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After watching the rooted G1 in action with Android 2.0 SDK you’re probably wondering where does that leave other T-Mobile Android handsets like the MyTouch 3G and Motorola Cliq? Well our friends over at AndroidandMe have got confirmation from T-Mobile PR as to which devices will be getting the Android 2.0 update. To summarize, T-Mobile has confirmed it is working with Google to release Android 2.0 software, and that T-Mobile has no announcement yet to update the Cliq to 2.0 and said it would be best to contact Motorola PR.

Here are the questions T-Mobile PR answered:

Will T-Mobile Android handsets get Android 2.0 update?

T-Mobile is coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0. We will let you know when we have more details to share.

Will the Cliq get Android 2.0 update?

The CLIQ ships with Android 1.5 software. We have no announcements at this time regarding new Android software updates. For more information about future updates to CLIQ and MOTOBLUR, it would be best to contact Motorola PR

As for the MyTouch3G (Google Experience phone) since it doesn’t have space limitations, MyTouch3G users should receive the update as soon as Google makes it available to T-Mobile. The G1 (Google Experience phone) has space limitations so not sure whether or not the G1 will get the 2.0 update, but not to worry there should be a solution for rooted users. In conclusion if Android 2.0 is delayed on handsets such as the G1 and MyTouch3G, Google is to be held accountable, NOT T-Mobile since those devices are Google Experience phones. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!


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  • beto

    The cliq is also getting the 2.0 update, I read it on the motorola cliq forum

  • niididy

    I currently have the myTouch3G – a Google experience phone with no space limitations…that’s good to know it’ll be in the good for future updates. Those are some of the things we should look at when buying an Android device unless customers don’t care so long as they have a cool phone. I do care though as I am sure a lot of tech savvy guys on here do. Either way…I patiently await Android 2.0…and hope the Sholes comes to T-Mobile soon ad a Google experience phone, also without space limitations to handle future updates.


    Anyway, happy belated Halloween, y’all. I personally didn’t celebrate much…but scared the trick or treaters in my neighborhood though…lmao.

  • I know others disagree, but I’m pretty confident Google will find a way get 2.0 to the G1. I just don’t see them abandoning the device after just 1 year. The bad press alone is probably reason enough for them to make it happen.

    That being said, if the big G does decide to ignore the G1, I will be getting it via hackery. :-)

  • fort

    I believe the MT3G will get the update. Google has to promote there flag ship programs like Google map 2.0 Those are advertising dollars. As for the G1 user. It’s time to look forward. T-mobile should offer a credit for those who are still under the 2 year contact for a new phone. Now will Google come out with a better keyboard for the MT3G?

  • James

    The question is do I want want Android 2.0 on my G1 or rather Tmo concentrate on getting newer phones that can better handle 2.0. I rather the latter

  • Wicked1

    Not what I wanted to hear. Im posting from the Clique right now, and I want a confirmation that its gonna get some kind of update and will continue to get updates. If not its goin back to T Mobile. I believe it will get update though.

  • TMOrox

    There is absolutely NO WAY T-Mobile is going to give you a credit if there is no 2.0 update on the G1. The G1 does exactly what you were told it could/would do when you bought it, updates are extra… not promised. T-Mobile customers are so spoiled that they call and ask for credits over any little thing, and EXPECT them. I wonder how well this works out for ATT and Verizon customers, no wonder T-Mobile doesn’t have any money they have to give away the farm to make their customers happy!

  • Drew

    I sure hope 2.0 comes to the MT3G. I am looking forward to the new Google Maps. I think Google should come out with maybe a simpler version that supports the G1, that way people don’t have to root…

  • G building

    Well what i would like to know is what are the listed phones that are “Google Experienced” so is that I could make a better choice in choosing my next device post G1, because obviously there seems to be a difference in regarding to updates. Also the one phone that I’m actually looking forward to the Samsung Behold 2 will this be a Google Experienced phone and will it come shipped with Android 2.0?

  • rushmore

    G1 + 2.0 + Flash 10.1 = Space for a few tip calculators ;)

  • rushmore


    I disagree, since Tmo pushed the G1 and its OS and it has not even matured yet. G1 users got a device that Android, HTC and Tmo KNEW had too low of memory, BEFORE it was released.

    I sense class action lawsuit.

