Even More Rate Plans Explained

As you may already be aware (its only been on the blog a few hundred times) T-Mobile officially launched its newest rate plans as of Sunday, October 25th 2009. T-Mobile announced a new approach to truly show itself as the cheapest carrier compared to AT&T and Verizon. Yesterday during the “So You Think You Can Dance” show, T-Mobile aired its newest T-Mobile ad to explain the Even More Rate plans. And I have to say I’m impressed with T-Mobile. I believe the ad was a very effective way to introduce and educate people with the new plans that aren’t exposed to forums like TmoNews. Enjoy the video above and feel free to express your thoughts in the comments. If you watched the ad yesterday, do you think it was effective? Why or why not?

NOTE: The video above IS NOT the new ad.

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  • Rob

    This is perhaps one of the dole commercials ever. I wouldn’t watch it.
    They should have made it a but more entertaining. That’s more of an online video.

  • David

    Once again…FAIL!

  • Bill48105

    Wow is it me or did that seem like the longest most boring commercial you’ve ever seen? Painful to watch and they forget to say why they killed myfaves.

  • Kickstar13

    This isn’t the ad.

  • TFJ4

    No that chick is ugly LOL

  • Vforce

    Plans would have worked better if they kept “my Favs”

  • Roger

    Why do they list “free” mobile to mobile and nights/weekends and no distance/roaming charges? That is exactly what all the other companies offer too. Except they also usually offer a MyFaves equivalent as well.

    And if the whole pitch is about price, why no mention of the price in the ad? Or text? Or data?

    I’d recommend doing a survey about all this. By far the largest group of comments are from existing customers for whom there is no change because the new plans are more expensive than what they already had. Some changed because it does save them money from an existing plan. Some mentioned going to other carriers. I don’t think I saw any from someone moving to tmobile! So on average it looks like the ARPU would go down a little bit.

  • As a owner of a small t-mobile dealer, I am disgusted. They will destroy the indirect channel and ruin customer’s experience. Our state doesn’t have corporate locations to support these customers. By ridding contracts from T-mobile you kill compensation from small dealers, hence negatively impacting customer’s
    I hope something changes soon.

  • niididy

    not impressed…

  • OchoCinco

    Total fail… if Sprint was GSM i’d leave this joke company

  • Mimi

    I’m about to jump I have no improvements whatsoever. They should treat their loyal cutomers better. I guess they don’t care to loose them. Right now even Metro PCS is looking good

  • Kickstar13

    *Just a reminder this IS NOT the new ad that was aired yesterday*

  • Ritchie

    Holy fuck, someone shoot me, this is 1 gay as hell 2 boring as fuck. Shut the fuck up i get it u dont have a boytoy so you want to bore us all with your kitty collection.

  • Duck Dodgers

    What not black shirts??? I thought they changed from magenta to black.

  • Tournstone

    It explains the very basics, but the devil is in the details. And most of the reps I have spoken with over the last couple of days can’t get the details right. I have been a long time customer with T-mobile but this experience has been bad enough to have me consider switching. Even my cheep @home service and the threat of EFTs are not detering me. Sorry, I liked this plan up until I got stung by the details. And I was really looking forward to the n900 too.

  • FILA

    Well this doesnt explain much, but the basics. I want to kno for all of us already subscribers, if we dont switch will we continue to pay our regular bill and never get switched or we gonna be forced to switch. Also the plans never made sense to me where I wont need unlimited minutes. 500 will do me just good, but can I also get unlimited messaging and data along with those 500 mins for what is it like 60 a month? If so then it be worth the changing over to me. If it counts 500 for min and text then Id be stuck with the unlimited plan of 80 a month and be paying 5 extra dollars then what i pay now. also myFavs I guess has officially came to an end? What about the icons on our Android devices, guess there gone when we update our plans? I dont know, but I know I cant wait till the G1v2 comes out, then it will be worth upgrading to the Even More Plus Plan

  • FILA

    oh and thats the other thing as duck said above me, 2 up, i thought T-Mobile changed shirt colors, that was the first thing I noticed about this, no new shirt colors. You know it was taped way before they had everything together

  • sasquatch

    I don’t totally understand the hate. A lot of people here want unlimited plans (which are cheap now with T-Mobile). A lot of other people don’t want contracts which is why they get their unlocked E62 or whatever. 79.99 unlimited everything with no contract is certainly more appealing than anything any of the oher 3 major carriers offer. What exactly is the problem?

  • hi!

    man….absolutely everything that is even remotely related to project dark sucks, haha.

    I can’t wait till a year or two from now when tmobile looks back and realized exactly where they went wrong.

    I went to a corporate store yesterday and was told I could apply my AAA discount to a new even more plus plan. I went home, thought and it, and realized I’d make the switch. I went to a different corporate store today to make the switch and BOOM…you CANNOT get the AAA discount with the new even more plus plans.

    The rep seemed so stressed out and told me to keep my current plan because I would lose money switching over. She went on to tell me that these new plans were really confusing. I told her I was gonna go for the iPhone and she just flat out told me that’s what she has, ahhaahha.

