Blackberry 9700 Continues Video Preview

While the magenta world will be captivated with Cliq news in the coming days as the “hot new thing,” the Blackberry 9700 is not going quietly. Another video has popped up courtesy of a Blackberry aficionado who clearly has some awesome inside info. Here you will get a peek of the size against the bold, a great look at the whole trackball/trackpad switch over. I have to say, this is one sexy Blackberry! As the first 3G Blackberry for T-mobile, this has the potential to win over many new Blackberry subscribers who otherwise might have stayed away from the slower-than-what-we-truly-want EDGE speeds. While Android is sure to take the limelight with T-mobile this holiday season, Blackberry is ready to make a comeback in a big way with a hot looking phone that can give you the browsing speeds you always wanted. It should be a very interesting holiday season, very interesting indeed!


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  • Some Dude

    Are we sure this is the 9700? It is on the roadmap as the 9020.

    • David

      How about letting me have a look at that roadmap :-)

  • Videos been removed :(
    I’m looking forward to this phone. Might get this instead of a MyTouch when I’m able to upgrade.

  • Juan

    Video already removed :(

  • I’m not a big Blackberry fan, but after seeing the video and how it works, this 9700 is the real deal. It is VERY fast and is now making me consider switching to Blackberry. Although, I still am waiting to see what the G1v2 or whatever it’s called is going to be like…

    Only time will tell…

  • Joe

    Is it just me or is the 9700 supposed to be coming to T-Mobile only, yet this thing is running an AT&T ROM.

  • sidekickuser

    you know i dont like the plain font on the menu. and how the OS doesnt have any quick shortcuts. to much pressing buttons and scrolling. they should make it so that you just press the menu button + letter and bring you somewhere. plus the keyboard isnt comfy. i’m deffinately getting the cliq.

  • RCtennis3811

    Since this 9700 had at&t-specific bands/software/UI, we could actually see the 9700 by the end of the month. C’mon RIM – I’m tired of seeing CDMA users flaunt their new Tours!!!

  • Nice, if it wasn’t for the Motorola Cliq coming out, i’d be getting one of these.

  • Broke

    Hmmm, this one may be a deal breaker for me. I was completely going Android when the ole contract was up. But, I am quite impressed with the newer Blackberry offerings. Trackpad is speedy. And 3G and UMA makes it all the more appealing.

  • CeluGeek

    @sidekickuser: BlackBerrys have the most keyboard shortcuts of any smartphone out there. Yes, you can press the menu key and then type the first letter of the command you want. If there are more than one menu item that starts with that letter, then press the same letter repeatedly to cycle through the menu items that start with that letter.

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  • I would like to watch movie on this coooool phone, could you tell me how to do so?