  • Mark

    Looks like another case of TMO pioneering the track and then being left in the dust when other carriers jump on board the train. Why can’t TMO keep up with what they start?

  • Jim

    If 2.0 doesn’t come to the MT3G and 3G isn’t fired up in Cincinnati soon, this 5 year sub is taking his 2 lines to another carrier. Hmmm….where? Verizon is too expensive, AT&T is too expensive and their network sucks, Sprint is….well, Sprint…Hmmm!

  • g_willi

    Want to know the quickest way to get Android 2.0? Buy a Droid from Verizon. Suck it TMo.

  • Ricardo

    My Cliq should come on Tuesday. I can’t think of any reason for it not eventually getting 2.0 and looking at the specs, it can definitely handle it. The only thing keeping it from getting to us faster is that it needs to be integrated with motoblur. That is why it is coming out with 1.5. When the phone was being developed, they had 1.5 in mind. The Sholes was developed as a beast and when 2.0 was developed, the beast was ready.

  • Carl

    No thanks, I’d rather pay 1/2 what you are paying for the same service, and better cs, suck on that.

    I’m sure Motorola will develop MotoBlur to work on 2.0, might as well 1.6 :).

  • ivan

    i find this ridiculous !

    us G1 users were the first people to promote androids first handset, advertise it, and ANDROID TM first audience ever had & this is what we get in return ?!

    oh hell no ! android should get slapped across the face

    the least they could do is give all us G1 users a free MyTouch 3G , which we all know is never going to happen , this is so messed up

    its like your throwing us G1 users to the side !


  • Carl

    Well, it’s like anything technology advances, computers that ran 98 can’t run Vista, due to hardware limitation, and yes I know it hasn’t been that LONG, but it just proves my point. I would agree with a discount for trading in a G1, like $100 off at least if you get a MT3G.

  • ps

    Yeah I am pissed, I bought my Samsung LCD tv last year and this year they are elling tvs with 120 and 240 hz. Even though my tv still does exactly the same stuff as when I bought it, it doesn’t do the newest stuff a year later. Samsung, give me a new TV, I deserve it !!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    TMOrox says:
    “The G1 does exactly what you were told it could/would do when you bought it, updates are extra… not promised.”

    On this I couldn’t disagree more. I bought the G1 on faith. There were no units to test in store, not much in the way of details, a few reviews and you tube videos. BUT I know and trusted tmo and google to give me a reasonable experience for the contract on this phone. This is an UPDATE, not UPGRADE. What I bought was a phone base on a linux os that should had room for the forseeable future in firmware (that the operating system that we call android) and lots of apps. Don’t sell me a phone telling me about all the great apps that will be developed, based upon an os (linux) that is released with full updates, released every 6 months or more often, that are able to run on very outdated computers and then tell me my phone will only be capable of handling 1 update for 6 months.

    This is NOT a windows xp to vista upgrade. Vista was a near total rework. Not much of anything ran the same, and you knew the UPGRADE was coming and would like need enhanced hardware (which you can install yourself). This is a jaunty jackalope to karmic koala linux update. The features that keep the G1 from getting the update are not core functions but a new major app.

    Would I be upset in 2012 if I couldn’t upgrade firmware? Not really, the phone could be replaced by then at a discount.

    I trusted tmo and google. They sold phones with virtually no apps, promised apps, promised improvements to firmware to enhance the experience. One firmware update later they say that’s all they can do for me? The subsequent updates will be only for new phones? That is not the attitude I put my trust in, I trusted 2 companies that have until now taken good care of their subscribers.

    Google nav maybe great, but it should be an app or a separate firmware upgrade for the phones that can handle it being as the google phone that I’m sure is the majority of the market at the moment (G1)can’t handle all of it. G1 users should not be abandoned because they had faith. That will not sell well with future phones if this is a pattern to be followed.

    Just glad I only got one for my 4 line family plan. With tmo not being competitive on data plans for families, it will make it that much easier to jump to sprint, etf on the g1 or not, I’ll save the etf fee in a few months if I have more than 1 data plan.

