T-Mobile and Customer Care Just Go Together


It seems like once again T-Mobile stands alone tied for the highest ranking among those tested in the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study.  This honor has been received by T-mobile nine, with only two ties, out of the last 10 customer care studies.  The study showed that:

  • T-Mobile ranked highest in a tie among all wireless providers in Overall Customer Care Performance and was significantly ahead of the industry average.
  • T-Mobile ranked highest among all wireless carriers and significantly above the industry average for customer interactions that start with the Automated Response Systemand transfer to a live customer service representative.
  • T-Mobile scored well above other wireless carriers and the industry average with the lowest average hold times and having sufficient knowledge to address customer needs. (lets just forget about that whole Touch Pro 2 fiasco, shall we?)

John Birrer, senior vice president of customer service, had this to say:

“We’re excited to be named one of the wireless industry’s highest ranked customer service providers for the ninth time. This award demonstrates that we’re focusing on the right things to offer our customers the best possible experience.  Within this increasingly competitive industry, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve that experience. Our entire T-Mobile team is committed to helping customers realize the full potential of our devices, network, plans and services.”

Give it up to continuing excellence in customer service in the comments!


  • Sector43

    Edit the 3rd last and the 2nd last line of the last paragraph by John Birrer.

  • Broke

    Congrats T-mobile, but I haven’t been happy with their customer service for almost two years. I finally got to speak to a knowledgeable American promptly last night! The other providers must be really horrible if this is as good as it gets :(

    • i actually have to disagree with you on that because i’ve called several times and not once have i beeen disapointed

  • Brent

    I doubt they will have this honor next year!
    Their service has slipped since the beginning of the year.
    A lot of people (me included) have been more than tolerant with the decline in their customer service because the value more than offset the problems. Now, T-Mo’s pricing is creeping up to the point of other carriers, their service continues to gets worse, and while it won’t lead me to change to another carrier (who apparently have even worse service), I believe future surveys won’t be so kind to T-Mobile.

  • J

    Though I’m a T-Mobile employee, I am also a customer. I thought there was a dip in customer service quality almost a year ago. However, in recent months I’ve had nothing but good experiences. Some of the people I’ve spoken with are more knowledgable than others, but all at least were polite and tried to be helpful. If they didn’t know certain information then they got someone on that did. I’ve had nearly no hold time at any time I’ve called.


    When you sell junk for phones what else do you have to offer except great customer service?


  • James

    Now if we can just get them to focus on services (network/phones) as well as they do on customer service they would be one hell of a company.

    …Still waiting on 3G.

  • Kevin

    I have been with Tmo since Vstream days and I have definetly seen the Customer Care drop. I have no experience with ATT or the other heavy hitters so I really do not have a comparison industry wide. However, being a customer for 10 + years I’ve spoken with CC on numerous ocasions and the care has dipped immensly.

    On another note, my whole fiasco with the TouchPro2 pricing and having to threaten to terminate my 5 lines in order to get the 278 pricing that I was quoted the night before the phone came out is unacceptable in my eyes. I am curios to know if this customer care award has to deal with Retention as well because so far I have seen little benefit for being such a loyal and long time customer.

    And James I agree with you 100% network/phones need work; however, I am still with Tmo because of the pricing. They offer the best prices hands down for coverage and there is no question about that.

  • Snuffer

    They did a great job on trying to save the TP2 fiasco even though if you approach the customer reps about it. There is no doubt their phone customer reps being the best amongst the other carriers. Maybe they have to work on the knowledge and information of the in-store customer reps though.

  • t1 nconnect

    tmobile’s customer care is really good im not gonna lie despite the wait. once you’re in there with a rep you’re good and they are some cool ppl..has anyone here had deal with a att csr…omg the nasty attitudes im like who’s running this call center…..smack.

  • J

    I dial 611 like everyone else. I’ve never waited 45 minutes on hold. We have a different number to call in some situations but I have rarely needed to call it for those issues.

