T-Mobile 3G Launches Recap


T-Mobile is starting to get some 3G enabled handsets such as the Cliq, Bold 9700, and Equinox. But what use is a 3G-enabled handset without 3G in your area? Well not to worry, T-Mobile has set out to launch 3G as soon as possible and you will all be blessed one day or another (we will keep you updated–blogger’s promise). Today T-Mobile has added yet another city to its ever growing 3G network. Welcome to 3G residents of Salinas, CA. Enjoy the super fast 3G speeds! Hit the jump to see the most recent 3G launches up to date.


Below are the most current 3G launches up to date:

Salinas, CA!               10/29/2009

Norwalk,CT                10/22/2009
Bellingham,WA          10/19/2009
Oklahoma City,OK     10/15/2009
Gainesville, FL            10/13/2009
Fresno,CA                  10/13/2009
Albuquerque,NM         10/12/2009
Baton Rouge,LA          9/30/2009
Metairie,LA                   9/30/2009
New Orleans,LA          9/30/2009
Palmdale,CA               9/30/2009
Lancaster,CA              9/30/2009
Medford,OR                9/30/2009
Pittsburgh,PA             9/29/2009
Fairfield ,CA                9/29/2009
Santa Rosa, CA         9/29/2009
Columbia,SC             9/28/2009
Corona,CA                 9/25/2009
Fontana,CA                9/25/2009
Moreno Valley,CA       9/25/2009
Riverside,CA              9/25/2009
San Bernardino,CA    9/25/2009
Dayton ,OH                9/24/2009
Rochester,MN            9/24/2009
Durham,NC               9/23/2009
Greensboro,NC         9/23/2009
Greenville,SC            9/23/2009
Raleigh,NC                9/23/2009
Winston-Salem,NC   9/23/2009
Escondido,CA           9/23/2009
Oceanside,CA           9/23/2009
Provo,UT                   9/22/2009
Salt Lake City,UT      9/22/2009
West Valley City,UT  9/22/2009
Bloomington,IL          9/21/2009
Peoria,IL                    9/21/2009
Lancaster,PA            9/21/2009
Honolulu,HI                9/18/2009
Indianapolis,IN           9/9/2009
Oxnard,CA                9/2/2009
San Buenaventura (Ventura) CA    9/2/2009
Charleston,NC         8/24/2009
Charlotte,NC            8/24/2009
Nashville,TN            8/20/2009
Knoxville,TN            8/18/2009
Bridgeport,CT         8/18/2009
Hartford,CT            8/18/2009
New Haven,CT       8/18/2009
Waterbury,CT        8/18/2009
Augusta-Richmond County,GA 8/17/2009
St. Louis,MO          8/12/2009
Spokane,WA          8/12/2009
Jacksonville,FL      8/10/2009
Milwaukee,WI         8/6/2009
Chattanooga,TN    8/6/2009
Buffalo,NY             8/5/2009
Rochester,NY       8/5/2009
Syracuse,NY        8/5/2009

Bakersfield,CA     8/5/2009
Santa Clarita,CA   8/5/2009

Simi Valley,CA     8/5/2009
Thousand Oaks,CA    8/5/2009
Lake Charles,TX   8/4/2009
Allentown,PA       7/31/2009
El Paso,TX          7/31/2009
Hampton,VA        7/30/2009
Norfolk,VA            7/30/2009
Portsmouth,VA    7/30/2009
Richmond,VA      7/30/2009
Virginia Beach,VA   7/30/2009
Columbus city,GA   7/28/2009
Wichita, KS            7/27/2009
Tacoma,WA           7/27/2009
Ann Arbor,MI           7/15/2009
Lansing,MI              7/15/2009
Toledo,OH              7/15/2009
Cape Coral,FL        7/15/2009
Akron,OH                7/14/2009
Cleveland,OH         7/14/2009
Reno,NV                 7/13/2009
Athens-Clarke County,GA    6/30/2009

Brownsville,TX       6/30/2009
Corpus Christi,TX   6/30/2009
Laredo,TX               6/30/2009
McAllen,TX             6/30/2009
Manchester,NH      6/29/2009
Portland,ME           6/29/2009
Springfield,MA        6/29/2009
Shreveport,LA        6/24/2009
Peoria,AZ               6/22/2009
Scottsdale,AZ        6/22/2009

Tucson,AZ             6/22/2009
Columbus,OH       6/18/2009
Daytona Beach,FL 6/18/2009
Mesa,AZ                 6/15/2009
Eugene,OR           6/12/2009
Salem,OR             6/12/2009
Colorado Springs,CO    6/11/2009
Pueblo,CO             6/11/2009
Des Moines,IA        6/11/2009
Beaumont,TX         6/5/2009
Bryan,TX                6/5/2009
College Station,TX  6/5/2009
Lakeland,FL            6/3/2009
Lubbock,TX            5/29/2009
Wichita Falls,TX    5/22/2009
Henderson,NV       5/21/2009
Springfield,IL          5/19/2009
Rockford,IL            5/15/2009

To check T-Mobile coverage in your area click here


  • Tyler Stambaugh

    I was in Bloomington IN last weekend and had 3g on my G1.

