Click Handled, Recorded and Photographed

We have heard about it, and we have seen pictures, but there is still mystery that surrounds the HTC Click.  Some of that fog is about to lift with this video, courtesy of a lucky person at Tinh Te.  The five minute video gives a clear look at the outside and software of the Click, even comparing it to a MyTouch, or Magic (rooted, in case you were wondering).  The video, and pictures, show a microSD slot, 1100mAh battery, standard 3.5-mm headphone (YAY!), camera without a flash (okay, not that bad), some interesting custom graphics (no, you will not get this on the release model) and the device is running Android build 1.50.999.0 (or “Donut” to the common reader).  I’ll tell you, the phone looks good and the screen seems responsive, but don’t trust me, judge for yourself!  Here’s hoping for a holiday release of this economical Android device.  Pictures after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Tinh Te via Engadget

  • freeqwnc

    This is like a mini version of the MyTouch 3G. . Please Someone tell me where Samsung I7500 is ????

  • Ben

    Maybe if it isn’t as slow as it seems on the video AND it isn’t google branded, it could run Hero natively. That would be pretty sweet.

  • Rob

    WTF… extra finger growing out of his thumb…

  • 909RiverRat

    Ok the the phone is decent but how can you not talk about the guys extra thumb????? That’s nasty!

  • FILA

    Yooooo, is this Scary Movie 2 Part 2, LMAO. Im sorry, but i watched that and Im like, holy F, what the Hel is that. Damn so I guess hes hoping for “Multi-Touch” to be unlocked sometime soon huh! LMFAO jeeeeze.

    Alright let me see if i can gather myself now. where to begin. Phone looks pretty cool, thou i prefer the trackball and not a big ass click button, but it doesnt look as shitty looking like that samsung. And how come the lower end model gets a headphone jack. Yea I kno, i kno HTC said it would put a headphone jack for now on in all there devices after they had already released and T-Mobile already made the MyTouch. I dont think this will get much buys, since the motorola will be released in fall with the full keyboard and the samsung after that. Then the G1v2 early next year, this phone is gonna get over looked. All my money is on the v2 next year and if you were smart, youd wait to.

    now back to that hand. I guess this is the Chicken claw deluxe model?

  • It looks ok.Not seeing any major changes to android.

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