  • Zeroandmega

    yo got to be kidding its funny when i call and talk to “kim” who after look in the memo’s in the account (i work for tmo) her real name is issayna kabulton or something like that if you got flexpay i feel bad cause the truth is 80% of calls to cust care are routed to india or some forigned country to achmemd or some terroist or whatever its getting bad called my bank to check my balance and guess who asnwered osama bin laden!! WTF i live in the us and work in the us and bank in the us but yet i gotta deal with overseas customer care da hell is that all about sorry im not bigot or nothing just stating the obvious

    american companies should hire american workers to serve their customers stop being cheapo mobile and pay your dam employees and hire and train good u.s workers and stop paying hajii 2.00 an hour to tell me he wants to add text message to my account when i only asked how many minutes i have

  • Ross

    I have been with every major cell phone provider including Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, and now TMobile. I have been with T Mobile for one year and agree fully. Their customer service reps are stellar and much better than anything I experienced with other providers, especially Sprint which was a nightmare.

  • Ritchie

    I will also agree that TMo has nice and helpfull CCR’s and that sprint has horrible ones, i used to work for a call center for sprint. Very bad customer service not all of it i would have to say about 35% is good.

  • A.C.

    Pssssht. Is this a joke??

  • Dan

    I’ve had nothing but great experiences with TMO cust srv. My hold times are never more than a couple of mins.

  • Rotton Core

    I have never waited more than a few minutes myself, I have no clue what you people are doing w/ 45 minute wait times.

    I was a little ticked a few weeks ago when I tried to switch my G1 Data Plan to the Android Data Plan so I could use Visual Voicemail, and the T-mo rep told me he couldn’t. Then I call back the next morning, talk to a different rep who switched me without hesistation.

    But overall that’s one dumb rep and even with his stupidity, he was still super-extra-mega nice and friendly.

    When I used to be on At&t (old At&t Wireless I should say, before the merge w/ Bell/Cingular), I don’t think I EVER talked to someone who actually sounded friendly. Once when I had to ask for a supervisor w/ At&t, the Supe sounded even LESS friendlier than the rep. Not unproffessional, but just had total attitude like she wanted to tell me to ‘fuck off’ if she could. I’ll never go back to At&t. I know in this day and age people view that as so silly, but I don’t care. A company screws you over, then you go back to them and give them your money… you just rewarded them for their bad service. I don’t care if it’s 50 years from now, no At&t for me. EVER.
    But again, I’m a nut like that. I once got horrible service at a California Pizza Kitchen, I think that was around 2005. Wanna know when was the last time I ever been to CPK? 2005!

  • Rotton Core

    Oh, also… all the times I’ve called T-mo Cust Svc, I have NEVER connected w/ a foreign rep. I’ve always spoke with an American. I didn’t even know they had outsourced call centers until I read some of these comments.

  • TheLongshot

    In my limited time with T-Mobile I’ve been pretty impressed with customer service, which has been universally friendly and helpful. There was some wierdness at one point (One of the CSRs said that they had to talk to my father-in-law to move a number from his account to T-Mobile. Found out that wasn’t true.), but it has been pretty good overall.

  • DW

    I am new to T-Mobile and have been very impressed so far with the CS. The first myTouch I was shipped was defective, and they not only overnighted a replacement but also threw in a free gel case for the inconvenience, which I thought was going above and beyond what was necessary. I was with Verizon for six years before, and while the CS was always adequate, I always felt the reps did everything strictly by the book and would never do more than the minimum amount necessary to solve any issues.

  • J

    Just because you hear an accent on the phone you shouldn’t assume its an outsourced calls. There are plenty of people working for tmobile on green cards and others who have become US citizens. Many of my coworkers are from the phillipines, india, south africa, and pakistan.

  • TMoTech

    Had to call to cancel my flexpay account yesterday (just had it for one month waiting for my employee account to be set up), and my hold time was exactly 15 seconds, and the IVR system took me exactly where I needed to go. The flexpay rep also had a slight accent, but I couldn’t place it and her english was perfect otherwise. She promptly handled my request without difficulty.

    I have customers call my department (bb/pda) at times, who claim they were on hold for an hour, and I know they’re usually lying. Sometimes I was even in avail for a minute or longer (no incoming calls) and people claim they were on hold.