  • acsteffy87

    still waiting for Waco, Tx

  • Come on York, PA! I just bought a MyTouch 3G! I didn’t by a MyTouch EDGE! UGH!

    • mark

      York, PA still waiting. LOL they tried to sell me the My Touch with the words: We have approval to turn on 3G in York, no budget yet, but approval. But HEY, don’t worry cause we have 3G in Lancaster now.

  • WXman

    Kentucky gets NO love. Honestly, I’m starting to get really tired of waiting.

  • foe4

    this is horrible news… why would they even release this??? T-Mobile- “ok we’re going to get all kinds of new 3g phones but our 3g service is the worst, sorry for you people that live in the other 300,000,000 cities in the U.S. that we dont have 3g service in. but you can always buy one of our 3g phones and move to one of the 20 cities in the U.S. that we do have 3g services in” LMAO!!! T-mobile sucks! IF YOU WANT 3G SWITCH TO VERIZON OR SPRINT!

  • Jam

    Still no love for Omaha who was on the 3rd quarter 3g list. :( It would be nice to get a T-mo store here too. :(

  • OchoCinco

    T-Mobile still needs to get EDGE in TONS of locations… I had At&t for a year and had 3G were T-mobile would only have GPRS… you pay for what you get though…

  • Ritchie

    I call Bull, In Laredo TX there is 3G but its limited in certain areas…90% im at home or school so i deal with edge and when i go out i get 3G

  • Well… I have full 3g coverage all through Michigan. Usually no less than 3 bars, so no need for me to complain.

  • Sanjay

    What ever happened to all the pre-project black talk and rumor blogging that they were going to say they are rolling out 21 Mbps service, etc. that would leave other carriers in the dust. Was project black just all about plans? I guess they can’t chew and walk.

  • Sanjay

    One more thing. I think the FTC or FCC should stop them from putting “Nationwide 3G” on their web site to sell their plans and then in small print “not available everywhere”. It should way “not availabe anywhere close to everywhere”. Its like saying “I can fly” but in small print “but my feet stay in contact with the ground while flying”.

  • tmorob

    you are all stupid. You do realize that 3g requires all new network infrastructure. and new towers. So when you see one city go up. consider that 50 new towers with a new network to boot for each city. And you are tired of waiting? well you go to that universe you know of where worlds are built in a day. Otherwise, sit, wait, and watch as tmobile tries harder than any other company in the us to bring great services to your door. I am so tired of whiners.

  • Grr

    By my count, they have launched 109 cities in just over 5 months. This is not including the cities that already launched in the initial 3G launch. With more cities left to go this quarter, thats a nice job of catching up this year.

  • grothenberger

    I’ve been told (by a salesperson in my local T-Mobile store) that Louisville, KY area will be getting 3G “by Thanksgiving.” I’m hopeful, but we’ll see.

  • Don’t forget that the G1 has always been a 3G enabled phone.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Salinas, California! :-)

    Now, the 20 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Omaha, NE
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    *** Boise, ID ***
    Montgomery, AL
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Amarillo, TX
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD

    Please, TMO, give Boise 3G soooooooooooon!!! :-)

  • irving martinez

    Victorville, CA launched this past 26th. http://howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1582271

  • Adrian

    In Germany many newspapers write that T-Mobile wants to invest much more money into the US market. So be patient ;)

  • xnifex

    I don’t know why they list El Paso, TX in that. only about 30-40% of the city had 3G when i went there in September. Why would they leave out half of the damn city????

  • mistermix

    “Go Live” means a few towers lit up. Rochester, NY has been “live” for almost 3 months, but most of the suburbs are still EDGE, including almost the entire East side of the metro area. It’s a joke to go into a T-Mobile store in the mall to see all the “3G” ads, when all the phones say “EDGE”.

  • Sanjay


    Calling everyone stupid reflects on you. In the end it does not matter what T-mobile thinks or how great they feel about themselves if their customers are leaving because of the lack of 3G. That goes for any business. T-mobile is last in the race does that mean anything to you?

    I am told by someone in the organization that the towers for Louisville have been ready and its just a money thing to get them fired up. If T-mobile communicated then maybe people would understand or try to.

  • watbetch

    If you think customers are pouring out of T-Mobile because 3G doesn’t cover half the little towns in the eastern part of the US you’re sadly mistaken. T-Mobile has most major markets covered.

