Equinox Goes Official


After enjoying that nice little unboxing we showed you yesterday (Courtesy of PhoneDog) it’s time to get your own hands on the newest Ericsson to T-Mobile’s lineup. As we stated before the Equinox is $49.99 with a new 2-year agreement and $159.99 retail, of course you could get yourself one of the new Even More Plus plans and divide that retail price into 20 easy payments. Do you plan on getting the Equinox? Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Ritchie

    1st to da crime scene, nice but nope…dont like SE, my daughter has a SE and it was the worst mistake ever

  • eYe

    I wonder if there’s a way to get that (or any other) phone and keep my existing plan. Anyone knows? New plans are just not doing it for me…

  • greye

    Must be user error, because I’ve used SE’s for over 5 years now and it was the best decision ever.

  • jmastera

    According to the rep(s) I spoke with yesterday and the day before, you can still purchase phones as you have before, it will extend the contract on whatever plan you are “currently” on. If you don’t plan on changing to a new plan then go for it. You would have to wait at least 1 year though if you changed your mind. you have to be at least 1 year into your current contract to avoid an ETF when changing to the new plans.

  • bigs12

    yes you can, you dont have to change your just to get a new phone…..

  • Puv

    That sideways external screen is odd! This would be nice, IF you can tether on it – which I doubt you can out of the box. Need to find out if there is a generic firmware available like there is for the TM506.

  • abi

    its a really cool looking simple phone. Not bad like the color thing. But I won’t be getting it iam sticking to smartphones

  • Kennypu

    I would get it; it looks nice, has 3g, etc. But the non-standardized cable, and m2 stick turns me off

  • akil

    if its not a smartphone then it must be a dumb choice……only if you’ve had a smartphone b4 though lol

  • NiteWalker

    It’s nice but I like the w508 a lot better. Comes in grey and blue; my colors. And with generic FW too.

  • acsteffy87

    ya once you’ve had a smartphone its near impossible to cope with a feature-phone, if i had never bought the Mytouch3G i would be considering this one, its very sexy i think, too bad it just doesnt do what my Mytouch3G does.

  • sikkboy626

    two questions: a) will it tether? b) will it blend?

  • XProflmfao

    My second choice for a Christmas present if the first one doesn’t work out!!! Pretty cool mid-level device with a lot of high-end features… :)

  • rudeboy

    Anyone know if this phone can run Google maps? I tried downloading it to a demo at the TMo store and it gave an invalid app error, what gives? The phone has built in GPS so why disable the phone from running Google maps? C’mon Tmo!

  • I just spent about an hour with the Equinox at the store, since I have a Bluetooth caller id watch from SE that I really like and it’s not yet compatible with Android. (Though some of the XDE folks are working on it.)

    The phone was a bit disappointing for someone coming from a k800i. The menu is sluggish and circular, which is annoying. The light effect is hardly visible, at least in the store. The external display is a bit hard to read since it has some weird depth to it. Not sure if that’s just how the OLED was integrated on this device or if it’s relatively common, but it’s serviceable I suppose.

    My biggest problem was that SE took a big step backwards with the basic OS with notifications. When I get a text message on my phone, it shows from who and the first few words. The Equinox says “YOU JUST GOT A TEXT MESSAGE DO YOU WANT TO SEE IT NOW WELL DO YA?” Why not just preview it for me? It’s insanely valuable to have it just tell me who and give the first few words, since tons of messages are short enough that I don’t even need to unlock the phone. This obfuscates all of that.

    Likewise with missed calls. There’s a specific setting on my phone to turn this on or off–notifications is the option name, and there’s “activity” and “popup” as the options. The equinox doesn’t have this.

    The build quality is a bit weird too. I dislike flip phones as a general rule and this really didn’t do anything to convince me otherwise. I like candybars for the most part.

    Finally, yes, you can run Google Maps. In fact, the TMO store I was at had it, but it was buried under localization services. Kind of annoying.

    Was really hoping for the CS8, but now I’ll just wait for an Android 2.0 phone. Around the time that comes out, my watch should be working with the OS then.

    Disappointing overall, but a good starter phone in that it has 3G and YouTube and Google Maps integration. I just really wish they hadn’t kneecapped some of the SE OS features, though an FW update might help there…