Cliq On Video

Courtesy of Phonedog

Vid courtesy of jkontherun

Vid courtesy of Engadget

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  • WazzuKirk

    OMG that phone rocks!

  • I like the phone…looks really solid and it doesn’t seem to lag (thank God)…

    only thing I don’t like though is the scrolling pad on the keyboard on the left side…other than that it looks good…the design looks sleak and nice…good job motorola…

  • raysilverstone

    the design of the phone look alright. I am the type of user that can’t stand a crowded home screen. I like to show off my fancy wallpapers. All those new fancy widgets need to be a little more transparent. Transparent widgets is one thing i feel in love with when i rooted my phone. I would have to agree that the navigation buttons on the far left is a bit overboard. they say the keyboard is balanced. It looks visually unbalanced with that navigation there. I wonder if there is going to be an exclusive android app or function exclusive to said phones. Seems a little unfair to the other users that have the same Android OS. I mean internal space limitations aside (yet again space is not an issue for root users) these apps should come out to the android market and be available to all android users. I personally would love my phone book app to have integration posabilites with my social networking sites.

    So is this going to be another T-mobile exclusive android device?

    I thought i saw it say At&t on the first video a few times.

  • jusblase

    In the US yes its exclusive to only TMO

  • Moose

    damn no flash

  • MadProfessor

    Wow. A very nice surprise that Motorola is actually going to deliver a very desirable device. Can’t wait to find out the pricing.

    And yeah, I noticed the AT&T logo on the screen too, wtf was up with that.