T-mobile Motorola Cliq Now Available


Today marks the day Motorola begins its foray into the Android world, officially. While the pre-order might have taken place almost 2 weeks ago, today is the day you can stroll right into your local T-Mobile retail store and scoop up your very own Motorola Cliq. You can choose from any color, as long as its Winter White or Titanium. You can MotoBlur yourself to your heart’s content, and you can do it all on no contract. So don’t wait, run to your nearest T-Mobile store and help Motorola stay in business another day or two.


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  • MishkaGreen

    I’ll be getting the MT3G, sorry Cliq.

  • stasguy

    I’ll wait for the sholes thank you very much!

  • George Kaplan

    We have had ours for about 10 days now. A very good phone, easy enough to use that my technophobe wife (it’s her phone) can use it fairly easily already. We chose it over the MT3G because she works better on a dedicated keyboard than a virtual one–simply a personal preference.

    A lot of the Blur stuff (the widgets) she has already canned, but the keyboard and the general response of the phone has been very good. She digs the app that uses the camera to scan a barcode and then gives you the best price locally and on the internet. The GPS is also very good, but I will be happy when Moto ports over Eclair and gives us the new and improved Google Maps.

  • eYe

    I’m with stasguy. Cliq, while having excelent inital build quality and feel, is just not enough of hardware upgrade for me to shell out $200 and sign for another 2 years. I’ll wait for Sholes or something with similar specs. I may still get one for my wife; we had a chance to play with Cliq in the store yesterday and were very impressed with it.

    Interesting observation: Comparing Cliq and G1 side by side, Moto is just about the same thickness as HTC but looks like it’s a lot thinner. Also, corners on Cliqu are ronded but in a way that’s different from G1 giving Moto a way slicker appearance. Almost enough to convince me to switch. Same phone with 1ghz processor and 512 ram would win me over in a hearbeat.

  • fiveizzo

    I have a cliq and will get a sholes if it really comes out

  • nextisalwaysbetter

    In general, next one should be always better,
    If you can wait for 6 more months, you can probably say

    “Thank sholes, I am waiting for whatever!”

  • Mark

    When is T-Mobile going to come out with a decent smartphone in the $99 range like their competitors? $99 iPhone at ATT, $99 Palm Pixi at Sprint soon, $99 HTC DROID Eris at Verizon, where is T-Mobile’s?

  • fort


    There the mytouch 3g for $99.http://radioshackwireless.com/template/simpleautocontent.aspx?r=radioshack&pageid=5522&refcode1=RSK_4444_000_SITESEARCH

    It’s hard for me to understand why the click is $199. Unless their saying it the same as the Droid.

  • bob

    Verizon will launch 10 new smart phones between now and the end of year, with todays Cliq leaves one Blackberry and a low end an Android. the comment section is always fill with that phase “I’M WAITING” but what is T-mobile waiting for???? Happy holidays don’t look so happy if you with T-mobile

  • Ritchie

    Ive had the Cliq for about a week, and i love it. I trasnfered some of my movies in my Cliq like SAW, Spiderman 3 and have a good video quality in watching it. The MotoBlur is a Moto No for me. I only have myspace so i dont have issues opening 2-5 websites. I canned all the motoblur stuff. Great phone. Added LstFM and able to stream internet radio while i drive. 5MP camera works great. I dont think i will be buying a new phone for 6 months to a year. Im waiting to see if tmo gets the new Sony Ericson. touch screen 8 MP camera and i believe android is run on it. TMoNews please let me know that we are getting this phone.

  • Ritchie

    Sorry its the Sony Ericsson X10. Looks like it will beat the Cliq.

  • Galen20K

    Its a Nice Middle of the Road phone. But I am determinately waiting for a little something extra in the Hardware dept.

  • NiiDiddy


    I was told by a T-Mobile Rep over the phone when I had called them, …that there is a touchscreen phone coming out called Tap [I think was the name]. It will be here before the year’s out and it’s price point will be just around $100. Hopefully that works for you. I like my high-end phones…in T-Mobile’s case, I don’t even know if I should call MT3G a high end phone; but that’s what I have until something else like the Sholes comes out. Good luck, buddy!

  • James

    YAWNN @ the moto cliq.

    “Mark says:
    November 2, 2009 at 8:17 am
    When is T-Mobile going to come out with a decent smartphone in the $99 range like their competitors? $99 iPhone at ATT, $99 Palm Pixi at Sprint soon, $99 HTC DROID Eris at Verizon, where is T-Mobile’s?”