    To put this issue in perspective, if you want to be abused you deal with verizon. They will lock many features of your phone down and if you can use it they will charge you extra. Tmo has not been bad on that, but I do know the ATT firmware update for the curve has a much better browser than the tmo version. Whether they just don’t consider it worth the trouble to update to that version or not I don’t know. I hope tmo will do the right thing and put out the other enhancements in an android 1.9 or something. I don’t expect a discount on the phone, but I do expect it to have the best experience available with the hardware for at least 2 years after release.

    TMOrox, sounds like you need to find a new job. With your attitude you must hate going to work each day and if this is the best we can expect from tmo I would expect the calls and complaints to grow.

  • zapote21

    Why cant people just wait until TMO actually comes out and says that G1’s will or will not be getting an update before getting all wound up and stuff?
    remember the rumors about the G1 not getting 1.6?????

    Come on people

    It just amazes me…

  • paul

    I like the logo,,I hope they use it more then the dumb Woopie and Chevy commercials…start pushing the Android aspect…

  • TMOrox

    So lets be honest Windows 7 is nothing more than an updated Vista…. how many of you have called Microsoft and demanded free upgrades or threatened class action law suits!? How many of you have even called and asked for a trade in!? I would be surprised to hear anyone say they have because you know it just isn’t going to happen, but you expect to be able to get the same ridiculous service from T-Mobile yet you complain that they have less than mediocre 3G coverage, how can they if they are constantly giving credits over and over for things they shouldn’t? Like that whole sidekick issue, they gave EVERY sidekick customer a month of service free, plus the whiny babies who called daily and complained got 2 sometimes 3 times that credit when it wasn’t even T-Mobile’s fault! No one forced you to buy the G1 and to say that you were mislead with all the hype on the OS is crap, possibly the ‘average’ customer can say that but for someone who comes on these blogs daily you knew what you were getting, you knew about the phone release before a lot of reps knew. But the ‘average’ customer isn’t the one who will complain or even want to go the to mytouch because they are happy with their G1. Most people don’t use their phones like we do they use it for GASP….. PHONE SERVICE!

  • rushmore

    If you have a rooted G1, it is faster than the Cliq with the CPU app. Cliq is clocked at 384 mhz and the g1 can be set to dynamic and max to 528mhz when needed.

    Cliq and G1 users will really be ticked off when they find out Flash 10.1 and Android 2.0 will be too much for their (our) devices to work smoothly.

    There is a reason Verizon tots the Droid as “Flash ready”.

    DSP = check!
    Android 2.0 = check!

    G1 might not get either or a cut down version of both (unless root). Wimpy memory.

    Seriously, G1 + Flash + 2.0 = Enough memory for tip calculators and that is about it.

  • Kevin

    TMOrox says:
    November 1, 2009 at 1:57 pm
    ==”So lets be honest Windows 7 is nothing more than an updated Vista…. how many of you have called Microsoft and demanded free upgrades or threatened class action law suits!? ”

    >>OS is not the same as hardware with subscription costs. If I could get my tmo service for the 5 years for $149 I paid for XP I’d be thrilled. Instead I have paid that almost every month, sometimes more. Then paid for a phone and have a contract for a phone that is not up to what the expectations were. TMO and google could have controlled expectations. I’m NOT buying win7 anytime soon either.

    ==… how can they if they are constantly giving credits over and over for things they shouldn’t?

    >> lead, follow, give credit for poor service or get run over!

    ==…sidekick: when it wasn’t even T-Mobile’s fault!

    >>Really? Who was charging a monthly fee to provide the service that suddenly went missing? I guess it was the contractor? My understanding was it was a server migration. Server migrations entail backing up data before migration. Should tmo have reasonable backup expectations of their contractors? This should not be a hobby for tmo it should be a business. If you screw up you should expect some grief from customers or they will go elsewhere and there will not longer be a business to be concerned with. Credits are the way they forestall that. That part of the cost of doing business. The customers that don’t complain are the ones a good company will worry about, they are the ones that will not complain to the company but to 10 friends and acquaintances instead.

    ==No one forced you to buy the G1 and to say that you were mislead with all the hype on the OS is crap, possibly the ‘average’ customer can say that but for someone who comes on these blogs daily you knew what you were getting, you knew about the phone release before a lot of reps knew.

