"Rover" Landing on T-Mobile Soon


The all powerful FCC has come through again, like it always seems to do.  This specific filing, however, is a bit interesting.  You might be able to tell that the device shown in the ID placement drawing above depicts something a bit wide for a phone.  This intriguing development makes it seem as though we are looking at an internet tablet from Nokia.  How do we know this is bound for T-Mobile? Well, that’s a good question, but the SAR documentation reveals that this mysterious device is loaded with AWS 3G (sounds familiar huh?).  If you care, this Nokia device is being referred to as the RX-51 (I hope its not like Area 51 and doesn’t actually exist, or does it?).  Rumor (is it really a rumor when there are FCC files?) has it that this will be a Maemo 5 powered super phone (codename “Rover”) with a 3.5 inch WVGA screen and a slide out, three row qwerty keyboard.  More details and specs over at MobileCrunch.  Leave your thoughts in the comments and click the read link for a potential rendering.

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  • Alek

    It’s about time T-mobile Got Something GOOD from Nokia.

  • e

    when ever i think nokia i think of the 90’s they just been too boxy for too long i dont even bother looking at them

  • byounngg

    im only going to say 1 word after i say theas… AWSOME!!!

  • Achilles

    I am pleasantly absolutely stunned! This is great news for T-Mobile, but fantastic news for the consumers!

  • branon

    This is not a touchscreen, is it?

  • Sector43

    damn a 180gm wow i might build up some muscle carrying it great!

    I asked for a N97 like device with AWS and shined OS not something this big.

  • fanandualum

    looks a little on the wide side but i don’t care!!! i rather have something great in my pocket than some tiny piece of garbage phone… man i really hope this IS a phone and not just some gimmicky MID!!!

  • fanandualum

    no… you know what!? at this point i’d settle for a subsidized N97… WITH android!!! you feelin’ me NOKIA and T-MOBILE!?!?!?!!!

  • FILA

    This is NOT a phone, its a internet tablet from NOKIA. Nokia phones start with RM certification while this RX is totally something else. Why is T-Mobile goin with the Internet Tablet market? Who knows, but you know its just another way to pull people in and gain profits. If this does turn out to be a phone (tickle me) I’ll be rather pissed since I just got the myTouch. I love my Nokia’s!

  • B

    Holy crap, I completely forgot about this thing after seeing it months ago. It actually passed FCC. This device could put a lot of other offerings to shame. Hell, it puts some netbooks to shame.

  • 313dash

    Wow! My cellphones first love Nokia. Now this is good news. Now they make great phones.

  • captainbdsc

    Is this the same thing as the N900? Or is that still, in theory, coming to TMO as well?

  • Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Nokia was the sh*t, and now just eh.

    It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby! 2 days and a wake up! Ooh rah!


    According to mobilecrunch, this nokia phone supposeably has Firefox 3 browser with Flash 9.4 support!! basically stream flash pages etc. But you know what, I will believe it when I see it.

  • Amu

    This device is known as the nokia N900/rover. There’s a slide from a nokia presentation that shows this device as being a combination of both an Internet tablet and a smartphone, that’s why the small screen is given. Also, it does not run on the outdated s60 ui but instead it runs on Maemo 5 which is a linux type os, like android., but it’s more “open source.”

  • Very useful information, always good to learn more.

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