T-Mobile Android 2.0


After watching the rooted G1 in action with Android 2.0 SDK you’re probably wondering where does that leave other T-Mobile Android handsets like the MyTouch 3G and Motorola Cliq? Well our friends over at AndroidandMe have got confirmation from T-Mobile PR as to which devices will be getting the Android 2.0 update. To summarize, T-Mobile has confirmed it is working with Google to release Android 2.0 software, and that T-Mobile has no announcement yet to update the Cliq to 2.0 and said it would be best to contact Motorola PR.

Here are the questions T-Mobile PR answered:

Will T-Mobile Android handsets get Android 2.0 update?

T-Mobile is coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0. We will let you know when we have more details to share.

Will the Cliq get Android 2.0 update?

The CLIQ ships with Android 1.5 software. We have no announcements at this time regarding new Android software updates. For more information about future updates to CLIQ and MOTOBLUR, it would be best to contact Motorola PR

As for the MyTouch3G (Google Experience phone) since it doesn’t have space limitations, MyTouch3G users should receive the update as soon as Google makes it available to T-Mobile. The G1 (Google Experience phone) has space limitations so not sure whether or not the G1 will get the 2.0 update, but not to worry there should be a solution for rooted users. In conclusion if Android 2.0 is delayed on handsets such as the G1 and MyTouch3G, Google is to be held accountable, NOT T-Mobile since those devices are Google Experience phones. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!


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