    Which is exactly what’s wrong with Tmo..seem never to get the better phones and then the phones we do get are overpriced. Seriously I handled the moto cliq and it’s not a bad phone..but not at $199. So this phone as good as the Droid? I think not. Is this phone better than the iPhone 3G, Pixi or Verizon Hero? No it’s not but it costs twice as much. Please nothing about Tmo being the better value either. If the Samsung Behold2 does hit at that $249 price point then after more than ten years with Tmo it really may be time to hit the road..it’s getting frustrating.

  • TJ

    Walmart has the Cliq for $149.99!!!!!!

  • MishkaGreen

    @ fort thanks for the link for the MT3G at Radio Shack! Not bad, but I think its cheaper still at Walmart, but it might save me the drive since Radio Shack is walking distance from home…Hmmm…

  • Maxwell

    Believe it or not, got my CLIQ a few days ago when I was at Walmart at around 8 PM. They are selling them for $148 so I did a 2 year upgrade. Strange thing is I don’t think they were supposed to sell it to me as they were not even out on display yet. I happen to see the clerk unpacking it and asked about it. They had 2 in and he said he could sell me one. They did NOT force me to add the data and he told me I did not need to. I will obviously add it because what is the point not to. He was new and I think he had no clue about the data or that he couldn’t sell it before the official 11/2 release date. Nice phone, not sure about all of the streaming data, will take a bit of getting used to. Even without the data plan it allows you to go into Motoblur and set things up. After that it shuts down the data… Battery is TERRIBLE from just an hour of use!! Once I get the hang of it I am sure I can adjust the settings and extend the life a bit. All and all, a very well thought out phone.. I am going from a blackberry to this so it will take a bit to get used to it. Just from using it for a little bit I can honestly say best Moto phone I have ever had/experienced.

  • Todd

    meh at the Cliq. I like the commercial with Mike Singletary though…Go Niners!!!!

  • 30014

    @James…I agree 100% with everything you said

  • userfriendlyme

    umm i like the clicq. you guys are nuts. your drooling over phones that aren’t on tmo network so why not just go to those carriers deal with there plan prices and the customer service issues. the cliq while no droid is a good phone 2 weeks now and i love it. sure theres always going to be something better coming in the future so deal with the phone you have and wait if thats the case. besides 2.o and a flash on the camera im not seeing the big deal with droid. its not anymore of and attractive phone then most of the android phones out or coming out

  • Miguel


    Ummm.. the Cliq is nice but it has essentially the same specs as the G1, except it has some more rom and ram and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It would not be worth a G1 user to upgrade.

    Seems like everyone here is on the fence waiting for the same thing… better hardware like the Droid or the Infinity.

  • Anthony in Utah

    I returned my Cliq after using it for 5 days. I didn’t like the Motor Blur notifications so I took off that. The keyboard takes some time to get used to. My battery was constantly low even with low use of the web and text. Call quality has some staticy sounds in the background? Speaker was OK, and the MAIN reason I sent this phone back was due to the touchscreen not being as responsive as I’d like it to be… i understand android can be sluggish due to the slow processors they have been putting in these phones, but I am used to having my iPhone and it responds quickly to touch and no delays whatsoever.. So I do campare my use a lot to my previous phone. I spoke with a T-Mobie representative yesterday over the phone and she told me that they will be getting some new blackberrys this month as well as a wide range of newer high end smartphones by the end of this year for the Holiday reason. I’m happy I returned the Cliq because I want the new blackberry 3g or possibly the HTC HD2… But it depends on the reviews from phonedog! So I’ll have to wait and see! Hope this helps those who are looking to get the Cliq. Overall, I think most will enjoy this phone, however, I don’t consider it a high end device… Only the price says so!

  • Miguel

    The Cliq will undoubtedly be reduced to $149.99 soon. The question is when. I can’t see the Cliq comfortably being at the same price point as the Motorola Droid, given the far superior specs of the Droid. Granted, I think Verizon phones are always $50-$100 cheaper than they “should be”. But Verizon can afford this since the company is making an extra $1200 a year more than T-Mobile does from the customer.

    What sucks is that I plan on purchasing the Cliq for my fiance and her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. I doubt we will see a price drop by then…

  • 30014

    @Userfriendlyme…I’m not wasting my money on a phone that’s almost identical spec wise to my g1. If u enjoy your cliq then I say more power to u. But just because u are satisfied with all these mid range smartphones doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be.

  • Betito

    I say wait until the Sony Ericsson announcement tomorrow. The Rachel UI looks great. It’s a cross between MotoBlur and the Microsoft Zune interface.