    I hope I wake up and this is all a bad dream. Tmobile is utter fail at this moment

  • Tha Ironx91

    What the fuc*? Is T-Mobile is on crack… That better have not been a “commercial.”
    First they sponsor Catherine Zeta Jones an actress borned in the UK that sponsors the USA? HUH? T-Mobile sponsors the FREAKING NBA… DO THEY NOT SEE 3 BIG ADVERTISEMENT LETTERS.. N-B-A…
    How many know the name Catherine Zeta Jones?
    Now how many people know the name of Kobe Byrant… Lebron James.. Yes, it costs money to use them in a commercial but in the end it pays off.. I want to smack T-mobile around and annihilate a door like Rampage Jackson just a half hour ago on the Ultimate Fighter… I’m afraid to say but, T-Mo it’s time to put up or shut up, for good… That was a good rant my anger got released =).

  • Donna

    T-Mobile keeps advertising 3g. When is 3G coming to Canton, Ohio. I have to drive 30 minutes away to Akron, OH to get 3g. T-Mobile will get alot of people with bad credit and skip out on their bills causing more money for T-Mobile (when they finance their phones). I’m loosing faith in T-Mobile!

  • redman12

    T-Mobile will be 4th place unless they do something about it. Lower Unlinmited price plan = More customers!!

  • redman12

    Just lime freaking Walmart!!

  • I think I died a little bit inside after watching that…

  • Anonymous

    The unlimited rate plans may be cheaper than AT&T and Verizon’s unlimited plans, but their network does not compare. Hardly a “nationwide 3G network.”

  • Jamie

    I’m officially leaving T-mobile (after 5 years) on Monday for Sprint and the Hero. This new plan offers nothing for me. Do they think the customer is stupid?

  • Carl

    @Jamie This if for new customers, enjoy your WiiMax speeds, and mediocre customer service, but we will blazing past with our HSPA+ :)
    As for people WHO STILL THINK THIS IS THE COMMERCIAL, it’s not. Clearly noted on the post.You really think ONE commercial is going to be 2 minutes, come on, use common sense people! I just saw the commercial its around 30 seconds like typical ones, and utilizes the 49.99 unlimited on Even More Plus(aslo statings its 1/2 of Verizon/AT&T’s prices), and it ends with a T-Mobile store showing, which I find weird, but overall it gets the point across.

    @Tha Ironx91, you really think people care about spokespeople, and will switch over only because of him/her, besides people who are below twenty. People care about plans, coverage, you know the important things…

  • Blaine

    Allow me to share with you all exactly why I am never leaving T-Mobile for any other national carrier ever. I am currently paying $29.99 for 300 minutes with myfaves, $4.99 for 400 text messages, and $19.99 for unlimited internet. I called this morning to switch to one of the Even More Plus plans. During the transition process the customer service rep his a snag with my current internet package. For some odd reason it was listed as required when it shouldn’t be. I’m using an unlocked, unsupported T-Mobile device so the requirement restriction shouldn’t be there. She got the override approval to remove the restriction, but it removed the internet feature completely and she couldn’t get it to come back. Since that happened she would have to get her supervisor to add it back, and they’d call me back once it was completed. When they called me back I was informed that not only did they add my internet back, but they located an older unlimited text, and data combo for $19.99 and an older myfaves plan with 400 anytime minutes for the same price I’m paying now that they switched me to without extending my contract to compensate for what had happened. I dare any of you to try to get that done at Sprint… they’d laugh at you the entire time. I am NEVER leaving my beloved Magenta!

  • ok… i finally had to call TMOBILE to get all the answers i was seeking. Basically their new plans SUCK. I have been a T MOBILE customer for 7.5 years so i pay: $49 for UNLIMITED mins. then i pay $14.99 for unlimited texts and $20 for Internet.. so i pay $85 per month for unlimited everything. i but a phone often; once a year? Basically, what they dont tell you is that the average electronic device lasts 3 months (not just phones) ((All electronic devices are included in this study)).. OK, so basically if i went with their PLUS plan, i would save $5 per month for everything i have now – for the comparable plan they have for what i have now… NOW, why would i save $5 per month to only pay WAY MORE: for the full price of a phone in several months, when i go to buy a new phone. THeir plans are basically this (from a marketers’ stand point):
    TO LURE POOR PEOPLE IN that always like to charge things (in this case a phone) – no contracts (poor people in general (on avg) like no contracts – they dont like committing because they are always afraid of having to pay their bills). Basically, these plans are not cheap. If you want cheap, go with METROPCS or another smaller company that has UNLIMITED TEXTS & Calling for $45 per month. That is cheap. T-Mobile has just unleashed a massive marketing scheme to lure in people that live in poverty with the lure of “Charging” a cell phone (buy now – pay later (over time).” Its a big scam, and to be quite honest, makes me angry that they are playing such a marketing bull crap HOAX on the population…. “WOW, what an agenda!” These plans are MORE EXPENSIVE if anything..
    THey are making tons of money the way it is.. Do you have any idea how cheap it is to actually have a line of service (their cost)? I pay $85 per month and it costs a 3rd of that (even less) for them.. .They are making a ton of money. The discount/s they give me for my phone every once in a while pays for itself in a matter of a few months after paying for my $85/month. Plus I pay (MyTouch 3g case) $199 for the phone, which really only costs them about $60 – if that (out of their pocket)… HUGE SCAM and its SIMPLY A “Marketing LURE.” Now I call that SIMPLY MARKETING! They call it: Simply More, they should say: “SIMPLY MARKETING!” STINGY!!!!!!!!!

  • Blaine

    @ Carl I completely agree with you. I had Sprint before I switched to T-Mobile, and I will NEVER go back. I utterly despise that company…. Also, to elaborate on your point, that video above is NOT the commercial. Kickstar13 even posted a note stating that it wasn’t. Come on people… can you not read?

