N900 To Be Carrier Customizable After All


Not too long ago there was some speculation that the N900 (whether you love it or hate it) would not be open for customization by individual carriers.  Well, Nokia is going out there and denying this fallacy (for better or for worse).  Nokia is saying reports that “erroneously suggested that Nokia will not support operator customization for Maemo devices…” are “simply incorrect.”  This is leaving carriers the opportunity to hinder enhance Maemo handsets in any way they please.  Now, if you ask me, there shouldn’t be much done to this device, except maybe adding a capacitive touch screen, but who’s asking?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • bigs12

    I think they should to give it the carriers style but not much more then that….like I always say if its not broke then don’t fix it

  • Come on America, do you really want this N900? The price ($649.00USD plus service contract)is ridiculous. It’s like the designer’s somehow morphed this cell phone and then stopped right in the middle. Cell phone or pocket pc? Try lugging this thing in your pocket. Or better yet, every two hours after you use it you have to recharge it again, again, again… The only people who would buy this crap would be a rich snob who needs everything just to say he has it. The sad thing is, he doesn’t know what he bought, let alone how to work it.

  • Sweetgirl

    “Customizable” is misspelled.

    • David


  • Sweetgirl

    LOL :)

  • Andrew

    My mistake, I was in a hurry and the “i” and “o” are just so close together

  • TmoBin

    That trackball looks like it needed to be cleaned out. He should’ve demo’ed it with a new trackball, not a used one that probably already has dust clumped inside.

  • Usman

    I emailed Nokia, asking that they not allow the carriers to screw up their phone. I suggest everyone do so. If people raise a big enough stink about it, Nokia will realize they’re going to miss out on a lot of sales and change their position. Here’s the email link on their site.


  • mu$h da great

    has there been any solid confirmation that states t-mobile usa is getting the device?

  • yor PAPPI

    WTF ,yeah i knew it tmo is gonna fk that phone look at wut happen to the touch pro 2 and any other device they’ve gottn their stinkn hands on .NOKIA reps, techS should not let this happen be it for tmo or any other carriers dont realy care to much about them but we should have some say so were buyn their fkn phones SO PLEASE LISTEN TMO PPL !!!!! DONT FK IT UP

  • RC

    @ Ahh Yo!

    That comment demonstrates that you don’t understand the history of the Maemo platform, nor do you understand the intent or capabilities of this device.

    This is really a pocketable computer that just happens to have a telephony component. It’s like having a full linux desktop in the palm of your hand, with the added bonus of a phone, camera, mp3 player, gps, etc. The phone is just a small part of the greater whole.

  • joe

    ‘F’!! thats cuz i jus bought a touch pro 2 i love it but ima sell that thing and ima buy this one…i likes..the specs are crazy!!! i believe that this is the iphone killer…its way better and no walls!!!

    iphone was kool but after a while u kinda wants a phone of your own and not apples..

    cant wait to buy this phone!!!!