Nokia 5130 Playing On September 16th


Are you a music lover? Do you still want to keep your designated media player but have a cool looking phone that is capable of playing music? Do you like external playback controls and are you a fan of the lower end?  If so, this is the phone for you.  The Nokia 5130 (yeah, remember that name from back in June), which will be available on September 16th, is an affordable music centered phone with stereo bluetooth connectivity, a 2 megapixel camera and a music player with external controls.  The 5130 will also come in two colors (not sure what they are yet) and will replace the Nokia 5310 (well that seems backwards).

Thank you Ninjas!

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  • FILA

    I Love Nokia! I have the 5310 from last year. Just recently upgraded to the Magic, and let me tell you, there are some things I really miss from my Nokia that Android doesnt have, where to begin…

    On Android I can’t…

    -transfer files through bluetooth (without a root)
    -select multiple contacts to write or send
    -can’t view animated gif’s from MMS’s
    …and Im sure theres more things irritating me at the moment on Android I cant think of right now, that I really hope gets updating with donut. It pisses me off, but Ima live with it, cuz my love for android out weighs my complaints. Although I can only imagine what a tegra processor will be like on a android device. HTC please release a Tegra.

    I will continue to swap to my Nokia from time to time just because I dont want to neglect it. And if Nokia ever releases a Android (if and when they sign this year) then I’ll be there the first damn day when that phone gets released on T-Mobile. One can only hope