  • Trish

    @billy T-MOBILE as well as other providers, loses money on phone w/a 2 year contract!!!! Your beloved mytouch cost the company at least $350 each and when it is sold on a 2 year contract, t-mobile do not see a profit until the 8th month of service!!!!!!

  • Mattlong

    Is it only me, or does this “game changer” seem like a knee-jerk reaction to Sprint’s program? While the no contract idea has merit and it does save you money over the long haul, I can’t help wondering if this isn’t an effort to quash the low-end contracts through the enticement of the “unlimited”. Despite my lengthy affiliation with Tmo, this “game-changer” has no merit for me. And Sprint’s less-than-legendary’s cs aside, I’m gonna have to check them out. Tmo just lit up 3g in my area, and it’s a joke. The network coverage was never that great in the first place, but I was holding out for the next generation technology before I made a move. What good is 3g coverage if it’s only effective 50% of the time WITHIN a 3 mile radius from the tower? And while we’re on the subject, Tmo ISN’T 4th in term of the national carriers – there ARE only four, making Tmo LAST. Project Dark is NOT going to change the game – you usually need to do BETTER than your competition to lure their customers away.

  • Mattlong

    And it doesn’t matter how many JD Power awards you win. I grow tired of the Magenta Psychophants. You gotta do it better AND cheaper if you want the other guy’s customers!

  • Greyfoxzero

    EPIC FAIL!!!!! Seriously, tmobile didnt train anyone on this and it shows. Also theres too much confusion on what will happen with grandfathered features. Also what about UMA calling? My friend called about the new plans and couldn’t get a straight answer if he could keep his UMA calling. T-mobile customers want better coverage more than better prices. Sorry but this is a bad sign. Sounds like desperation. Sad really because this had the makings of success. Who the hell is running this company into the ground?

  • Trish

    As a tmo rep, unfortunately I agreed…I personally felt that they rush the whole thing…thats why most of the reps do not understand the rate plans. Hell we had a meeting about it a week before it was released and by the time it came out, no one knew anything to explain to the customers….I think if anything they should have kept their old plans in addition to releasing the new plans…revamp myfaves or something…but feel with these plans, they are not giving the customer a choice, and are forcing them to go umlimited even though some might not need it.

    But if you are happy with your plan, you can keep it, extend your contract over and over, and add feature…CS cannot and will not force you to change your plan, if they do just hang up and call them again.

  • matt

    Wow. I can’t believe everybody. First of all, THIS IS NOT THE AD. Nobody can read. I’ve been getting upset that everybody hates these plans because these plans are incredible. But now I understand, the haters are really just illiterate morons – can’t even understand a simple blog post. Anyway, 79.99/month for unlimited EVERYTHING is unbeatable. I’m also so sick of people with loyalty plans, bitching about how they’re only saving $5/month. Shut the fuck up. These plans aren’t here to make loyal customers happy (that would be retarded/they already did that/fuck you).

  • Carl

    Yes, Thank you, most of my family has T-Mobile, my brother switched mainly because of phone selection(switched to get Palm Treo, now has Pre), which is why I stress that T-Mobile needs to get those anticipated devices going, he admits the customer service is not as great, but was getting a better deal, now it’s a bit of a different story with the newer plans. Which makes another point(Sprint having larger 3G coverage, which he points out-which then I say we started 2 years later), if T-Mobile is going to market nationwide 3G, they better get to doing weekly launches, again.

  • devildothack

    From reading all this post, one thing is clear..people nowdays complain about everything just for the hell of it. You are getting a rateplan with unlimited minutes/text/data CHEAPER compare to verizon/att/sprint, with 20 EIP AND no contract. Who offers this? No one. I heard so many people complain about contracts, now tmo is pushing for this and people still complain??? Seriously, whats the deal next?? yes, its not as cheap as metro/cricket/pocket..but tmo ISN’T them..with outsourced customer service, sucky as handset lineup, smaller coverage footprint, poor call quality, highest churn in the industry..seriously cheap with them, well..its cheap service..for some of you, this rateplans doesn’t offer savings compare to what you currently have..well..guess what?? DONT CHANGE, you aren’t force to do so anyways..

  • Cracker

    So Tmo doesn’t have nationwide 3G… yet.
    Nobody is perfect, just look at the other carriers.

    -Sprint, besides the integration issues, has horrible voice quality. A robot would be easier to talk to.
    -AT&T has done anything to really improve there network, in some areas where they have sold or leased more towers that they should I’ve found my EDGE speeds to be faster.
    -Of course, Verizon has there wonderfully high rates and let us no forget the fact that most of their phones are more crippled that a quadriplegic.

    If you really want to leave Tmo then go, but at least have the common sense to do some research.

  • flfny

    Get the phone I want she says? I want the dam Moto Droid. Hottest Android out there. Sorry G1, I’m way over you. You’re too slow now… and getting slower after each update of Android. I wanted to switch to the Cliq and was disappointed. Here’s my question. The Cliq and Droid had to have been in dev at the same time right? SO WHY did we get stuck with the Cliq? Why make TWO handsets when clearly the Droid is superior in every aspect? Waist of R&D money imo. As much as I like T-Mo, this is making me consider switching. Well not really, but I REALLY wish Motorola made this a GSM phone as well.

  • hi

    Dude, have you guys seen the Droid unboxing on phonedog?

    Man did we get the shaft (like always). Now THAT is a phone/beast/android powerhouse/potential gamechanger.

    We DIDN’T get any new phones, no new network updates…only some crap new plans that even the TMobile reps don’t understand/recommend. Project floppity flop!