  • rushmore

    No offense but go to a Verizon store and try out Droid for a while and then the Cliq. The Cliq and my G1 are like Trac-Phones compared to Droid. I tested Droid for one hour and enough to figure that out.

  • Asad

    Yay Moto Cliq.. Oh no data service plan is required… -___-
    I wish T-mobile had a rich filled phone with features and a good keyboard that does not require a data service…
    that is one of many of what the thing T-mo lacks :{

  • rushmore

    I am not sure that Verizon is that expense now. My 700 minutes, unlimited text, G1 data and three lines costs $138 a month.

    Verizon with FAR better 3G coverage is $146 ($96 more a year). My corporate discount actually makes the Verizon service $127 a year. Very tempting.

  • TravMobile

    yay for the phone nobody wants from the manufacturer who just put out the phone everyone DOES want.

    let’s see a OMAP 3 Android phone on Tmo already.

  • MKD718

    I was at the tmo store today and almost bought the cliq but when I started to play with it, it seemed like my g1 with a different housing. Just like everyone else is saying, if u have a g1 already, its pointless to upgrade to the cliq. I’m guess I’m going to sit and wait like everyone else. Hopefully either the n900 htc hd2 sholes or some other mega phone comes out by febuary because I can’t take the g1 anymore. Battery life sucks!

  • gurp13

    I’ve had my Cliq since October 22nd. I have really enjoyed using. Moto Blur is fun. I had to tell the gmail app to stop notifying me of emails because it was doubling that up, but otherwise, it’s been a joy to use. A lot of these critiques of the phone remind me of reading audiophiles talking about headphones and speakers. I guess if you’re picky enough, you can find things to complain about. Is it a perfect phone? Nope. But, it’s fun. I love being able to update my status as easily as firing off a text message. And, text messaging is very easy, as is email. The browser works better than I expected. The Moto Blur is occassionally crashing on me. Usually it’s no big deal, but the phone did spontaneously reboot once.

    I have an iPod touch and if Tmobile had the iPhone, that’s what I’d be using, but I have to agree with the poster who said there’s always another better device coming down the pike. I could have waited for something else, but meanwhile I’m enjoying using the Cliq. Honestly, when it comes to some of these reviews I’m seeing in the comments, I wonder if you’re really being honest because it doesn’t sound like you’re using the same phone I am. Someone complained the screen wasn’t responsive? Seriously? It’s very responsive. The software lags sometimes, but it’s not the screen, trust me.


    @Bob ya took the words right out of my mouth. I read a similar story about Verizon’s strategic plan to release (actually 13) phones from now till the end of the year. That’s amazing and a plan I’m sure they’ll still to. Didn’t take a Project Dark to keep their customers happy.

    All this hype was surrounded around the great things T-Mobile had to offer and it fell flat on its face. Way to go T-Mo.

    I can tell you what I’m not doing. I’m NOT waiting around for T-Mobile to release/delay phones time and time again. As soon as my contract is up in a couple months I’m leaving this nightmare of a carrier. What an Ef’n joke they’ve become over the past couple years.

    I honestly believe you get what you pay for…..and I’m paying for sh*t coverage and sh*tty selections of phones. Not for long….Verizon here I come. As much as it bothers me to say it it’s true. I can’t stomach any more of the stupid moves that Robert Dotson has made at the helm of T-Mobile. They’re turned a deaf ear to what customers really CRAVE. To hell with hoping to get better service or phones. If things change in a year maybe I’ll come back…if not…I can only be happy with the decision I’m making.



    @MKD718 All these owners of the Cliq claiming the phone is something spectacular are blind. Sorry folks but true. The Cliq is a G1/myTouch is a new shell. There’s nothing new about the phone. Compare it to the Droid and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Same regurgitated specs with a metal housing. Oh boy!!! What I’ve been craving all this time!

    Wait if you must but don’t count on being impressed. From the look of things T-Mobile intends to continue to hold the title of ‘Weakest Carrier In The US’

  • jason

    Funny how all u lames cry bout aww tmo phones suck and when tmo releases strong lineup,cliq,behold 2,tmobiletap,bold blackberry, I mean dam what u people want u still bitchin bout the price,then the data,then how dogs poop in the yard,then how you’re still a virgin..geez tmo = best value for your dollar with pretty dam good phones. 8 love the mytouch,the cliq I have both and u know what no complaints. It works what more can I ask for, its jus a phone people it won’t cook for you or babysit your kids so really I’m so sick of the complaining be thankful tmo gives us great rates and great phones.

