T-mobile Introduces Cliq Product Page


Want all the relevant T-mobile details on the Cliq, hit up the T-mobile product page!

P.S. Pricing, release date, all the really relevant stuff is MIA!

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  • I watched the live conference. I’m selling this Bull shit ass MyTouch 3G, and getting the Motorola Cliq. I love Motorola, and this device seems perfect, and it has a Physical Keyboard. Lord knows, iNEED one of those, lol

  • Bobomo

    Anybody still think it looks like a kiddy-phone? I got laughed at on here for hoping that they would take Android somewhere cool, and it looks like that’s exactly what they’ve done. I’m still saving my pennies for the N900, but I’ll give this one some hands-on time when they show up in the store. If the price is right…

  • uknowme…

    ok… so i’m looking at my mytouch3g and the click… i’m at a loss for words…

    honestly, the click interface and integration of everything is almost like the Palm Pre’s Synergy theme but at the same time its not. Its very different in its own way and I’M FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!

    bye bye mytouch3g, hello click!!! clickity clickity!!!

    and i was originally going to go with a blackberry 9700 but this click really has it all…

    5mp camera, full qwerty keyboard, android, 3.5MM HEADSET JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MORE!

    Nice job Moto!

  • sidekickuser

    My dream come true. I don’t have to wonder no more! Android + sexy phone + instant messaging + email + 3G + physical keyboard + touchscreen + new interface + 5 mp camera = My kind of thing. I totally am not getting that blackberry anymore. I love love love it. I’m buying this. yay i love tmonews.

  • JDean86

    I am so beyond happy. I knew my wait to jump on Android would be worth it. Even the early images with the blue color I was excited. I think this is the phone that will make me throw out my Shadow. Fuck yeah!

    Though… I see no mention of capacitive screen? Is it implied or not known?

  • Brent

    Is there some usability reason why the dpad is on that side? Seems like being on the right would be better.

    Also curious about capacitive vs. resistive.

  • I was wondering the same thing about the direction pad. At first it seemed weird that it was on the left. However, the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Most (all?) video game controllers have the d-pad on the left.

  • jusblase

    hey any info on RAM/ROM

  • Bobomo

    @jusblase: RAM 256/ROM 512. Up to 32GB microSD.

  • 30014

    Moto really impressed me with this phone, to bad I’m not really into myspace or facebook. If the sholes can top this then I might actually consider jumping ship to big red. Tmo please give us a high end android phone, all of the current phones including the cliq have similer specs. I will pay top dollar for a phone that is maxed out spec wise.

  • BillyKidd

    Ram/Rom specs can be found at the link below and it has a capacitive touch screen!


  • Tremor


  • jusblase

    If this is the MB200 whats the MB300

  • Felicia

    Is there a flash for the camera?

  • Galen20K

    Wow looks more interesting than I thought it would be! I just wish it had an Improved Processor over all other Androids.

  • Ritchie

    If it does goes up to 32GB Micro SD then this would defenetly blow my itouch. Does anyone know if it will play ACC? Im sold, a thousand times sold on this phone.

  • jusblase

    hey i read on another blog where TMO is carring it for free on contract or 399 straight up.

  • Andrew M

    hey i love ur website and i cant wait for this phone. by the way, i may have found how much t-mobile is putting the moto cliq in retail pricing! follow this link and it may give some info!! http://find.t-mobile.com/controller?N=0&Ntk=primary&Ntt=Motorola

  • -ray

    Yes, it is capable of playing ACC

  • J-Hop2o6

    complete specs sheet.. i guess no UMA (for ppl that care for it)


  • js-1

    this thing is FAT! but atleast we a phone that is over 3.1 inch screen… keep it comin. go MOTO! although that gap could take a hike….

    come on HTC just use the screen off TP2 and create an real IPHONE competitor!