Are You Ready To “Cliq?”

We have video, hands on, specs, details, details and more details but the real question is, will you buy it? Motorola’s first (but certainly not the last) entrance into the Android game has been met with open arms and lots to love. Another phone enjoyed such kindness when it was unveiled though and failed to live up to all the hype. Motorola brings big guns and serious experience to bear in handset design and if the guys at Engadget have anything to say about it, so far so good. It definitely has a look worth checking out and for social networking fiends you may not be able to beat its constant connectivity to Gmail, twitter, Facebook etc. The real question…is it enough to bring Motorola back from the land of the all but forgotten? Are you ready to “Cliq?”

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  • Hell yeah it is, The only reason it’s not is for the super nerd geeks, that want their phone to be a Super Computer, and expect too much. I’m getting me one, for sure. I always loved Motorola. I didn’t have as many problems with them as everyone else. My RAZR lasted for a heck of a longer time than the rest of my phones, that crumbled within months, and i’m sure this one will surpass them all

  • robert

    You guys need get Facebook connecting on here.

  • Galen20K

    You know I have to say I have been taken by Surprise. I didn’t think I was going to like this phone even a Little bit but I have to say it looks Nice! Sure its Processor should have been upgraded as well as the resolution but really its a Very Nice Phone and I would dare to say Marginally Better than My G1 which I DO Love.

    So yeah I’m walking away from this Very Positive and although its def not the Best phone out there I wouldn’t hesitate to give this phone a try on the way to my Tegra processor phone.

    Kudos Moto, you really surprised me. Please don’t stop!

  • thegoodson

    i may fall inLOVE with this thing, WOW! this is the the right palce and time for this device, motorola hit the nail on the head! social netwrokign is the future, wonder what team magenta will to with this, incorporating social networking into the myfaves, , i only see big things in the future

  • JDean86

    This phone is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. What the G1 should have been. What MyTouch wishes it could be. Can’t wait to drop my Shadow. Hope it comes out soon.

  • Onwaitinglist

    Does it support UMA? any one has a answer?

  • Onwaitinglist – that’s what I’m trying to figure out…

  • All these cell phone makers need to make the screen size sizable so you can view and type without trouble. So far the iPhone has the biggest screen worth doing those types of functions without the bulk. What are you afraid of cell phone makers? Get with the program and make a decent phone/PDA/MP3/video/camera and lose some weight one the phone. Remember in technology term: Thin is in. Oh, one more thing, leave out the 3G, this thing is a joke and the only people who are laughing are the cell phone providers, every time they sell one.

  • TRobshi

    I’m still nervous about trusting Motorola, after all the terrible phones they’ve put out the past couple of years. The W490s that get possessed or get the white screen of death, the ACTVs deleting people’s contacts for no reason, the Razr2 freeing up constantly, the Sidekick Slide that shuts off when you slide it, the Rizr with all the buttons falling off…. every phone they release has some kind of hardware or software issue!!!!! The Cliq looks amazing and I do want it… I just don’t want it to have a typical Motorola problem. This is the first high-end phone they’ve released for T-Mobile in a long time though, so hopefully they’ve spent all this time improving their manufacturing and programming processes…..

  • -ray

    So far the people who got hands on with the Cliq say that it is very solid and it has a glass screen unlike the plastic ones on the HTC headsets… I was on the phone waiting on a Tmo rep today because I was going to get the MT3G for $99.00. Thank god I got disconnected!!!!

  • Anthony

    The N900 still looks like something more worthwhile to wait for, but if you love Motorola then this is a definite for you. Its their first shot at the android market and they seem to have done a good job and it will only get better from here on out… this was their only option to get back on track…. they are behind!!

  • Is that the same hinge from the Motorola sidekick slide that was discontinued??? awe shucks that’s not looking good… That phone was DOA I hope this hinge is far superior! The phones OS Looks great love what they did with Android. And think that this and the Hero are “flagship” devices. I hope it adds the ability to add friends from the widget or apps so theres no logging into the site from the browser. and will video playback be possible from vids i upload to the mem card? I’ve yet to see a android device handle non streaming video. this is the phone that definitely fits every one of my needs so im rooting that it performs well. any info yet on processor speed and internal memory size? Love that they added a camera button and a 3.5mm headset jack (c’mon mytouch & G1) but still what’s with this growing trend of no camera flash? Xenon flash was on the ZN8 why not this? And UMA is a dream come true for android I’m very pleased by what this phone offering and hope Motorola doesn’t treat it like a trend and decide to not advance it and improve it over time much like a blackberry or sidekick do. Well there goes my rant for the year. Keep the great info coming TMONEWS!!!