  • flfny

    I wanted to add to my previous post that I agree with many here that Project Dark is not a game changer for consumers and probably will have a minimal effect on the number of new costumers but probably have a decent effect on retention rates. Let’s not forget that Project Black is not revolutionary for the industry. It’s just new to the US.

    With the hype I was waiting for ridiculously lower prices. Of course I know some fanboys are going to yell and tell me tmo needs to make money, bla bla bla. Of course they do. But come on! In some cases it would seem that it might actually increase people’s bills.
    Yo TMo, you want to revolutionize the US cell industry? Try tapping into the international calls market. Get cheap low international prices by carrying the calls over VOIP and there you go! How many millions of dollars are spent on those international calling cards to call South America? Asia? Europe? Of course MOST US residence wouldn’t care I know. But it would be revolutionary when it concerns the big 4 national carriers (I know some smaller carriers do offer international at reasonable rates).

    just my 2c

  • greyfoxzero

    OMG project black? Is T-Mobile being racist!!! The funny thing is that alot of employees are quitting T-Mobile right now. I have family that work there and they are saying that the company has really gone down the tubes. Management seems to be making decisions that are cheapining the brand and it seems that they have already given up on the bigger US market that the other 3 companies are winning in and instead trying to play with the smaller companies like metro pcs. This project dark came up very shortly after wal mart announced its straight talk plan. History tells us T-Mobile usually follows the other companies lead. Well this move isn’t being matched by the other providers simply because they don’t need to. Of course there is always going to be something negative about any brand but this should be a sign that the ship is going down and its time to get those sim subsidy unlock codes and jump ship.

  • watbetch

    Nationwide means coast to coast, and they have it. Regardless of the fact that it’s not MIRRORING Verizon wireless 3G coverage, it still covers the US in cute little spots. It’s still “Nationwide”.

    Notice how she spent nearly 2 minutes explaining Even More Plus. Hint Hint?

  • Whocares

    I’m sorry… i must live in the perfect market. Phoenix, Arizona. I never hear anyone from PHX say anything and I must say there are 47 other states (i don’t count hawaii or alaska for this argument) which this argument goes on about.

    There are some of you (OHIO, i believe is one of the bigger complainers/unsatisfied group) and guess what… that’s fine.. tmobile IS NOT for you. That’s ok, you have options use them to your advantage.

    I on the other hand live in PHX, and we have all four major carriers. Each has a good amount of towers, and each one gets service to their customers where its their own towers or by “roaming” on others.

    Before i start on the plans and comparisons… Loyalty customers… So you pay $5 more a month AND get a discount on a phone and have had unlimited everything for way longer than anyone else. So the new plan only saves you $5 bucks… wrong.. ur current plans gives you cheap a month, and a discounted phone… why are you complaining be grateful we started PINK STORM (loyalty plan) back in feb/march.

    Plain and simple there are always people that will hate something. You will respond to my post and tell me this or that is better. That’s fine I hate sprint, but lets be straightforward here. Tmobile gives customers the option to get unlimited everything for the same price AS sprint.. and u can spread the DISCOUNTED phone over 3 months…and that 100 bucks is way cheaper than VERIZON or AT&T… our 3g came in Second place on Wired.com (can u argue facts?) 2nd place internet for 30-50% cheaper a month, hmmm… in PHOENIX.. we give more than enough network competition to even VERIZON.. (remember im talking about PHX)

    THEN as if that wasn’t enough.. we give you the OPTION to get 79.99 if you pay full price for the phone… so we don’t have to worry about making the money back on the phone.. and you buy a $400 phone (so worse case other than Touch Pro 2) you add 20 bucks on your bill if you want. That means… 100 bucks a month for android or blackberry (same price as sprint). BUT it includes ur phone in that price… no contract to ever worry about.. and soon the fastest 3g network.. 21mb/s. AND what Tmobile doesn’t want u to know but we all know it if ur on this site… you can tether for free.. can u get that with SPRINT or VERIZON for free? no… u can’t.. tell me otherwise and I will laugh.

    Oh and my favorite part… once the phone is paid off.. 20 months or once u get ur tax return (if applicable lol)… ur plan drops to 20 bucks cheaper a month compared to sprint.. and half price to Verion and AT&T… when will ur price EVER DROP with the other carriers.. never.

    Guess what.. some states have the same arguement for the next carrier and I will agree.. but there are states that Tmobile has coverage voice and 3g that gives competition to the BIG RED.. and those markets people will no longer understand WHY they are paying 40 to 50 percent more for the same. And they will come in our door… hopefully get a well informed rep as i have prepared myself to be.. and get what they want, love, and need with T-Mobile.

    On a side note, if you want to argue about the phones… everyone has their own preference… we have a tp2 right now that is killer… soon a HD2 to improve the WinMo line up, a 3g blackberry (that each carrier wants their own version of that keyboard, screen, 5.0 software AND processor).. the CLIQ (which i personally have used and idk what every gives it so much crap about?? have u even really used the phone.. oh wait no because its not out…) the samsung behold 2 (man android and samsungs amazing touchwiz with the new cube they are adding.. amazing)… and if it comes.. the n900 that alone says enough…

  • Jon

    the comments section here has gone from relatively good, to far worse than Engadget. So much ignorance being passed around. I hope future blog posts are better written to diminish the knee-jerk stupidity going on around here lately.

  • Chris


    I agree. These comments are pretty awful.