    >> What about the people who bought it 2 months ago? What about the people that are looking at the website today where it’s available for $129? For $20 more they can get the my touch. I don’t see on the website where tmo points out that for $20 less you can get an inferior product if you don’t want future firmware updates. We knew of the phone before release but were led to believe there would be firmware updates with improvements and GASP: enhancements. The current buzz is the planned fw update will go to every android phone BUT the G1 which by the way I haven’t seen any data but I’m guessing the largest single unit in android market share, being the only for so long.

    ==But the ‘average’ customer isn’t the one who will complain or even want to go the to mytouch because they are happy with their G1. Most people don’t use their phones like we do they use it for GASP….. PHONE SERVICE!

    >>This is a contradictory statement. If the average customer uses their G1 for only “GASP…PHONE SERVICE!” Why are they paying $35/month for a data plan?

    you take things too personally TMOrox. I’m sure your intentions are good, but your postings are doing nothing to help TMO’s image. I’m glad TMO management is more sympathetic then you are to customer concerns. If you need to vent, do it privately to family, friends or a shrink unless you have a good point. I haven’t seen you post a good point on this subject yet.

    Posting that you will suggest to management a 1.9 for the g1 with all the features it can handle would be constructive, calling posters with reasonable concerns whiny babies is not.

  • Derek

    If the g1 is stuck at 1.6 I will go back to a windows phone as soon as the htc hd2 hits the shelves and bad mouth android to everyone I know buying a phone because Google had control over the g1 the first phone running their software and they dropped the ball its their fault and they are responsible to make sure they make 2.0 fit not tmobile

  • rossi

    @ Kevin

    haha, nice pwning there.

    @ TMOrox

    windows has never been a free upgrade to the next best thing (like android is supposed to be). However, many pc makers and online vendors have been participating in promos in which if you purchased a copy of windows vista in the past few months you would be given a free upgrade to windows 7. I guess they didn’t have to call in and ask for a trade in…

    I don’t have a G1, but I can sort of see why some of these people would be rather mad. It appears that the g1 will not be supported with software updates throughout the life of the owner’s contract. Now for a phone that has been advertised with that feature I can see the disappointment in many of the users minds… Nice try, but you fail.

  • Daniel

    I don’t know that you guys are directing your frustration to the right group?

    HTC, Motorola and Samsung need to stop making Android smartphones with such mediocre guts.

    It’s okay to have regular phones that don’t have the available memory and processors as the smartphones but leave the mediocre stuff to the flip phone crowd.

  • fort

    Whatever TMO dose it’s still better than Apple. Get an Iphone 3g, next year get a I phone 3gs. What a joke. I’m assuming when they upgrade there speed to 21m there will be a new Iphone. Iphone 3g21. G1 user life is still good.

  • Ricardo

    Other then 2.0, and and the difference in clock speed, cliq 528 mhz and droid maxing out at 600 mhz, what are some other differences that could possibly keep it from running 2.0?

  • Ricardo

    Other then 2.0, and the difference in clock speed, cliq 528 mhz and droid maxing out at 600 mhz, what are some other differences that could possibly keep the cliq from running 2.0?

  • willy

    ivan says:
    November 1, 2009 at 11:12 am
    i find this ridiculous !

    us G1 users were the first people to promote androids first handset, advertise it, and ANDROID TM first audience ever had & this is what we get in return ?!

    oh hell no ! android should get slapped across the face

    the least they could do is give all us G1 users a free MyTouch 3G , which we all know is never going to happen , this is so messed up

    its like your throwing us G1 users to the side !



  • Whocares


    ur that guy…. that guy that thinks its cool to post the comment of “being left behind” and “woe is me”

    Shut up.

    Look i will personally put 2.0 on ur G1 and the second you tell me its sluggish and slow as hell… i will slap YOU across the face for being “that guy”

  • Whocares


    You are ridiculous.

    The people who buy a G1 now, and are happy with their physical keyboard instead of the mytouch all touch screen. No said buy this instead of that. 2 months ago the MT3G was available and if want to be cheap then you will be pissed in the long run. Don’t give me any of that misleading bullshit, if bought a computer that was 300… the 600 dollar one will blow yours away next yr and the yr after. but u didn’t wanna shell out the extra money.

    IF YOU PERSONALLY ARE THE IDIOT who bought one two months ago… you are a book smart street stupid fool because you sound intelligent and CAN MAKE a good argument but to know as much as you do, and to have bought it two months ago knowing you wanted more in the future… then for lack of better words I pity the fool.

