Blackberry 9700 Delayed By One Week?


We’re working to confirm this on our end but BoyGenius is reporting that the Blackberry 9700 has been pushed back by a week. Originally slated rumored for a November 11th launch, BGR is reporting that we are likely looking at a November 16th launch date. Price is still holding steady at the previously discussed $199 and we’ll update this story if we hear anything different on our side.


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  • Brent

    The $450 without a contract is pretty solid.

  • Kevin

    This makes me very upset.
    I have been trying to hold my Curve together for the past few weeks in anticipation of this phone. So my choices would be to buy a cheap-o, the 8320 or go phone-less, amounting to more wasted money, or committing myself to an inferior model on the eve of this tremendous occasion.
    If there is a way of protesting, please let me know.
    This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jeff

    Just relax Kevin. We are all waiting for this phone. We all have units to replace. Good things come for those who wait. Plus if the other rumor is true, the Behold2 will be out on the 18th. You might have a choice between two excellent units instead of one. Good luck holding the phone and yourself together for a little while longer.

  • No Jeff, I agree with Kevin. As you say, everyone is waiting for this phone, and we all have units to replace, but Kevin’s frustration is more than merely valid, it is well placed and well earned by T-Mobile.

    The fact that T-Mobile still does not have a 3G Blackberry, the fact that it has not had an exclusive Blackberry for any period of time since the Pearl, the fact that it has not had a flagship Blackberry since, perhaps the Curve 8300 series, are all reasons to be frustrated. Why does one of the largest phoen companies in the world continue to fail to secure deals to get the latest and the greatest Blackberry devices, and when they do, as they have in this case, why are they neever exclusive?

    While I love how low my rate plan is (Unlimited Loyalty Family Plan) I have considered switching many time to be with a more reliable company in terms of getting devices.

    T-Mobile continues to focus on lower prices, but is that why they are beind other carries. They have been less expensive that Verizon and AT&T for years, but they have not jumped ahead. They have had the best customer sevice for years but have not made prograss. So what it missing?

    Could it be phones?

  • Koloheboy

    I cannot wait for this phone to roll out, dang Tmo lol hurry up!!! lol

  • Max

    @ DAVID Do you know if we are going to have a GSM of the HTC Passion for T mobile USA?Would really appreciate your answer

  • Grr

    You assume it is T-Mobile’s fault the phone is getting delayed. I would think RIM is the biggest player in getting the phone out on the market. I doubt T-Mobile is sitting there saying “We really don’t need a 3G Blackberry out quite yet. We still have a couple business accounts left.” I mean, what does T-Mobile actually do other than distribute the phones to the retail stores? Everything else is pretty much RIM’s responsibility.

  • Elias

    Probably delayed so T-mobile could erase the my Faves software on it lol.

  • BK

    I’m starting to have concerns about TM USA’s management at the top. Look, I’m a diehard fan of magenta, and have been one of their biggest fanboys for awhile. However, there seems to be one glitch after another… The biggest of recent is obviously the Sidekick collapse… yeah, they blamed Microsoft, but it’s your brand… I’m more concerned about what appears to be a shift at in vision…
    1-UMA (hotspot@home) is a fantastic feature/technology. I couldn’t be happier with it. But, with the new pricing schemes it’s pretty much been pushed to a very back burner. Come on TM you were so ahead of the technology there.
    2- Hotspots on the decline. They blew the starbucks integration. Yeah, we got a couple of years to transition, but that was a big loss. And, yes the hotspot concept may decline rapidly in the coming years with WWAN and the like, but that adoption will take forever.
    3- Android… Open Source phones. Way to be first. Love the concept, but the current options are not that impressive (I’m looking at you processor and memory), and I think a strong argument could be made that verizon has usurped tm’s position as king of the Android.
    I could rant on, but I’m sure I’ve already gone beyond my allotted text.
    It just seems like my beloved magenta is stumbling along these days.
    Or, maybe I’m just terribly depressed I have to wait a whopping one week (sarcasm) for my 3G BB…a little duct tape and a few more rubberbands will have to hold my curve together a little longer.

  • Carl

    @Elias probably not, if it came with myfaves, it makes no sense, they said if you have unlimited its free software to use, kinda like a speed dial. If they came with it, would not matter, and cost wise also. I would like to come out so I could try it out :D

  • Broke


  • NiiDiddy

    i have no opinion whatsoever over this. its only a week diff and it’s coming…it coming!!!

  • Kickstar13

    Man I guess I’ll be waiting another week (if this is true). But at least we are getting it! 3G BLACKBERRY FTW!

