Want A Behold 2 Weeks Early? Craigslist Can Help


Ah yes, the usual sketchy Craigslist ad posted by some anonymous user who has miraculously gotten his/her hands on a device before the masses.  This time around we are looking at an individual who has managed to get their hands on the Behold 2 which can be yours for the low low price of $450 OR for trade with an iPhone 3G. Interestingly enough this user claims that the Behold II will not be available until late December, which I think, has been cleared up quite nicely. Either way, if you really want to be one of the first to own T-Mobile first Samsung Android device, sketchy Craigslist ads can help!

PS. Hit the link at your own risk, something smells fishy here so be careful with any emails or links from this user!

Thanks E.


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  • playthecharade

    This is almost as funny as the craigslist post for a guy willing to take a 1-way trip to saturn or jupiter in the posters homemade spacecraft ahaha

    Get this seller to respond with specs and then ill be intrigued.

  • Wagonis

    Why oh why would you send people to anonymous craigslist listings? Do we not all know better by now? Please do youeselves a favor and AVOID anonymous craigslist listings if you do not want SPAM all over your inbox. If there’s no phone number and no actual photos of the item up for sale (other then a hijacked jpg file from some website), do yourself a solid and DO NOT send an e-mail to that “seller”. I’ve been buying and selling devices on craigslist/ebay for almost 3 years now and can tell you that these anonymous sellers that offer you a device BEFORE it is available are usually just ways to get your email address sothey can spam the s**t out of your mailbox with all sorts of animal porn links and whatnot.

  • Jason

    Maybe someone can ask if he’ll publish the specs since T-Mo has yet to.

  • Omar

    I’m pretty sure this is a clear testament to the quality of the posts one has come to expect from this site. You lot do a good job of leaking information about upcoming phones and the like, but you don’t have to do so at the expense of semi-professional journalism. There is certainly a lot to be learned here in terms of the quality of the writing, and the restraint to not post inane articles. Good day.

  • this obviously is a scam .but a friend of mine sent me a link to a china wholesaler who sells this phone now its legit so there is a small chance he really has one for what hes charging you could buy 2 from china also on the site was a nokia phoone running some skinned version of droid on a nokia

  • ibrahim

    I just called tmobile asked them about upcomming releases they said the rep mentioned the tap and other phones also mentioned that the samsung behold 2 with android comming out on the 18th

  • Wagonis

    @ Omar: Seriously dude, relax.

  • John

    I actually live in Denver and bought this Behold last night. I had already bought a cliq from him a month ago so I knew the phone was real. Check out androidforums.com under the samsung behold 2 (picture already there, video to come). The phone is pretty sweet so far.

  • Dalton

    Finishing John’s comment:
    Direct link to it.
    @Omar: Yeah, what Wagonis said. Seriously. Chill out.