"Rover" Landing on T-Mobile Soon


The all powerful FCC has come through again, like it always seems to do.  This specific filing, however, is a bit interesting.  You might be able to tell that the device shown in the ID placement drawing above depicts something a bit wide for a phone.  This intriguing development makes it seem as though we are looking at an internet tablet from Nokia.  How do we know this is bound for T-Mobile? Well, that’s a good question, but the SAR documentation reveals that this mysterious device is loaded with AWS 3G (sounds familiar huh?).  If you care, this Nokia device is being referred to as the RX-51 (I hope its not like Area 51 and doesn’t actually exist, or does it?).  Rumor (is it really a rumor when there are FCC files?) has it that this will be a Maemo 5 powered super phone (codename “Rover”) with a 3.5 inch WVGA screen and a slide out, three row qwerty keyboard.  More details and specs over at MobileCrunch.  Leave your thoughts in the comments and click the read link for a potential rendering.

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