  • Usman

    Despite Maximus’ pessimism, I’ve been fairly content with T-mo for the past 7-8 years. That being said, I am tired of the constant delays of intriguing phones like the N900, or the blatant negligence in not continuing the “early adopter” path for Android by bringing a REAL improvement to its customers. The MT3G and Cliq ARE NOT substantial improvements over the G1, aside from having more ROM and a tad more RAM. Great, so you know you’ll be able to receive larger OTA updates in the future… but what about processor, camera, form factor, etc.?

    T-mo is screwing up here, and unless it does something right in the next few months, I’m leaving. I’ve been off contract since February and am only holding out in the hope that T-mo surprises me. At this point I want the Sholes, or something comparable… even the N900 won’t do anymore, though I would have picked it up and signed another contract when I first saw the N900 demo MONTHS ago.

  • craig

    if you do social network get this phone.I have the G1, but after playing with the Cliq it was no different than the G1. defferent strokes for different folks :-)

  • John

    hey!, the proces went down for the even more plus plans!!!
    Now the g1, mt3g and clic cost 399!!!!
    It is decent comparing the long-term cost with other carriers.

  • Man

    I sold 6 cliqs today. Our store probably had around 10 out by 3 pm.

  • Ritchie

    You know what you people will never be happy complaining about how there more better phones coming out, no duh doosh’s, technology grows at a beast rate. You will never be happy because there will always be newer better things out there. I came in TMo with the grey sidekick, loved it but started acting up, dropped it a times. then i got the wing, liked it but i wanted more, got the nokia express, small thin phone with mp3 great for the time since i didnt need anything special. Got the highlight liked it, now i have the cliq im loving it, it beats my itouch. Is the cliq the last phone ill get no, all the phones pretty much do the same things, web, myspace, im, txt camera no heres the tricky one. Cameras are a big thing for me, now i have a 5MP camera with my Cliq. Once theres a new phone out there that i like by looks and performance ie myspace im so on and with a higher than 5MP camera ill get that one. Im hopeing that we get the Sony Ericson Experia 10, 8MP camera see who gets it and what goodies it have.


    Ritchie….how wrong you are. I don’t think any of this outrage would continue if the company would pull their thumbs out of their ass and deliver competitive alternatives to the rest of the competition. Cheap plans aren’t the only thing customers want. Lot of us who in the past may have thought that simple phones would suffice have seen the benefits of having smarter mobile devices. Others like myself are techno-lusters and business types who take advantage of features and constantly find new ways to utilize these devices. So assuming we’d still be complaining about what we don’t have is absurd. That’s the problem….we haven’t been offered anything at all worth shutting up about.

    Trying to defend the blunders of a company that has rested on its laurels far too long is ridiculous. Sure…I’ll admit that I was more than satisfied with T-Mobile up until about 2 years ago. Great…they offer the best prices in the market but lack handsets to suite my personal or professional needs. Whenever they’ve released a phone that offered a bit more I jumped on it. Sometimes even paying full price because I had blown my upgrade on another phone previously. I’ve been with the company for over 6 years.

    As mobile world became more data dependent T-Mobile decided that data was last on its list. Other competitors rolled out the next best technology (3G) while T-Mobile garnered cheap voice plans as their means of staying competitive. How wrong they were. There’s a good reason behind why they were left with the oddball spectrum. It’s called trying to catch up.

    If what I’m saying isn’t true then explain to me why Verizon, AT&T and the ever bleeding Sprint pulls out better handsets than T-Mobile. Because handset makers don’t see any true revenue advantage in delivering an exclusive handset to a carrier that has no competitive edge. I’m sure they’vee become tired of watching T-Mobile’s weak marketing attempts. There’s nothing exclusive on T-Mobile’s plate except rehashed garbage. Wait…the ‘Temporarily Out Of Stock’ Sidekick. I’m sure they have a warehouse full of those somewhere. Heh.

    Even after the rumored shakeup from the guys at DT hasn’t made T-Mobile any better. I don’t understand how they assumed Project Dark would be such a raving success. I can’t wait to see how dismal the numbers are for this quarter. I’m sure it won’t make a significant dent in even Sprint’s subscribers figures.

    Verizon put out an announcement of 13 PHONES! I’m sure AT&T and Sprint will announce numbers close to that in the coming days or week. We’ll be lucky to see one phone that we haven’t heard of yet from T-Mobile. That sounds like a compare ready do battle to me.