    Before u now scold me for only comparing computers only… it is the same for cars, for tvs, or dvd players… are u gonna want them to trade ur blue-ray player cause it can’t handle refresh rates that tvs now can produce??

    Let me put this simply. Anyone who buys anything US (not getting into helping the world go round argument, cause i believe in buying US items) is an idiot according to you cause its made better and more advance some where else in the world. Phones in ASIA would make us all cry if we could easily get our hands on it a two yr discount price.. cause it does so much more than the MOTO DROID even does.

  • Rossi

    @ whocares

    You’re so smart. SMRT…. (that’s a homer Simpson line before you try to burn me for misspelling)

    your tag should be whocares(what I say)

  • manus

    Does anyone think that tmobile will give us G1 owners a credit or discount on newer phones.

  • NiiDiddy


    I dont! And a lot of people on here have given pretty good [in my opinion] examples as to why not. Now whether everyone has the ability to comprehend it or not, it a different story. I try not to waste my breath… And I leave it as that.

  • rossi

    I just want to make it clear that I don’t think G1 owners should get a credit or anything. However, I can sympathize with them. I would not like to be left behind…

  • NiiDiddy

    Oh…I could definitely sympathize with them for sure, no doubt….

  • anthony

    i would honestly say they need to keep their updates on a 6 month-1 year spacing to let people use their contracts up before needing to upgrade. they released 1.5 and 1.6 too close to each other, which could’ve been combined as 1 update. they should space the updates apart more and utilize the downtime to think up new things and add them rather than add then as a .7.8.9 etc update.

  • Beastly

    I’ll keep it short and say that anyone with any sense knows that when they buy a piece of electronic equipment, something nicer will be coming out in a couple of months. Either buy the newest and most fashionable device every few months, or be content with what you buy until you can buy something new.

  • niididy

    @Beastly – Amen!

  • cnote

    I think Tmo has to give a credit towards a new phone because if your in a 2 year contract and the phone can’t get the 2.0 update after only 1 year then the customer should be compensated with a very good credit as well as the lowest price on a new phone.

    And Tmorox, I hope you don’t work for Tmo because you really do have a bad attitude towards being fare with customers.

  • Grr

    The same thing happens on Blackberries all the time. Have you ever seen a Blackberry owner given a credit? I don’t think so. The same thing will likely happen to MyTouch users come August of next year. The Android platform is just beginning to evolve. The G1 was basicly a beta test for the platform. Now that the platform is succeeding, the early phones will be put to rest fairly quickly. The newer phones that are coming out (ie Shoals and Hero) will be the ones around for awhile. I’m sure we will be hearing about T-Mobile’s 2nd generation Android phones very soon.

  • rossi

    @ Cnote,

    Credit and best price on a phone? Really? What makes you think you (G1 users) deserve both? This is definitely NOT tmobile’s fault. Google should have been a little more honest with us and themselves on the amount of space their future updates would require.

  • JBLmobileG1

    If 2.0 doesn’t make it to the G1 because of memory limitations couldn’t tmobile and google develop a program for the G1 that would enable you to run off of the microsd card? I am sure if a rooted user could do it then they could create something that’s official to work. If Tmobile is going to throw out the G1 and stop supporting it then I will be upset. I am still in a contract so IF this is the case they don’t need to give me credit (although that would be a good idea…. or at least wait the upgrade fee) but COULD at the very least let me upgrade earlier at the full discount price since its only been about a year.

  • JBLmobileG1

    On a second note…. why is there an update button on the OS that I have yet to even use??? I understand Tmobile pushes updates to us so maybe that’s why… but maybe there is something more to it all. Heck maybe Tmobile is the ones telling Google not to update the G1. Maybe with this check for updates button you can goto a google site and update it instead of through Tmobile. Who really knows…. I think they could alteast update it for the better and maybe cut back on a few items that may not be usable on the G1. Sorta like how Sony updates the PSP some of the updates just don’t work on the newer hardware like Skyp and Video Out.

  • T-Mobile is so weak. Droid is getting all the hype and nothing in T-Mobile’s line up can even hold a light to the iPhone. What a disappointment.

