Samsung Gravity 2 User Manual Leaked


I received a document, via email, today, and boy is it a real page turner.  I seriously *yawn* can’t put this thing down.  Well, while we are patiently waiting for the launch of this midrange text centered qwerty slider you can read up on how to use it.  I won’t bore you with the details of Making a Call and Switching the Phone On or Off (both real sections in the user manual) but you can read it yourself.  Just as a reminder, this phone is 3g enabled, has a 2 megapixel camera, supports MMS, calculator, phonebook and, um, makes calls!  Oh, and you can pick up this lovely 3G qwerty slider at The Shack, when it drops of course.  One page after the break.

More Ninjas! YAY!


  • Nick

    Can’t Wait!!!

  • Anthony

    At least it looks a lot better then the 1st one and it has the 3G!!

  • safil

    question, how come this guy leaves for vacation and now there’s more content on the site?

  • safil

    im complementing u on doing a great job. sometimes, there is a long period of time before this site gets any new info. Great site but, needs to be up on the info alot faster. for a site w/ the name tmo in it, engadget, boygeniusreport, gizmodo, and others almost always get the jump on u guys. im telling u this cause i don’t want it to happen. not to play u guys out. i luv this site, and its bookmarked and refreshed frequently throughout the day. just wish u guys would post up first. could be a top rate site w/ AWESOME forums… anyway, ur doing a GREAT job today, in lite of HIS vacation…

  • safil

    Glad u finally came out of hiding but, ur definitely misunderstanding my intentions, but not my statement. I love this site! I support this site! every morning i wake up, and read whatever it is that’s new. but suffice to say, what u just said is malarchy, to put it kindly. I do appreciate the fact that u are responding to my comments and not doing it behind closed doors, like others in the past. anyway, give me a little while to take u up on that challenge. but be forewarned, i wouldn’t comment on this if i wasnt right. I was adamant about andrew getting in there and posting up new stories left and right yesterday. but since that, when has that been done on a regular basis? Give me a little time to “do the research” and put together a timeline of stories against other sites. Win or lose, just basically telling u to step it up a little and congratulating andrew. keep that guy close, he’s one of ur best allies. Good luck!

  • safil

    one more thing, lack of content. i dont know what qualifies to be put on the site but, when its almost 11am eastern time and u dont have one story on ur front page, thats kinda lame. i mean, there’s is stuff out there, u just gotta look for it. if u want help let me know. give me an email i can get at u and help out. i dont just want to point out the problems and not help. im down to contribute and if ud like, give some of my input also. and hows this for a fee, free! out of the kindness of my heart. and the best thing is, ur the person i assume who is in charge so, if u dont like it, dont post it.
    An example would be the 1m units the mytouch3g has sold. another would be to pick up on the story engadgetmobile does on carrier wars. where they compare speeds of different carriers from customers around the nation. anyway, let me know while i do some “research”. why does this feel like homework or some kind of punishment assignment?

  • Gibson99

    Did anyone else notice on page 8 (actually pdf page 11) it has a warning about “your touch screen”? pretty sure the existing gravity isn’t touch, and i see nothing else on news sites saying gravity2 has touch either, but find it odd that there’s a warning about it in here. Also skimmed the manual and didn’t find any other references for touch, so i guess it was an editing error…

  • Perez3

    got a gravity 2 today and not very impressed – need help already and can’t find any out there…. can someone help us? we were inputting info for the “My Profile” section and accidentally input the phone number with digits backwards – cant seem to find a way to edit the phone number. This is on pg 66 of the manual that we received. There seems to be no way to delete the number – everything else can be deleted but this. Very annoying.

    Thanks for any help.