    Let’s break down tmo’s strategy and their real ‘game changing’ move — a major mobile company *moving away from contracts*. That’s pretty huge.

    So, for $80, you get unlimited everything, but the phones are unsubsidized. Normally, that’d suck, but with the equipment installment plan, with most phones, by the time you get done paying the phone off, you’re still paying LESS than if you had bought them at a subsidized price, but were paying $99/month for 2 years.

    And for those who’d like to continue to complain? Fine. This tmo plan is definitely for you. BECAUSE THEIR IS NO CONTRACT. Get a cheap phone, or bring your own. Use the service. Don’t like it? Leave. You now realistically have that option, where no other major carriers allow that. (I know the prepaid MVNO’s have had this)

    I’m really hoping that this does start an industry wide trend of moving away from contracts. It’s all about the consumer in the end, and let’s face it, cell phone contracts are not very consumer friendly.

  • Chris

    Ugh, I said ‘BECAUSE THEIR IS NO CONTRACT’, but meant “because there*”.

  • JB6464

    Wait until that great new high-end HTC HD2 comes out at $900.00 retail. Then you have to pay $45.00/month for 20 months on top of your monthly bill.
    Then once you get the phone paid off it’s outdated and your ready for a new one and you start all over again. So where is the great savings compared to just signing a 2-year contract and get the phone subsidized with $200.00 down ?
    That’s why Verizon and AT&T and Sprint are Not going to do this because they know the customer’s are Not that stupid. Most people on this forum has figured that out,that’s why there is so much dislike in the new Even More+ plans.
    If they really want to compete with the bigger carriers they need to get Full 3g coverage everywhere and get way more selection of phones from Android and WM.
    But not take two years to to so like they have been on their 3g roll-out and saying their expanding quickly.

  • Chris

    @jb6464 — how much do think they’d subsidize a $900 phone? My guess is not much.

    Let’s say they bring it down to $400 with a 2 year contract. Now let’s see how much you’re really saving:

    $400 out the door
    $99/mo unlimited everything plan for 2 years($2367 total) =
    $2776 all said and done

    Now, alternatively:

    No subsidy, and let’s say you have $500 credit line from tmo(I heard this was the max you can have).

    $400 out the door
    $500 over 20 months = $25/mo
    $79/mo unlimited everything plan for 20 months($1580) =
    $2480 all said and done (with the phone you’re paying $105 a month, but for only 20 months.)

    So…how is it not the better deal again?

    For tmo to make the 2 year contract plan a better deal for the consumer, they’d have to drop the price of the phone to $100 on subsidy. You think they’d do that on a $900 phone? Probably not.

  • Chris

    Also, for another example, let’s take the nokia n900.

    Rumored to be $650

    We’ll also use my credit limit($300 according to tmo)

    $350 out the door
    $79.99/mo, for 20 months = $1580
    +$15/mo for 20 months = $300
    = $2150 all said and done.

    The unlimited plan for the iPhone or droid over 2 years? $3,799. (taken from http://phandroid.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/droid-vs-iphone-vs-pre2.png )

    People just need to do the math. tmo should really do it for them and start advertising how much you’re really saving with these plans.

  • videoman32

    What happenes if you buy your phone from someone else (Ebay/Craigslist?etc..) and you what an Even More Plus Plan? Will TMobile require you to buy the phone from them to get the best rates? I say this because you can buy the phone you want from someone else without paying T-Mobile that “INFLATED” Retail Price!

  • JB6464

    @ Chris , the HTC HD2 will not ever sell for $400.00 retail. Their selling for over $550 pounds in the UK which is around $900.00 (US). So unless HTC sells them at some stupid low price here in the U.S.(which will not happen), you will never get the phone even close to $400.00 retail price.
    So who is going to pony up $900.00 and then pay that unlimited monthly fee ?

  • JB6464

    @ chris , HD2 Rumored $650.00 buy who ? Do you really think Tmo will take a loss up front on that high-end smart phone everyone’s waiting on ?
    Keep wishing if you think it will be $600.00 retail , that would be way lower than what the UK customers are paying now.

  • Chris

    Wow jb6464 — did you read any of my actual content? I said the n900 is rumored to be $650.

    “So who is going to pony up $900.00 and then pay that unlimited monthly fee ?”

    My first example WAS USING THE PRICE POINT OF $900 FOR THE PHONE. And you were still saving money. Go back and READ THE POST. Then form a counter argument.

  • Chris

    Also, I’ll save you the trouble of having to hit the back button, and I’ll further explain my first example.

    From the original reply:

    “No subsidy, and let’s say you have $500 credit line from tmo(I heard this was the max you can have).

    $400 out the door
    $500 over 20 months = $25/mo
    $79/mo unlimited everything plan for 20 months($1580) =
    $2480 all said and done (with the phone you’re paying $105 a month, but for only 20 months.)”

    $400 out the door for the phone, then $500 over 20 months for the phone = $900 total for the phone, using the unlimited Even More Plus plan.

    If, for some completely insane reason you’d like to get a contract plan, you’re looking at $3276 over two years, using the 99$ unlimited plan and the phone unsubsidized. In order to match the cost of the even more plus plan and paying full price for the phone, they’d have to cut the cost of the phone by $800, which, by your own admission, they probably wouldn’t do.

    So please, I say again, how is the contract plan that tmobile offers, or any other carrier for that matter, going to be better?

