my fav phones to sell.  i’m being all TMO sentimental today.