  • Grr

    UMA has issues. I work customer complaints and there are tons of them on Curves just because of the UMA. The problem with it is, its susceptable to screeching and voice quality issues due to the IP based backhaul. Besides that, it is hard to get a phone maker to include UMA in a phone. Thats where UMA has really failed. HTC, Motorola, Samsung….they don’t want to deal with it especially since T-Mobile is the only one that was pushing it. T-Mobile was the only one really pushing it because the other companies are hurt by UMA due to having landline companies.

    T-Mobile will have more impressive Android phones out. It isn’t a bad thing for Verizon and Sprint to get involved in the Android game. More carriers using it means more money is going into the development of the software and its apps. T-Mobile had the early phones…these phones were basicly testing the water for Google and HTC. Since the phones have been successful they are ramping up. It shouldn’t be long before you see a MyTouch that will surpass what is coming out for Verizon. I would imagine in by January we will be talking about the upcoming MyTouch phone with Snapdragon processor, 4.3 inch screen and blah, blah, blah.

  • willy

    : (((

    found out where im going to school for the next year doesnt have t-mo coverage : (

    SO i have to switch! I was really looking forward to this phone, fortunatly my contrract is over now and the driod comes out on the 6th and they have 3g coverage where im going. 90 bucks a month is gonna suck but the driod w andriod 2.0 and free turn by turn google gps softens the blow : D. farewell my former t-mobile brethren I will miss your magenta hue

  • Rav

    I agree with Kevin too. T-Mobile is just taking too long to bring 3G Blackberry. AT&T had First Gen Bold almost 2 years ago. If T-Mobile wants to be the leader or at least the third place carrier in America they can not continue to lag their competition. They have to show the leadership and crank new 3G devices to markets.

    Consumers like Kevin have a valid reason to be upset……T-Mobile, You need to listen to the voice of your customers.

  • Nerdlust

    I have had my pearl 8100 since 2006. So I can wait another week!

  • BronxBebe

    Sighs..I can wait that long but my patience is running low with the SLLX09 with issues and not just data alone. The hardware is.. well crappy and I’m ready to shoot the bytch like that guy with his IPHONE, lol.. Sad for a 1st time owner who got it cos it’s for the deaf community and the BB is as well. Wasted money that I or most don’t have but important to have on us. Also,Always ask if they have the codes for the deaf which is right now on some M3, most reps don’t know of this on devices including the IP RELAY.

    It’s better to work the kinks out now then to have where you be mad like us SKLX09 owners having issues since it came out and now the MS/DANGER fiasco.

  • TehAndroid

    Damn you people are impatient. The reason why it took so long is because its the first 3G/wifi blackberry on the market. The 9700 is going to be the best blackberry you can get by far. Besides its a freakin week on an unofficial release date so you can’t blame T-mobile.

  • Koloheboy

    If they do the pre order option, then we got maybe 2 weeks before the release date to order? I hope so. hehe :) I cannot wait. So excited

  • Dave

    i have been waiting for this phone also, i was never a fan of blackberry but after using the 8900 curve for couple days i love it!! but i have been thinking about getting Behold 2 also since it’s an adroid phone so it will give me more options to choose from a week is not that bad… i think… but i surely hope to see this phone pretty soon!!!

  • BronxBebe

    Heyyyy I’m not impatient I’m losing patience with my crappy kick,lol.. Did I mention it will be my 1st BB? Perfect timing for me I say.. MS/DANGER scares me more than a Halloween witch.. oooo shivering..

  • BronxBebe

    Heyyy I’m not impatient I’m just losing patience with my crappy SK, lol.. MS/DANGER is more scary than a Halloween witch ooo.. shivering..
    Did I mention it’s my first BB? Excited like a kid being at Toys R Us at Christmas time.. Lights bling early gift for me :D hehe..

  • BronxBebe

    Oops my post wasn’t showing up before David can you remove the 1st one thanks, lol..

  • Colin

    Did anyone else see the new tmobile commercial advertising their new plans???

  • BronxBebe

    Here’s some info specs on the Behold 2 everyone wants to know about:,1089997861,Samsung-T939-Behold-2-Mobile-Phone.html

  • James

    Sorry to skip over the excitement/anger over the BB9700, but another part of that story was the Behold 2 rumored for $249. WTF?? I repeat WTF? Tmobible has lost their minds if that price point holds true. The droid is $199..Verizon will probably be launching their version of the Hero for $99. What do we get? A nice but overpriced Cliq..think about it..the Cliq is the same price as the Droid. Have you guys seen the specs on the Droid?..Once again it will be the same price as the Cliq..that’s a shame on Tmo’s part. The Cliq is equal to the Hero and Verizon is going to probably launch it for $99. Yeah project dark has these great price plans but Verizon is coming out with nice phones to balance out their plan prices. If you guys have read some of my posts on this site, i’ve hit Tmo on their phone prices and I think not enough has been made of it. From the MT3G, Dash 3G, TP2, Cliq and now the Behold 2..the price points just seem..crazy. What will they charge for the N900 if they get it..I shudder at that thought. Ten years plus with this company and still missteps and what’s frustrating is that they can address these issues and somehow dont or just dont get it. If Tmo got the Droid they would probably charge $349.