  • D

    I’ve been a loyal customer since 2002 and my family and I are due up for renewal in November and new phones. Once I get my upgrades I will need a data plan. The customer rep indicated that the cheaper plan will be even more plus and I will need to switch to even more plus, pay activations fees for 2 phones to switch and I will be on contract for 2 years. I’m switching to Sprint or Cellular South next week for A. cheaper unlimited family plans. B. Better phones with better price.
    I’m very disappointed that T Mobile is taking care of their loyal customers. I’m sorry but I feel like I’m owed a new phone but why should I pay an activation fee to switch to the cheaper plan.

  • Chris

    “What happenes if you buy your phone from someone else (Ebay/Craigslist?etc..) and you what an Even More Plus Plan? Will TMobile require you to buy the phone from them to get the best rates? I say this because you can buy the phone you want from someone else without paying T-Mobile that “INFLATED” Retail Price!”

    I’m pretty sure they don’t care. You can have Even More Plus, and bring your own phone, so you’re not giving tmo a dime for a phone, and you’re not forced on a contract or the higher monthly rates. I can’t confirm this 100%, but I’d be REALLY shocked if tmo required you to buy one of their phones to use the plans.

  • JB6464

    @ Chris , i stand corrected on the N900 info. I jumped the gun on that one without reading all your info.
    As for the Even more + plans, you will save money if you buy a Mid or Lower-End smartphones for under $500.00. But the high-end smartphones everyone craves are going to be big bucks IF Tmo actually gets them.
    So my point i was trying to get at is once you payoff that High-End smartphone in 20 months, it’s outdated and you start all over again in payments on another phone or pony up $900.00 upfront.
    Do you really save anything other than not being on a contract ?

  • Grr

    For existing customers, I just say if you don’t like the plan then don’t switch to it. Pretty simple. If you don’t like what T-Mobile is offering you, then find someone else to give your money to. What is the average lifespan of a plan anyway? Maybe 6 months before new ones come out? Personally, I’m happy with my T-Mobile phone and my T-Mobile coverage. I already get faster speeds than my friends with their IPhones. By sometime next year, I’ll be living it up as T-Mobile rolls out 21Mb/s service while AT&T rolls out the 7.2. I should have the next MyTouch version by then as well.

  • ByeMrTmobile

    “Do you really save anything other than not being on a contract?”

    isnt that 20 month EIP “almost” like a two year contract in a way?

  • Jon

    @JB6464 – Please, please read what Chris is saying:

    EVEN IF YOU REPLACE YOUR PHONE EVERY 2 YEARS AS USUAL, YOU STILL SAVE MONEY OVER THE STANDARD PLANS! Even on a $900 phone. As long as you have good credit – you’ll be able to pay $399 up front, and $25/mo on the backend, and you still come out ahead than being on contract. The up-front price is the same, and you’ll pay less over 24 months.

  • JB6464

    @ ByeMrTmobile , Exactly so take the $900.00 HD2 which will be $45.00/month at 20 months on top of the $80.00/month unlimited Even More + plan.
    Now your basically paying $125.00/month for 20 months==$2500.00

  • Chris

    “So my point i was trying to get at is once you payoff that High-End smartphone in 20 months, it’s outdated and you start all over again in payments on another phone or pony up $900.00 upfront.”

    But at the same time, that’s the same on a contract. You usually get a small upgrade bonus 1 year in, or a larger one at 2 years, with no real options in between.

    Also, since the EM+ plan is 20 bucks cheaper, over the 20 months(and the fact that it’s only 20 months), you’re saving almost $800 VS the unlimited plan on the 2 year contract with the $900 price point as an example.

    20 months @ 79.99 + 900 = 2480
    24 months @ 99.99 + 900 = 3276
    difference = $796
    Amount the phone would have to cost to compare to even more plus = $104 out the door.

  • Cracker

    @JB6464 and Chris.

    Why talk about rumors with the N900? $649.00 is the msrp that Nokia has given to that wonderful device, just take a glance at their website.

  • Chris

    “@ ByeMrTmobile , Exactly so take the $900.00 HD2 which will be $45.00/month at 20 months on top of the $80.00/month unlimited Even More + plan.
    Now your basically paying $125.00/month for 20 months==$2500.00”

    The most I’ve heard they’ll let you finance is $500, the rest would have to be paid up front, so technically, the most you can pay a month for the phone is $25. And your math pretty much gives you the answer:

    $125.00/month for 20 months==$2500.00


    $99/month for 24 months == $2376 (*NOT including the cost of the phone you pay up front!!*)

  • Chris

    I should also note that I don’t have a family plan, or a need for a family plan, so I can’t say if those changes are better or worse(general consensus seems to be worse), but for an individual plan, EM+ is definitely the better way to go.

  • Chris


    Even better then :D. I was pretty sure that was the price, but didn’t feel like taking the time to confirm it :p

  • JB6464

    20 months @ 79.99 + 900 = 2480
    24 months @ 99.99 + 900 = 3276
    difference = $796
    Amount the phone would have to cost to compare to even more plus = $104 out the door.

    @ Chris , no i don’t think that is correct.
    EM=$99.00 + $200.00 down==$2599.
    EM+ $400.00 down + $79.99/month @20 months==$1999.80

    So yes you are Correct as to which one is cheaper for a new customer but your still going to have to pony up almost a half-grand to get started.

  • JB6464

    @ Chris , my mistake i forgot to add the $25.00/month x 20 months financing charge for the phone. EM+ == $2499.80

  • Chris

    Why do you think the HTC HD2 would only be 200 down? I thought you said there’s no way it’d be that cheap?

