3G Upgrade Coming Soon


With T-Mobile launching all sorts of new data hogging smartphones, you may be wondering if T-Mobile can handle it all.  You may remember that T-Mobile CTO, Cole Brodman, said that:

“Our users are sending 600 messages per user per month on average. And, a lot of the users on our higher-end smartphones update their status on social networks a couple times a week.”

If you ask me, that sounds like a lot of data transferring, especially if you add in the capabilities of all these fancy Android phones.  Well, according to the very same Cole Brodman, T-Mobile will be updating its 3G network to HSPA 7.2 by the end of this year, then the network will be upgraded to HSPA 21 by next year.  Sounds fancy.  It seems like T-Mobile is preparing for an onslaught of 3G devices, so it isn’t just a fad like the internet.  Until then, keep your eyes out for 3G in your area, and leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • poochilau1

    T-mobile Rocks on!!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    i knew about HSPA 7.2 mbps.. so is the 21 mbps HSPA+ ?? I watched a interview of Neville Ray, SVP of Engineering and Operations @ T-Mobile USA talk about HSPA and HSPA+ coming in 2009

    2008= UMTS= 3.8mbps (3G)
    2009= HSPA= 7.2mbps (3.5G)
    2009/10= trial HSPA+
    2010=HSPA+ = 21mbps (3.75G)

    LTE= Pre 4G
    LTE+/Advance= 4G

    interview= 2:53 minutes long—> http://www.ericsson.com/broadband/facts_opinions/videos/090702_t_mobile.shtml

  • John

    This is great news!! Way to go T-Mo!! Now I just need to decide between the Cliq and the MyT3G! Somebody help!!!

  • John get the Cliq, i’m getting one. I have a MyTouch 3G now, and it really sucks. The phone itself is great, but everything about it is, slow, sluggish, and laggy. Anyhoo, T-Mobile just keeps getting better, and this is why, and I am proud to be a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2004. 5 YEARS STRAIGHT!

  • myles

    Well it is a bout damn time.. I live rite out of the orlando area ! Orlando had nice 3g coverage… but I do not…ahaha I can’t got not one bar of 3g data for about 14 miles away from my house its rediculas ! That is 1 of the main reason why I swiched to the sidekick lx 09 !ughh lol I hope that tmobile does some serious coverage expansion ! My fathers 3gs always has 3g coverage in our house ! LOL just hurry tmo ! :-D

  • myles

    Well it is a bout damn time.. I live rite out of the orlando area ! Orlando has nice 3g coverage… but I do not…ahaha I can’t get not one bar of 3g data for about 14 miles away from my house its rediculas ! That is 1 of the main reason why I swiched to the sidekick lx 09 !ughh lol I hope that tmobile does some serious coverage expansion ! My fathers 3gs always has 3g coverage in our house ! LOL just hurry tmo ! :-D

  • Looks like T-Mobile doesn’t want to pull an AT&t. Great news.

  • FILA


    Well I have a myTouch, but what Dave below you is talking about is all negative. Yes the phone, will run sluggish, mine did but that was due to all the widgets I was running. The less you have running inthe background, like a computer the faster it will be. Mines quite fast, the only really really big downside to the phone, which pissses me off daily is the damn onscreen keyboard. I hate them, I didnt want one, but I wanted android, I hate Moto, so that does me no good. Im holding out till the G1v2 that should be coming first quarter next year. We cant tell you which one to buy, goin to the store and trying out your options is the best thing to do. Although right now you really only have one option, myTouch, i dont recommend the G1 anymore cuz its dated and the lack of memory and all this crap not being able to update the OS. If your a moto fan and this phone appears to you, Id def wait for it, but if you want that HTC, straight Android expierence, myTouch, or if you need that QWERTY, like me, wait a few more months till we start seeing leaks for the v2.

  • Patrick

    I don’t know of anybody who’s actually GOTTEN 3.2mbps……most i’ve ever got is 1.2mbps. I assumed that the 3G umts thats available right now is the 1.2mbps 3g. I’m excited thought, because MOST 3G t-mobile phones(not all) are also HSDPA 7.2 capeable. AT&T is rolling it out to 3 cities right now(currently they’re at I believe 2.4 mbps with their HSDPA)….T-Mobile however already has the technology in place, it’s just a matter of switching it over.

  • JDean86

    I live in Ocala Florida and we still don’t have 3G. Store reps say by end of October…so long as it happens by Cliq launch. I don’t want to have it and then wait for 3G.