  • Rafael

    I talked to a Tmobile tech rep yesterday and he comfirmed that the Moto Cliq will get the android 1.6, but was unsure of the android 2.0. He told me the reason most customers don’t get the android 1.6 update on the Moto Cliq is because they have not called in and given their phone’s ID # yet. He said Google sends the update to your phone once it recognizes your phone’s ID # through Tmobile and you should receive it within 72 hours. I am awaiting my update. If it doesn’t arrive I am definetly sending my Moto Cliq back and waiting for a better android device. I shouldn’t be waiting long, they only come up with something better every six months or so.

  • FILA

    Just seems like if they can load Donut on the G1, Google got some problems. Easiest solution other then giving G1 owners a free upgrade to v2, would be the cheaper solution…Free microSD card and a custom G1 update to install Donut and future Android releases on the SD card and keep the phone mem free.

    But pretty much all future Android phones really need to upgrade to a snapdragon or something because these 528Mhz phones cant handle the 2.0 smoothly.

    Waiting for my G1v2 please!!!

  • Rafael

    I just hung up with Motorola and they informed me that they are not sending OTA for android 1.6 or 2.0 for the Moto Cliq and are not working on changing the android 1.5 OS to any other version at this time. He stated that the main reason for this is because the Motorola Cliq is running on Moto Blur with android 1.5 running on top. He said that the Moto Blur is the main software and that is why they see no point on worrying about upgrading the android os. He did mention that the Moto Droid will be exclusively to Verizon and not TMobile and will be the first android phone to sport the android 2.0 os and will not be running any part of the Moto Blur software. I am extremely dissappointed. I am going to call and return my Moto Cliq and get my self a MT 3G. I might even wait for the special edition MT 3G to come out.

  • Mike

    Sorry. Sounds like FUD to me. Blur runs on top of Android. Not the other way around. Many of the reps are speculating, themselves. there is no official word at this time about the release of 2.0 for the cliq.

    Having said that, I will never buy another motorola product if they are going to just dump an a phone on the market that is out of date before it is even released. I don’t think Motorola is that stupid.

    Give Verizon a 2.0 version and T-Mobile a 1.5 version with no upgrade path?
    I don’t think T-Mobile is that desperate or foolish.

  • bob

    What a slap in the face, though. Suddenly *Verizon* is the carrier that gets Android 2.0 first (so, it’s ready to ship) but T-Mobile has no idea when or how it will be delivered to users?

    Ugh. I hate games like that.

  • Tim

    Google hasn’t officially “shipped” Android 2.0, far as I know. The Verizon Droid is being built with it, so it exists – but just hasn’t been officially shipped/released. Look on the bright side: Once the Verizon phone comes out, 2.0 should ship. If you have an MT3G, you’ll probably have it soon after. If you have a G1, probably either right after that (or maybe before, depending how quick the various ROM developers can make a stable version).

    Regarding the Cliq, I suspect it’ll get upgraded eventually, but considering it’s made by Rotomola, there’s no telling.

  • Tmobile just sucks a$$!!! That is the end of it.

  • Re: CLIQ upgradability

    This is what I suspected would happen with BLUR and Android.

    Rafael is right and Mike unfortunately misses the point. Because Motorola has integrated BLUR on top of Android, T-Mobile cannot release Android 2.0 on the CLIQ unless Motorola integrate and test BLUR into it. What we have here is Motorola (apparently) saying they have no plans to upgrade the underlying OS under BLUR.

    This is so typical. Closed minded manufacturer wants a proprietary angle and doesn’t get the benefits of the open development. (note: BLUR is proprietary to Motorola and is not open source)

  • Brian

    I agree that the question of Android 2.0 for the Cliq is not that hard for Motorola to understand and that the answer should be straightforward. The same question is listed on Motorola’s product FAQ for Android 1.6 and it is basically a non-committal answer. We will update to new software releases as needed…. It seems like they do not want to tell customers the truth at this point. Android is improving with added (and very desirable and useful) features in each new release at this stage. I see it this way – Motorola has Motoblur running on top of Android 1.5 and it will cost them development $ to update it for 1.6 and 2.0. So they have not decided to continue to support development for the already released product. Otherwise they would have a simple answer like – absolutely, we will be releasing an update for our new high end product. So the Droid is being released with Android 2.0 but not Motoblur. Verizon choice or Motorola’s? If Motorola cannot support Motoblur with Android OS updates in a timely manner (or at all) then Motoblur will ultimately fail in the marketplace. Maybe they have realized that Motoblur is already dead. That would be a shame because I like Motoblur and the Cliq. But, I also want new capabilities from OS improvements that other high end Android devices from other manufacturers will be able to support. Maybe Motorola should just turn Motoblur into several applications and put them on the Android market.