    When calling other departments, we get the same hold times that actual customers do. As I usually prefer to warm transfer even when policy says cold, I see what hold times there are. On rare occasions there will be holdtime estimates of 6 to 7 minutes, but 99% of the time even those estimates are wrong and the call is picked up in 2 minutes or less.

  • JD

    I was with Sprint for 6 years also, and T-mobile customer service is a breath of fresh air. I always get nice folks on the phone, and the best part is they aren’t unwilling to work with you if you’re going to be a week late on a payment. Sprint would cut service off and demand the next month payment prior to turning it back on.

  • Broke

    Well, I’m glad you employees are satisfied with your customer service. I stand by my comments. I’m not lying and I actually wouldn’t mind a 15 minute wait if that’s what I’d been getting. And, I don’t mind an accent if we can both understand each other. I have to repeat myself one too many times and so do they because of the language barrier. That’s this year’s problems. Last year my calls were answered promptly, but my issues were not being fixed for several calls in over weeks and months of calling. Trouble tickets weren’t addressed at all. I’m just plain sick of it.

  • P Sihra

    I agree with the fact that lately, a month or 2 now.. that it’s taking me forever to reach a rep now. Sometimes more than 1 hour. And it seems like that the call center is not even in USA anymore seems to be overseas. I remember before the wait would be no longer than 5 minutes max. Don’t know whats going on but the hold time is crazy now. I’m just calling 611 from my G1 and it takes sooo long. Seems like the reps are in a different country.

  • steve

    I can honestly say that I’ve never had a negative experience with Tmobile customer care in 7 years. It does vary from great to OK but never “bad”.

    This might be a little off topic but I have to ask since they’ve been mentioned a few times in this and a lot in other posts….is Sprint’s CC really that BAD?? Truth be told I’m a little miffed at Tmobile for all of these little fees that they’re adding pricing themselves like verizon. Sprint’s family data plans caught my eye (I wish Tmobile would take a page from their book for once) but if customer care is that bad then it’s not worth it.

  • ruscell barnes

    t-moble just did not treat my family right i had the everything plan. and because i work driving a car to raul areas and was paying for roaming t mobile did not want to pay att towers or zervion towers so hat just cut us off. On july 7 and they keep us on until july 9 there billing cycle. t-mobile did not one thing to help us out knowing that we had to get new phone and pay to the activated. People out the don’t roam to much they will cut you off. And if you are don;t wont t-mobile just go to a roaming area and they will let you out of your conctrat

  • Oggie

    Maybe it’s the times of the day you’re calling? Cause quite honestly there’s hardly ever calls waiting more then 2 minutes even when we’ve been seeing 250+ calls in queue, we can see how long calls have been holding through the numerous monitors within eye sight. Sorry to hear your hold has been for so long trust me we bust out butts to get our calls answered as quickly as possible. Broke, do me a favor, next time you call Care, call from a different phone other then your cell, see if your result is different.

  • FILA

    Well congrats to T-Mobile, but there sevice people dont know more then me. As cocky as that sounds but I seem to prove them wrong or stumped or shocked each time I visit. Dont get me wrong, they hire SOME smart people, others dont give a shhh about the job just for the money. Then people like me who is really devoted to T-Mobile cant get a danm job there. And I actually think Verizon was it, last year ranked the number one in customer support, but T bounced right back this year after a very close tie last year, but T-Mobile still has plenty of titles under there belt. But they are really good in customer support.

  • Carl

    Props to T-Mobile, I have been a customer with them since 2003 and the longest I have had to been waiting for a rep is 15 minutes. Out of all the years I have had like two reps who really don’t know much, but it’s better than Sprint’s or AT&T’s customer service who I have had horrible experience with. Now all they need is to expand their coverage and expand 3G, which I’m glad I have both already.

  • Denjiro

    Seriously, winning best customer service in the Wireless industry is really like picking which method you are going to be executed with, you’re still going to die either way. Only the cable/satellite TV providers have a worse overall customer service and satisfaction level. Until T-Mobile or other Wireless company wins a customer service award that encompasses multiple industries, any bragging they do is marketing wankery.