  • sypher786

    so heres the deal. the reason why the interent has not been running as fast as capable is becuase of the stress on the network. Like we see in this article the systems are not running fully up to what they are capable of hitting. I tell you what I am in love with tmobile, and you are right, the downside to the g1 is the memory, and the mytouch sucks because of that keyboard. But just wait there are some sweet devices coming out. If you check out the Tatoo, you will notice it has the same processor as the touch pro2, so power is not an issue and the device itself has so many additions and will more than likely come with the HTC Sense software for android which i love (as seen on the HTC Hero).But seriosuly, TMobile has sucked phone and data network wise. But if you think about where TMobile was 2 years ago, I would say they are seriously taking strides to improve their image and service for their customers. Just look at how many phones with android are going to be released in the next twelve months, as apposed to two years ago and compare just the number of pda phones(wm/BB), not just that but the quality of the phones as well. They are taking strides. I cant wait to see where are by the end of next year.

    As far as the HSPA, really you can just consider that 4g in lamens terms. So yeah, 2G>3G>4G , nationwide, all in about 2 years. Stick that in your oven and cook it…

  • Travis Jacobs

    I am very pleased with my G1. I can walk my dogs or ride in the car and listen to radio stations from all over the world, take photos, check email anytime, text, cruise the web, use maps, oh, and talk. With my larger battery I’ve got power two days. It would be nice to have more than GPRS (2G) on weekends in Sheridan, Tx, on weekends, however. There we’re pretty much limited to talk and a quick look at radar now and then. Even Edge would be nice.

  • Bravehard

    3g upgrade already, so soon, We’ll I won’t complain, not at all. Let’s go Tmobile

  • Nitaino

    I am at SLC,UT and not 3G yet! WTF anyways just here waiting. Even small cities at TXs have 3G WTF people that still riding horses and no vehicles! C’mon! SLC is a city not a farmy town (lol) they said by the end -problably- of October. Can’t wait to use my TP2 to the MaXiMum! I’ll be praying more

  • Galen20K

    I’m soooo Happy for this, this is really Quick I love it!

    Bring it TMobile I love you.

  • John

    @FILA @ Dave

    Great comments guys I really appreciate it. The virutual keyboard doesn’t bother me, I have an unlocked iPhone 3G and I really enjoy it. What is really pushing me towards the new phone is the $99.99 price tag of the MT3G right now. Plus where I live went live with 3G speeds about a month ago, prior to that I was happy with my iPhone on EDGE but now that I know 3G is swirling around above me I want to grab it!

    I agree that a G1 is probably a bad idea at this point, like it or not they probably rushed that one into production and didn’t think too much about future Android updates.

    It also looks like the underlying hardware is the same for all of the Android phones on the market right now, so as long as I’m not running a ton of apps in the background, the phone should hold up. Plus the next level of Android updates aren’t too far off so that should speed up everything in general!

    Thanks again guys love the helpful comments, great readers, and the site!

    T-Mo Customer Since 2001 – Best Carrier in the Country!

  • Fort

    How about expanding the cell service.. I’m downloading at 3g but still trying to make a call is a job. Maybe VOIP will help.

  • rushmore

    1. Screen is too small (3.1″ so smaller than G1 for gosh sakes) – too much surface space wasted on device

    2. Micro USB is no better than a proprietary cable. Most devices uses mini USB (media and portable drives)

    They put a 3.5mm jack, but create a need to add more cables to support it with a darn micro USB. Lame

  • J

    A few points:

    What T-Mobile has now is 3G that is CAPABLE of 7.2mb/s. Most of the sites only have a single T1 however. A T1 has a max speed of 1.5mb/s, so thats why the highest most people have seen is near 1.2mb/s. If you add more T1s, you will have the max speeds of 7.2mb/s.

    HSPA+21 is 21mb/s. This is a service that no longer uses T1s, but you are using a fiber connection which is ethernet connection with adjustable bandwidth.

  • @Nitaino I live in SLC too, just want 3G! Please give me some 3G love?! Don’t mind reading that HSPA 7.2/21 and LTE are on the horizon either… that is awesome! Hopefully TMo will get with it and knock the socks off AT&T and maybe catch up ( in speed ) with Sprint.

    @Dave Cliq or MyTouch3G? The two phones rock pretty much the same specs (processor and memory). The advantage of the Cliq is the keyboard. The MyTouch3G is a nice phone, but have a tactile keyboard is the bomb! *hugs G1*

    I would personally go with Cliq unless something along the lines of MotoBLUR comes out open source in the near future. The MotoBLUR is awesome, but remember it is going to lock you into a particular vendor. MotoBLUR is NOT supported by T-Mobile, it is owned, operated and tied exclusively to Motorola. I don’t think Motorola is going anywhere with your data, but they are still the owners, and they have never really supported open data in the past.

  • @rushmore Micro USB is not proprietary. Not to mention they are cheap and easy to replace, just stop by your local Radio Shack for a $10 cable. Micro vs Mini USB is just a pitiful thing to complain about.

