Cliq Gets Detailed

With all the launching chaos that happened yesterday, some very lucky people have finally had some intimate time with the MotoCliq.  The best part, there are some nice videos for you to drool over.  The video above highlights the OS and it looks polished, in my opinion.  Jump past the break for another hands on and cliq (see what I did there) the links for some insightful impressions.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Phonedog Video

Phonedog Impressions





Boy Genius Report

How about a quick look at the messaging interface (courtesy of Droiddog, and Noah)

I thought I would add some of the comparison shots (with that evil iPhone that everyone knows the size of (which is why its a good comparison phone))

  • The phone looks really nice aesthetically and I thin the social networking concept is pretty smart on Motorola’s part. They definitely will get a lot of interest from people who are obsessed with social networking (which is a big number). I’m not a big fan of the keyboard with the navigation panel/pad on the left hand side. I think they could have done without it and maybe had a trackball on the front (but then again, it would look a lot like the HTC Android devices).

    Interesting to see what kind of reviews it gets from actual users.

  • TechJunkie

    I wonder if these enhancements (social networking widgets) can be ported to rooted android devices. That’s certainly my hopes….i’m loving my rooted MyTouch and don’t need a physical keyboard. However, I love the concept of these new widgets…best of both worlds would be to get them on my MyTouch….

  • g_willi

    That’s a pretty sweet phone and I really like MotoBlur. I have applications on my G1 that are similar, but not with the functional ease of use that Motorola has packaged them.

    My only complaint is that they released this for T-Mobile. :-P T-Mobile’s network sucks in Ohio (and a lot of other places) and in fact doesn’t even have 3G in two of our largest cities: Dayton and Cincinnati.

  • david

    Dayton and cincinnati will be 3g september 22nd

  • Moose

    whats the button on the left of the home button?

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Moose

    its the menu button

  • Rogue

    I dont like the navigation buttons on the left hand side of the keyboard and it wouldve been nice to see the keyboard be 5 instead of 3 line boards.

    I think my biggest concern is did motorola keep their security methods for the phone, such as being able to lock certain apps instead of the whole phone for a more in-depth feel of privacy. Thatll be awesome. Cant wait to see it in my hands to try it out