    Like I said, if they can cut the price down to $200, you’re right, up front, it’s cheaper(though EM+ is still cheaper in the long run, by $100).

  • JB6464

    @ Chris , that’s what i was told by a local corporate rep when it’s going to be released on the EM plan.
    Now he don’t know for sure exactly how much Tmo will set the retail price for the HD2.

  • TehAndroid

    I’m a rep in a store so let me clear up a few confusions that people are having. On an Even More 2 year plan the max credit limit is $500 and on an Even More Plus the credit limit is $1200. If you go on a Plus plan and do the 20 month EIP if you cancel then you have to pay off the phone. The great thing about the Plus plan if you have the credit limit you can actually get new phone sooner. Think of it as having a credit card with a $1200 credit line without any interest. In the long run the Even More Plus plans are a far better savings.

  • zack

    These plans SUCK! Im wit verizon and I like pay HALDF thees prices for unlimteded EVERTHING!! TMOBILE = FAIL!!!!!111111111 Plus th DROid is comin out n wit my upgrayd its gonns be FREE!!!! FAIL TMOBIEL GO VERIZON!!!!!!!

  • deeznutz

    @zack, STFU, you verizon fan boi

  • @zack

    you have nothing to say .. so why say it?

  • zack

    I was joking. These plans give me wet dreams.

  • I’ve now come to realize that T-Mobile is shooting for middle of the road technology. They had the opportunity to lock up the Android platform exclusively, but didn’t. Now other companies have better Android phones than offered by T-Mobile (e.g., Sprint’s HTC Hero, and Verizon’s iPhone killer Droid). I’m going to AT&T’s iPhone actually, because I want an established phone with a highly supported applications base (over 85,000 apps now, 2 billion downloads). Bye Bye T-Mobile.

  • Grr

    Enjoy AT&T’s Edge-like 3G data speeds.

  • JB6464

    @ Richard , save yourself the AT&T BS. Just buy the Iphone 2g or 3g used and unlocked and use it on T-mobile service. No you don’t get 3g speeds but you get edge(2.75)speed and you can use the iphone apps all day long. That’s what i’m doing right now until the HD2 comes out if it’s not overpriced.
    Also AT&T’s coverage is’nt all cracked up to be as they state. Still spotty in some areas while you pay Verizon coverage prices.

  • janine

    I saw the new ad while watching the hills on tuesday night.. I’m prob the only person who looks at this site and also watches that show. It’s a cute commercial. If we dont have youtube vids by tonight i’ll record my tv and try and post it.

  • maxxcooner

    Don’t forget the high end phones aren’t free on th EM plans just a sibsidy. The phone cost could be anywhere from free (for basic phones only) to $350. There is a retailer out there that is taking preorders for the n900 for 559.00 so the free market might be our friend after all. BTW Try movin the sprint or verizon phone to another carrier NOT!

  • bob

    The girl in the video is REALLY cute. I watched it twice because I wasn’t paying attention to anything she said the first time.

    Otherwise, I got nothin. My current plan is a good fit – for now- but the “Get More” plans offer me no savings at all as a family deal. :(

  • Bill48105

    Well in reality you are just now finishing up your 2 year commitment for the LAST discounted/free phone you got so TMobile doesn’t really owe you anything unless you sign ANOTHER 2 year contract & then you can claim the current phone deals. ;) Funny to hear people complain about termination fees and what the cell company owes them for things they’ve already been ‘paid’ for. Heck maybe that’s partly why TMobile is leaning away from contracts so that way they don’t have to hear people bitch & complain so much. Oh wait they’d need to weed out all the current spoiled brat customers 1st. lol
    /me runs, ducks & hides

  • jinshil

    @videoman32 regarding whether you have to buy a phone from tmobile to get EM+ plans: I can confirm that you /do not/ need to purchase a phone from tmobile to sign up for the EM+ plans. My bf signed up for a EM+ plan only and popped the sim card into a phone he purchased previously from overseas.

  • Trish

    @Chris: Actually only if you are on a contract the highest EIP credit line is 600, on no contract the highest EIP credit line is 1,200….

  • tina

    I so confused!!

    I’m just happy, called T-mobile yesterday. I wnanted to know if I could just upgrade my phones without chaging my good ole myFaves plan. They said I could do that, so, as long as he’s right I’m ok with whatever they want to do.

    Now at Christmas time I go to upgrade and they tell me diffrent- then we have a problem!

  • ByeMrTmobile

    darn, just found out how bad AT&T service is in chicago, so tmobile i guess i have to change my screen name

  • Mattlong

    Uuuhhm guys… 20 months is four months shy of two years. Please explain how this is NOT a contract?

  • matt


    Yes, you can consider it a contract. But in doing so, you must consider it a contract that offers you free smartphones.

  • keekolacita

    I just called and found that my credit limit on an EM plan would be $300 bucks, but by switching to an EM PLUS plan it would be upped to $700 bucks- so that’s even MORE incentive for me to pay the $35 fee- I make back the $35 bucks in 2 months of saving money on my plan AND I get to buy Higher end phone and get a better credit line than someone who wants to be in a contract and subsidize it. AND I’m moving to Philly where I hear TMobile has crushingly fast data speeds right now! It’s a good time to be with TMobile.

  • Bill48105

    Double check that you can’t get the fee waived.. The right rep might be willing to help you out or if you have right association (like AAA) they will waive it.