  • FILA

    Sticking with my myTouch till the G1v2 comes out first quarter next year. Im not a Moto fan, althou I do think this will bounce them back into the game a little. Im not to crazy over that Blur interface althou you dont have to run it. The hardware is attractive, not the biggest fan on the keyboard, but still better then the shitty onscreen board i hate using. Im giving this phone for you guys to argue over, but dont come crying back with your Moto starts dying. Its seems like Im the only one excited and patiently waiting for the v2. all well!

  • Moose

    Great phone but needs flash, if no other android phones come out with a 5 mp camera and FLASH then I will definitely get this phone but seriously moto a 5mp camera with NO FLASH!!!! FLASH it’s not that hard just a little xenon flash or even dual led under that lens won’t take away anything just adds GET FLASH!!!!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Anthony

    I agree on the no flash.. what is so hard about adding flash?? atleast a LED flash.. but yea, there is no UMA on the Moto Cliq

  • umaluver

    If the n900 wasnt so close, I’d strongly consider a pre-order on this.

  • Dan

    Motorola has always pushed the curve.
    I’ve been using my MotoRokr E6 for around 2 years now, and it was over 2 years old when I got it! Quad Band Touchscreen Linux smartphone with 2 mp camera (and camera button!), a2dp bluetooth, voicedial, sms, email, full internet browser, media player, 3.5 mm headphone jack, sd card… Gmail, Gmaps, all working great on this thing! When the iPhone came out it lacked half the features on that list, and took 2 years to catch up. I’ve passed up every new phone to keep this one, even gave it a complete rebuild, replacing the screen and case, and I still haven’t found anything that compares. (Seriously HTC – no headphone jack?!)
    Why they never sold the E6 in the states is beyond me. They would have really scored big.
    So I’m hoping Moto came through again with this one. I’m due for a new phone next month, and I’m looking forward to keeping my old charger ;)
    Course, I won’t be able to get full internet for 6 bucks anymore… :-/

  • Kanjar Ro

    @FILA… no offense, but you are the only one excited about v2 because the rest of us don’t know jack about it. All I know is v2 is codenamed Bigfoot and will be a full QWERTY slider. I can hardly be anticipating a phone I know nothing about. The question is now do I wait and see what those v2 details are or do I take a chance on Moto?

    My criteria is this: I want another Android phone that has somewhat improved specs over the G1/myTouch, with a full QWERTY board. My issue w/ G1 is how sluggish it gets. Not smooth at all, and yes I’m very proactive w/ my task running and mgmt. A better camera is a must too since the G1’s cam is the most god awful thing ever.

    On paper, it seems like the Cliq could fulfill my requests. We’ll see! And like everyone else, my only fear w/ Moto is the build quality.

  • 4typhive

    This blows the g1 out that water in every way…it seems

  • PrettyLilMoon

    In the past three months, I have had a G1 (too slow and battery died way too fast), a Blackberry 8900 (I hated that freakin’ thing!!!) a Dash, and I just returned the myTouch in anticipation for something similar to the myTouch but with a Qwerty keyboard. I, too am disappointed by the apparent lack of flash on the Cliq, however, I would have loved the myTouch if not for the lack of a Qwerty keyboard. My fiance is seriously reconsidering marrying me if I don’t fall in love with and stick to a phone in the very near future!! So right now I am using a prepaid $20 Nokia until this phone comes out….(I was previously on Verizon and had an ENV).

  • subtex

    The Cliq looks nice but still we have no Android phone with 8 gigs of storage. So so disappointing.

    Until we have confirmation that you can root this phone and run apps off the SD card, I can’t get it.

    I filled up my G1 in the first 4 days of having it. Thank god we have alternate roms to install that allow apps on the SD card.

    The Pre and Pixie both are shipping with 8 gigs on board. Come on Android OEMs!

  • equisxx23

    i need to do that myself @subtex.

    but anyways my question is how is the battery life on this phone? if is goin to stay searchin for updates 24/7 and connected to the motorola website.