MyTouch 3G Rooted, Reportedly Sprouting


There was a report a long while back saying that the MyTouch 3G is impossible to hack, but in the words of Adidas “Impossible is nothing.”  Some crazy hackers (the well known Haykuro and dream_kill) set their eyes on the prize and have officially rooted the MyTouch.  Now, this isn’t an easy task, and the 20 step, or so, process makes it seem overly simple (alas, it is not).  Why root, you may ask.  Well, rooting is much like “jailbreaking” an iPhone, it will allow you full access and control of your system files.  That way you can download unapproved apps (tethering, anyone?) and install different themes and roms (how about that Sense UI).  Follow the link for the steps and leave your comments!

Proceed with caution

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  • byounngg

    cool now if rooting your phone cold make it work as smooth as a stock mt3g then the 20 steps would be worth it….. lol

  • SoTacMatt

    I’m grateful I rooted my G1. Definitely much improvement over a stock device.
    That being said, no MT3G for me… No keyboard? No way!

  • WRONG!! Rooting is not necessary for tethering. Just get PdaNet.

    And rooting your Android phone IS NOT LIKE jailbreaking the iPhone. In fact, I find no need to root my Android device. Unlike the iPhone, Android is already an open platform. Want an app that’s not in the Android Market? No problem. Just go to Settings -> Applications and then check ‘Allow install of non-Market applications’. Then point your device’s web browser to any .apk file you want to install.

    So before you guys brick your phone, do your homework to make sure you really need to root to do what you want.

    • JoePete

      g_willi, you do realize there is a significant portion of the world who does not worship at the altar of proprietary software? PdaNet I believe is a Windows and Mac app. Hence it is a bit ironic to be shouting from the mountaintops that something is “Wrong!!” What is wrong is that Google and its partners (like T-Mobile) are creating a closed system but heralding a banner of open source. It is a disgusting marketing ploy. What Google has done is create a front end for their massive data collection system – meet Big Brother’s much scarier cousin, Big Business. T-Mobile, has deliberately roadblocked tethering and has tried to eliminate any BlueTooth access to the modem. Why? So they can sell you two products that do the same thing. Imagine the auto dealer selling you a car that can’t go over 30 mph – to drive on the highway, you must also by their 55 mph model. No reasoned individual would do this, but T-Mobile and its partners use the subterfuge of technology to swindle people. This is exactly why people choose to break theses systems because these systems, while technically capable, are philosophically flawed themselves.

  • FILA

    dannnng man. Just talked about this last week when I got my Magic. I knew it wouldnt be long till they broke into it, but jeeze, only 7 days! Amazing. Thou to hard for me, and im THIS confident in myself to do this, but wow, it will get simpler within another 7 days!

  • Sloth

    Did it this morning. Loved having a rooted G1, love the MT3G rooted. The cyanogen builds are fantastic. Great improvement in speed over stock.

  • Lance Romance

    Root or Die

    CyanogenMod ftw!

  • what is cyanogenmod?

  • bastage

    Mine was rooted 1st night.. cyanogen roms are way smoother & faster then stock & You get 5 tabs & multi touch. So for those above saying there is no reason, your just to scared to brick your device tying to find out what your missing. In addition to that if you can read top to bottom, left to right then you can follow the XDA instructions. & if you have problems, just post your problem & There are people there to help. & As posted above give it another week & the root procedure will most likely be much much easier..

  • eYe

    You can do 1-click rooting now, search for it.

  • RKD

    WHat does it mean to “root” your device? is it merely having root access? how does that improve the functionality of the device though?