  • The Droid may have better “specs” but the Reviews sucks. If I didn’t get the Moto Cliq and Tmobile was Offering the Droid, I still wouldn’t get it. Everyone claiming specs This and that, but the reality of it is really !!!Looks!!! cuz its bigger, and sleeker looking..ect,Just like the hd2 everyone drooling!! Unless your a real Technical Person (Rushmore lol), who actually Knows about Hard/Software Please Shut Up if you wanna talk specs! =)

    If you Like it, Good if you don’t, Good!
    But don’t talk about, Leaving Tmo, or The Droid Yada yada if You Don’t know anything besides what you’ve Heard/or saw in comments.

    I enjoy the cliq minus that Small Keyboard,Flash and can live without the Moto Blur. Its my 1st Android Phone, and I wanted to test the platform out. Didn’t want to jump to another expensive carrier, Sign a Contract,or one lacking in coverage FOR ME.

    Moto Cliq 4 Now, N900 Later!!

  • moondog

    Cliq is an ok phone, but where are the high end offerings by Tmo? Live by the low end, die by the low end.

  • FILA

    Its amazing how many Lovers we had on here for the Morrison then when it really got released now your all like Ima wait for something better, its an ok phone and etc. Pretty much what ive been saying since I saw it was a MOTO.

    We should start seeing leaks of the G1v2 by what next week!! Give it a few more weeks to a month and we will for sure!! Thats the phone your waiting for, trust me!

  • kendrix_myrealname

    Hell no motor. Htc baby

  • Namo

    Are you kidding me $199 for this? If I’m a new customer I will choose Verizon Droid over this Tmobile Click. They have the same price $199 for new customer and the Droid is a way better cellphone than this CLICK. Well its $149 at walmart. Lol.. I’m keeping my G1 till it dies in my hands or maybe till Sholes come out.

  • Rafael

    I just hung up with Motorola and they informed me that they are not sending OTA for android 1.6 or 2.0 for the Moto Cliq and are not working on changing the android 1.5 OS to any other version at this time. He stated that the main reason for this is because the Motorola Cliq is running on Moto Blur with android 1.5 running on top. He said that the Moto Blur is the main software and that is why they see no point on worrying about upgrading the android os. He did mention that the Moto Droid will be exclusively to Verizon and not TMobile and will be the first android phone to sport the android 2.0 os and will not be running any part of the Moto Blur software. I am extremely dissappointed. I am going to call and return my Moto Cliq and get my self a MT 3G. I might even wait for the special edition MT 3G to come out.

  • gurp13

    LOL, some of you must have a vested interest in killing Tmobile or the Cliq. I have a Cliq, my fiance has the G1. They’re good phones. The Cliq is not the same as a G1, I don’t care what the specs say. If it was the same, why would my fiance be joking about being jealous of my new phone. The camera is definitely better, for one thing. Also, the Moto Blur software is not insignificant. If you do the Facebook stuff, it rocks! I was at several special events the last couple of weeks where I was uploading pics and updating my status as I went. It was easy and fun (and probably annoying to some of my “friends” on FB, oh well).

    If you look hard enough, you will find reasons to be unhappy with any piece of technology. Even iPhone users have things to complain about. And, everyone waiting for the next great phone will get it and then be all bummed out 6 mos later when the other, shinier phones come out.

    Those of you saying the Cliq is just a G1 in a new shell are either lying, misinformed, or not very intelligent. As a hands on user of both devices, I can say that the Cliq is better than the G1. And, I’m very happy using it. That might be because I didn’t expect it to tell the future, save lives, or transmute lead into gold. If you expect it to combine your communications from text, email, Facebook and other social networks into a single interface and make interacting with all of those services nearly seamless then you will like the phone. If you like having all of your contacts from social networks, gmail, and other sources automatically updating into your phone so you can get an array of information about them including emails, phone numbers, birthdates, status updates, and so on all at the flick of a finger, then you’ll like the phone. If you use your phone as a mobile communication device in multiple formats then you’ll like the phone.

    If you expect the phone to act like a desktop computer or you think it might cure cancer, then you’ll be disappointed.

  • WazzuKirk

    The CLIQ is very different from the G1. I went through (3) G1’s and I felt it was not a very good phone. I now have the CLIQ and it is night and day from the G1. It is snappier, more functional and just more fun to use.

  • C2002

    I just want to know whether or not the Moto Cliq will be getting an Android update to 1.6 or 2.0 soon. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants more info on this. I only have a couple of days left before I can return the Cliq. Please bring us more updates on this David and Mystic. I know we would really appreciate it. Anyone else with me on this?

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  • Pitkin

    Look Csapo motorola clique with cisco chief