3G Upgrade Coming Soon


With T-Mobile launching all sorts of new data hogging smartphones, you may be wondering if T-Mobile can handle it all.  You may remember that T-Mobile CTO, Cole Brodman, said that:

“Our users are sending 600 messages per user per month on average. And, a lot of the users on our higher-end smartphones update their status on social networks a couple times a week.”

If you ask me, that sounds like a lot of data transferring, especially if you add in the capabilities of all these fancy Android phones.  Well, according to the very same Cole Brodman, T-Mobile will be updating its 3G network to HSPA 7.2 by the end of this year, then the network will be upgraded to HSPA 21 by next year.  Sounds fancy.  It seems like T-Mobile is preparing for an onslaught of 3G devices, so it isn’t just a fad like the internet.  Until then, keep your eyes out for 3G in your area, and leave your thoughts in the comments!