  • sausalito

    I’m seriously thinking of replacing my blackberry with the mytouch3g…but am holding SPECIFICALLY because I want to make sure android 2.0 will be available as a FREE UPDATE.

  • sausalito

    I’m seriously thinking of replacing my blackberry with the mytouch3g…but am holding SPECIFICALLY because I want to make sure android 2.0 will be available as a FREE UPDATE.

  • Paul

    I can understand why Motorola wouldn’t want to commit to an upgrade to 2.0. They already have MOTOBLUR working with the previous version of Android. Unless there’s something major that their MOTOBLUR software needs in the next version why would they want to put all that money/effort into testing it and changing it to work with 2.0?
    What would they gain from it? They can’t charge for upgrading to 2.0, and they are already struggling so why would they pour resources into software changes unless it is for a new phone or something that will provide concrete returns.
    If you don’t like the Cliq and wouldn’t buy it unless it had 2.0 then don’t buy it..its not the phone for you. If you like the Cliq, but want free new features only a month after it came out, then you’re living on fantasy island.

  • I will most likely be getting rid of my Cliq. Ill be picking up the MyTouch 3G and waiting for my 2.0 Update. Sucks cause I really like the hard keyboard. Too bad Motorola is falling back into the Abyss of BS as they always have.

  • Jeff M.

    I ended up taking my Cliq Back, and swapping it out for a MT3G. The *only* thing I don’t like about the MT3G is lack of a hardware keyboard. Compared to the *numerous* issues I had with my Cliq. The biggest one of course, being the 1.5 OS. I previously used (and still own) a G1. After having 1.6, going back to 1.5 was horrid. On top of that, BLUR just isn’t really all that great.

    If Moto had released this device running 1.6, I’d be okay with that. Even with the presumptive long wait to get 2.0. But the fact that they’re releasing hardware with outdated software shows just how lost moto seems to be these days.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed other moto products in the past.. But those days are far past.

    Also, if anyone cares, the slider on the Cliq is flimsy, at best. It rides on rails,that are parallel; the problem with this, is that it makes the screen ‘shaky’ when it’s open, and feels like it’s broke or breaking when it’s closed.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Ko

    I really believe that the motorola cliq needs the android 2.0 update immediately motoblur is already nice but it could do so much more that firmware update.

  • Jose

    I will sell my cliq and go back to G1 or Mytouch and that’s the end of it… Motorola is WACK!!!!

  • JohnG

    I was told by a manager at Motorola’s repair center that there is a major disconnect between Schaumburg where the suits live and India where the developers for motoblur live. Very definitely a case of one hand not having any idea what the other is doing. The suits don’t answer questions because the developers don’t tell them very much and they’ve learned to distrust much of what they’re told.

  • MagentaMagic

    Ah, looking back… here we are in MAY 2010 and we still don’t have Android 2.0 on the Cliq or any other T-Mobile phone. (Well, the myTouch Slide coming out in a few weeks, but otherwise…)

    I’m very, very disappointed that we’ve had such a lead-on about updates for our phones. This fragmentation of the operating system is NOT what Google and the OHA wanted!

  • david

    i will not be buying another android phone in the future atleast from tmobile. i perfer my jailbroken and unlocked iphone. the updates performed on the andorid phones has seemed to make them even worse instead of better. for now my android phone sits in a drawer awaiting a possible update but i doubt that day will ever come from google or tmobile

  • Nicole

    I have to g1 and I love it, but it has flaws, like the version upgrade to 2.0 I can’t get a lot of things that most others can have because of this, also the phones memory space is horrible, and why is it only music and pictures that go to the micro card and nothing else even though those things still stay on my phone which takes a lot of my space as well. So I just want to know when these things will be fixed. I also am wondering if google is not upgrading these phones is it because they are trying to make us spend more to get what we really need out of it??