T-Mobile's offerings at "The Shack"

So we know that T-Mobile is about to be offered at Radioshack The Shack (heard the rebranding news?) but what we didn’t quite know is what phones would be offered at their locations at launch. Thanks to BGR’s ninja we know it’ll launch two weeks from tomorrow and there’s a list of 11 devices, both postpaid and prepaid. Here they are:

Postpaid handsets:

  • Samsung T239 (red)
  • Sony Ericsson TM506 (amber)
  • Samsung Gravity 2
  • Samsung Comeback (red)
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • Samsung Behold
  • HTC myTouch 3G (black & white)
  • Prepaid handsets:

  • Nokia 1661
  • Samsung T239 (gray)
  • Nokia 2760
  • Samsung T349
  • As for the whole The Shack thing? Apparently they are still going to be called Radioshack and will still have all the signage showing so, but they will also be called The Shack… or maybe that’s just “referred to as” The Shack. Hmm… well no matter what they’re called, they’re now a T-Mobile Authorized Dealer.