  • -ray

    Has anyone else heard that Tmo will charge $249.00 for the Behold II? If it is, then Tmo is smoking crack. C’mon.. Droid $199.00 Behold II $249.00 ???? I guess that the Behold II is considered a premium headset at T-mo…

  • maxxcooner

    Wow backed up release by 5 days and people start to spaZ out. Not sure if anyone remembers but the original att bold release was backed up what 3 to 5 weeks?
    So maybe TMO IS WATCHING OUT FOR YOU, So you don’t get a half baked phone you will just complain to TMO about when it might be rims fault.

  • bronxbebe

    From sites I’ve seen about the Behold they’re saying $149.99 w/ 2 yr contract. So we don’t actually know the true pricing till the time gets closer. I posted the link of a site about the Behold specs especially the 800mhz CPU.

  • bronxbebe

    Duh my mad eh hm the Behold 2 dos,lol..

  • bronxbebe

    Sorry my bad I meant the Behold 2&I hope this isn’t a 2nd post of it from me.

  • bronxbebe

    I’m having posting issues but I meant the Behold 2

  • Sean

    Who cares about the 9700. The DROID is coming!!! C-YA T-Mobile I rode with you, but you keep Failing! project dark=Failure. LMAO! I’ve been with you for 6+ plus years. I rather pay more monthly to get a great phone(Actually I won’t. I get 20% off my monthly plan with VZ, plus i will be using Google voice). Hello Verizon Droid.

  • Dalton

    @Colin Yes, I did. :P

  • greyfoxzero

    This just in, Tmobile jacks up price at the last minute like they did with the Touch Pro 2. Tmobile pushed the date back for one reason, to inflate their holiday sales and heres why. Because if they dont’ have a decent holiday season its gonna be hell to pay for the company. Speaking of which do you know the number one returned item for Tmobile during the holidays? Its smart phones. Wonder why???

  • Kevin

    To be perfectly honest everyone, I would never, EVER purchase another Behold.
    I owned the Behold I for a few months around this time last year, and in comparison to Blackberry, the software and user interfaces are pathetic. I switched back to my blackberry.
    Most of the Behold II ads seem to imply that it has similar interfaces, which only re-affirms my doubts.
    Additionally, for all of those who insist that I am too impatient, or feel that I am placing myself above the rest, who “all have units to replace,” my unit was programmed to wake me up this morning and didn’t, and I am now in potentially a LOT of trouble.
    I need my new phone ASAP.

  • BronxBebe

    My SKLX09 went down early this morning talk about bricking, lol.. thought it was happening all over again.. whoo. Down for a few hours but still..

  • Koloheboy

    @BronxBebe my SKLX09 did not have any internet at all for nearly 7 hours, how is that one… the other night it FROZE on me, which I had to reboot. *blah* I know how you feel, every dyam hour in a day checking to see if they got the Pre Order lol on this BB9700 lol

  • Ron

    I love T-Mobile, but next to not getting the true top notch phones (i.e. Storm2) for whatever reason, these delays are what makes me crazy!!! This is the only company out there that isn’t getting the great phones, and the ones that they are getting, they make you wait extra time for.

    If I’m not gonna get the true head turning, making people say “Wow, I wanna get one of the those” types of phones, at least release the ones you do get on time!

  • BackAlley

    I hope we can pre-order the 9700 soon. I’m moving to a 3G area and I can’t wait to try it out! Hurry up T-Mobile!

  • Yeah I agree with the cell phone mob. Verizon is up on the phone game these days, like Sprint used to be back in the early 2000’s hot phones and cool plans. THe loyalty plan is crap because now they offer it to everyone and the data plan went up!!! :( from 20.00 to 34.00. I was a Sidekick customer who switched to BBerry 8900 last week. I am sending it back for this phone. I hope they get it together two major screw ups so close together really shakes consumer confidence.

  • miamibabex

    i have a samsung gravity it is an ok fone. but i am so confused if i should get the blackberry 8900 or the blackberyy 9700? i?blackberyys. please reply with witch fone i should get. :)?