MyTouch 3G Rooted, Reportedly Sprouting


There was a report a long while back saying that the MyTouch 3G is impossible to hack, but in the words of Adidas “Impossible is nothing.”  Some crazy hackers (the well known Haykuro and dream_kill) set their eyes on the prize and have officially rooted the MyTouch.  Now, this isn’t an easy task, and the 20 step, or so, process makes it seem overly simple (alas, it is not).  Why root, you may ask.  Well, rooting is much like “jailbreaking” an iPhone, it will allow you full access and control of your system files.  That way you can download unapproved apps (tethering, anyone?) and install different themes and roms (how about that Sense UI).  Follow the link for the steps and leave your comments!

Proceed with caution

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