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Release Chaos


While some of you are more excited about the Cliq than others, there seems to be a all sorts of numbers, dates and speculation regarding its release.  While we have information that supports a pre-order date of October 19th, Boy Genius has information to the contrary.  Their source tells them that the Cliq will be available in the early weeks of October (which lines up with the September 22nd pre-order date that Orange is offering).  The slide they received as “proof” clearly shows November though.  Not to fret, this is clearly an older slide since the Blackberry 8520 has already been released and the road map says October 5th.  For the time being, it seems like all dates associated with the Cliq are up in the air.  I want you to look at that slide again, though, and notice that TMO Huawei, which certainly looks like the Pulse that we have heard about before.  Also notice that the Blackberry 9700, which we have seen in T-Mobile branding, is nowhere to be seen on this road map (once again, old slide, so don’t worry).  If you are having trouble reading the road map, head past the break for a larger version.  I’m interested in what you think, is Motorola trying to push the Cliq out as soon as possible or do they have some time to spare?  Have any other opinions about this road map?  Then leave your thoughts in the comments!

Boy Genius

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