  • RCtennis3811

    Wow – fantastic news from T-Mobile! Right now their 3G is half that of at&t’s (T-Mobile using HSDPA 1.8 while at&t using HSDPA 3.6/HSUPA 1.4). If T-Mobile can upgrade their entire 3G network to HSDPA 7.2 by the end of the year, I will be even more surprised.

  • 30014

    This is great news, here in Covington, Ga(suburban Atlanta) my max download speed topped out at 803 kb/s. I’m only about 1 mile from the nearest Tmo cell tower. My area just went 3g about a month ago and already I can look forward to a data speed boost soon. I have never seen a carrier take such huge steps in so short a time. Hopefully Tmo will keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with you T-Mobile!? There are still several markets that do not even have 3G yet (and we’ve all been waiting) and they are already upgrading? This is great and all, but some of us still want our 3G! I live in a market where every other carrier has their 3G services (and now Sprint just released their “4G” network here) and T-Mobile is still lagging!

  • Bob

    “Even small cities at TXs have 3G WTF people that still riding horses and no vehicles!”

    this is fairly true. I live in a small town northwest of Fort Worth, TX and we’re surrounded by nothing but cows. I have 5 bars and awesome 3G coverage, tho. And Verizon’s FIOS. The boonies rock. :D

  • Mike

    T-Mobile should supply there whole network with 3g before starting an upgrade. I am sick of waiting, AT&T’s 3g and phones look and sound better everyday i wait for T-Mobile.

  • Blue_Alien

    @Nitaino I also live in SLC and a friend of mine told me today that a t mobile employee told him September 28 would be the launch of 3g in Salt Lake. I really hope this is true.

  • Frances

    Will Tmo’s 3g band ever be compatible with the iPhone? I plan on staying with Tmo and it would be great to actually get 3G speed on my iPhone someday.

  • John


    You’re going to be waiting a long time for the iPhone to come to T-Mobile. I’ve been waiting on that one for a while now myself. The radio chip that the phone uses to connect to the network only 1/2 works with T-Mobile, and it’s the slower EDGE part. The 3G part that you and I want only works with AT&T’s frequencies which are completely different than T-Mobile’s. The two companies bought different bands of the 3G spectrum 3 or 4 years ago so that’s why they developed different technologies and the phones can’t roam on 3G but can still roam on EDGE/GPRS. In fact up until when the iP3GS came out AT&T would not let an unlocked iPhone roam on their network because they were losing out on the revenue. But now that it’s out, the phone works wonderfully roaming on their network. It’s great when I visit my family in Northern Michigan where T-Mobile didn’t seize the opportunity and buy the smaller networks up there; instead AT&T did and I’m forced to roam. But I digress…

    Short of the FCC stepping in and saying Apple needs to make an multi-carrier phone or Apple finally get’s fed up with the poor performance of AT&T’s network and leaves (which I think is going to happen very soon – regardless of FCC intervention) we will not see an iPhone on T-Mobile. It’s a shame but Android is making strides every day and if you think about it, do you really need 12000 fart apps? With all of the major phone manufacturers going Android in at least one phone, developers are not going to stay primarily Apple. And the craziness that is the iTunes store only adds more bodies to the revolt.

    I love my iPhone, but as much as I love it, I hate not being able to update on the 1st day a new piece of tech is available because I will lose my unlock. (I am a serious early adopter – when cash flow allows) By going with an Android phone or the new BB, or TP2, you’ll get the 3G speeds we all want and you’ll pay less to get it.

    Hope I helped, one iPhone user to another.

  • tinalooks808

    I am just happy that tmo is finally stepping up their game with phones, and adding more to their line. I live in FL and the 3g coverage is great, I know a lot of people arent big fans of the G1 but I love mine, and have few complaints. It is def. better then the shadow (HTC is laggy by nature, and you just have to take it as a whole package). I am thinking about getting another bb when the 3g onyx comes…. we shall see. I am just overall happy with tmo these days..and am proud to say I have been a loyal customer for 4 years from now (considering I jump from carrier to carrier this is a big deal for me!)

  • Hippie

    This is BS!!!!!!!!!! I was told by T-Mo that the 3G networks would be up & running by the end of last year. I still do not have 3G!! The only 3G networks that T-Mo has, is in metropolitan areas ONLY@!! Look at their coverage maps. NO 3G for 95% of T-Mo customers. If you’re goin g to announce 3G for T-Mo Get you Shit right!!! As far as I’m concerned T-Mo can suck my BIG Infected Dick!!!!!!

  • H

    Ocala just got 3G.

  • Jordan

    Does anyone know when 3g is coming to Cincinnati…we are the last major city in Ohio