  • why did you guys take off my post????
    because i was giving out TMOBILE secrets that you didnt want the public to know! WOWWWWWW

  • TMOBILEs cost for phones is CHEEEEEEEEEAP like $60 ish cheaper than that on cheaper phones…

    The lines of service (renting from ILEC phone companies) ((actually they pay for the ANI# ake: Phone #)) is really cheap also… like im talking less that $25 ish… Way less… So all these RATE PLANS they are saying are good deals… are really EXPENSIVE and its all a MARKETING PLOY!

    TMONEWS.com took my last post off, cuz they didnt like me telling yall the TRUE FACTS of how stuff works (obviously)… AMERICANS DESERVE THE TRUTH!!!!


  • ok ok…. I WAS TOTALLY KIDDING… they didnt take off my comments :)

  • WTHeck

  • i was kidding in the couple comments above… TMONEWS ROCKS and they didnt take off my comments, i was just being HYPER :) / SILLY :) AKA: silly billy lol

  • OK…. i just called T-mobile and the REP told me she was a lesbian and then she hung up on me.. i called back and told them, they gave me a month free service. i was like.. whoa; fun!


    They = TMobile
    They Buy Phones From HTC (example): $50
    They Sell PHone From HTC: $399
    They Buy Phone# from ILEC phone company: $20/month (if that)
    They Sell Rate Plans to Us: $85/month
    They Create Marketing Schemes to make You think rates dropped, etc
    They Trick you into thinking You are getting Deals
    They are jipping you (not just TMOBILE but others)

    —Why do you think MetroPCS can offer Unlimited everything for $45/month? Because all they are paying is less than $20/month per line! You buy the phone! They make 50% (little more probably) markup!

    —Dont be fooled, these new rate plans BLOW B@llS!

  • TRISH, the girl (on the last page – older comments) is a rep that works for phone companies… She is a Liar and a DIS-informationist!!!! refer to my post above… that is the truth… Trish was trying to say Tmobile actually paid $350 for the phones!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!! trust me, I can prove it… I worked for a company (HIGH UP) for years…

    thank you for trying to deceive the poeple though TRISH..

    http://www.infowars.com THE PEOPLE, Fight BACK!

  • Twitch110

    Am i only the only one that has benefited from “Even more”? I’m saving something like 50 bucks a month! I was paying around 130 total, now i’m paying like 80 or 90 for me and my wife. I think it’s sick! I still don’t quite understand the benefit of EM+. It seems pointless to do. I don’t know.

  • Whocares

    you know what… im so tired of these people who are like tmobile doesn’t pay that full price on the phone. Okay lets say your right (i have no idea whats true or not)… lets say tmobile pay 80 for a 400 dollar phone… so here are two options… buy it from us and let us finance it for you… or you go buy 10 to 20,000 of the same same model and im sure htc will give it to u for 100 bucks a pop… o but wait.. now u spent 100 to 200,000 dollars for the phoen u want.

    Go buy it from HTC.com… yep ur paying the same if not more for the same phone tmobile is selling at the store…

    So lets say your right… so am i… which would you rather do???

  • JB6464

    @ Whocares , but you leave out the important facts. If you buy the HTC phone somewhere else you won’t get T-mobile’s hacked version. They seem to cook up some off the wall ideas when deciding what gets put on or taken off the phones feature wise. Example(TP2), Nasty brown,no 3.5mm jack,maybe they will offer a 6.5 upgrade,and way over-priced compared to Verizon TP2.

  • NIck

    First of all if I hear T-mobile claim “a Nation-wide” 3g network one more time I might kill somebody. It is the furthest thing from nation-wide. It is the smallest 3g out of the big 4, and not even close to 3rd. Sometimes when in a 3g area (Detroit) I still wouldn’t get 3g, it just depends on the time of the day.

    @Twitch110 how are you paying 80 or 90 for you and your wife if you where paying 130 before? there is no plan that would allow you to pay 80 or 90 for a family plan.

    I think there are a lot of T-Mo fan boys on here that are just happy because T-mo told them they should be. Well Im not! I think these new plans are crap. I cant believe they got rid of the fav 5. I think that proves how weak they are. As soon as all the other carriers started offering the same thing they had to come up with a new gimic to get people excited about. Too bad this gimic blows. Give me a break no contract, really thats suppose to mean something. why would anyone get excited about paying full price on a phone ($399 for a G1) that you would probably break the payments up on over a 20 month period sure sounds like a contract to me. Or lets say you bye the phone outright, then you have a $400 phone that works on tmobile and if you want to switch carriers your options will be limited to At&t (Sprint and Verizon are cdma) and At&t doesn’t even use the same 3g bands! So like I said you would have to be a pretty big fan boy to be excited about this.


    as a rep, i think its bullshit that they got rid of myfaves, it was easy to sell, customers don’t mind being in contracts.. the new plans are hard to explain.. oo and also the installment works alittle different (not all customers just get 20 months) yes it is 20 months, but it goes by how much installment credit they have, i had a customer that wanted a mytouch and he only had 300$ installment credit so he had to pay the extra 100$ in store, its not like u just walk out with a phone and 20 installments.. there is a catch, good ole t mo………..

    • Miles Davis

      Totally agree with this. It was a big differentiator, and Tmo had invested a lot in identifying their brand with Faves. I still have my Faves 1800 family plan for $80/month.

  • Blaine

    I’d just like to point out that the EM+ style of wireless service is exactly how almost entirely all of europe handles their wireless service, and has done such for a very long time. Go take a look at the websites for Vodafone UK, T-Mobile UK, Orange UK, and O2 UK. I use those as examples since they’re in English, and you will see exactly what I’m talking about