Click Handled, Recorded and Photographed

We have heard about it, and we have seen pictures, but there is still mystery that surrounds the HTC Click.  Some of that fog is about to lift with this video, courtesy of a lucky person at Tinh Te.  The five minute video gives a clear look at the outside and software of the Click, even comparing it to a MyTouch, or Magic (rooted, in case you were wondering).  The video, and pictures, show a microSD slot, 1100mAh battery, standard 3.5-mm headphone (YAY!), camera without a flash (okay, not that bad), some interesting custom graphics (no, you will not get this on the release model) and the device is running Android build 1.50.999.0 (or “Donut” to the common reader).  I’ll tell you, the phone looks good and the screen seems responsive, but don’t trust me, judge for yourself!  Here’s hoping for a holiday release of this economical Android device.  Pictures after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Tinh Te via Engadget