  • come on t-mobile bring 3G to puerto rico we are still part of da usa.. i dont wanna go with at&t. .. at&t has 3G trough out all of da island…

  • phoneking13

    Well as for Cincinnati, I know why it hasn’t launched here yet. It has to do with the Greater Cincinnati Airport in Hebron, KY and the northern KY water district using the same frequency. But i have heard of it launching in December. (supposedly)

  • Manuel635

    Waco, TX needs 3g sooo bad!! I see so many iphones that get 3g here on Baylor’s campus, why cant we?!

  • FILA



    York pa sucks

    matter in fact anyone from york pa shouldnt be on here. I know the fuckign mexican shitville your in. Its Bodymore all day! Deen up in here

  • Brent

    I look forward to 3G coming to Tulsa, but T-Mobile 3G has been pretty much as quick as AT&T 3G.

    I’m really more concerned about the phones than the 3G, personally. I would like to see T-Mo get someone’s flagship Android device. SE’s would be especially nice.

  • Ted

    Hey, I know its not on the list, but Victorville, CA has 3G for about a week now.

  • Grr

    While I may not categorize a lot of the statements as “stupid”, they are ignorant at the minimum. Most of the “info” about 3G usually originates from retail people who honestly have only slightly more information than the common customer about 3G related projects. Just because you aren’t hearing about the 21Mb/s, doesn’t mean there isn’t a swarm of activity going on regarding it. Just don’t expect to see much happen between now and the end of the year. Telecom companies generally have network freezes from Thanksgiving to New Years to prevent Sidekick-like outages.

  • Mark

    Montgomery, AL? I thought they were suppose to launch in Q3?

  • I’m in Cincinnati and my local rep told me that Cincinnati is on hold pending issues with another provider that is using part of T-Mobile’s spectrum. Apparently once they get the interlopers off, Cincinnati will go live. Apparently everything is installed and green lit to go live and has been for some time. He also indicated that they are planning to go live “sometime in November.”

    I’m just sittin here on the bench, the group 3G bench …


    • phoneking13

      Wanna place a bet on that Nov launch lol?

      • Yes, I’ll totally bet on that one. Put me down for $10 on February 2010. It’s so not going to happen in November, or December, or January but I hope I’m wrong.

  • Marsh

    What about Chico, Ca. 3g rollout? Has anyone heard about that? I stopped by the store and they said the tower was built and they were clearing the spectrum.

  • chris

    The tmobile 3g coverage maps are inaccurate at best.

  • MagicMike

    The Cincinnati issue is related to Cincinnati Bell Wireless. They use the exact same 3G frequency that T-Mobile does. I’m not sure how they are going to resolve this unless they agree to share networks. Cincinnati Bell has built its own 3G network in town and they have roaming agreements with AT&T outside of the area. So I’m sure AT&T has some say in all of this. I don’t foresee T-Mobile having 3G here for a while if at all. Hope I’m wrong though as I wouldn’t mind trying an Android device some day.

    • If it’s not here soon, I’m breaking my contract with them and taking my Droid to Verizon.

  • Ron

    Well, apparently Louisville, KY is now 3G! I noticed on my G1 during lunch that I had 3G service! YAY!

  • Mike

    What part of Louisville Ron ? I am still on edge in Iroquois

  • Max

    I too would very much like to know which part of louisville as neither st. matthews nor downtown have 3G for me.

  • Ron

    I may have spoken too soon…I’m able to get 3G service near the Backyard Burgers restaurant near Blankenbaker Parkway and Bluegrass Parkway. Anywhere else in the area is still on edge. Not sure why this very small section of Louisville has it.

  • The 3G network in Louisville is currently turned on only at their primary test tower in the Bluegrass Industrial park, that’s why you had it around Backyard Burgers. It was supposed to go live in the Louisville market 2 weeks ago but carrier wave agreements with some of the shared towers has put it on hold until the end of November, or so I’ve been told.

  • RuleNumber1

    I was near the bluegrass industrial park today with the exact tower in sight (roughly 100 yards away) and no 3G to be found. Rebooted the phone and everything. Could someone explain what a “carrier wave agreement” is because it sounds made up (by t-mobile not you)? As in, “The reason 3G isn’t active in Louisville is because the johnson-rod assembly linking the flux capacitor to the flargenbell hasn’t been ordered.”

  • MagicMike Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking. I’ve heard of people getting a G1 or MyTouch with T-Mobile and then signing up with Cincinnati Bell for 3g coverage, which says to me that it’s the exact same frequencies – which of course means WTF? No way they are going to get CincyBell off, so how the heck are we ever going to get 3G? I mean like ever?

    • phoneking13

      At this rate probably not. I estimate around 4th qtr of 2013 at this rate, if we’re lucky.

      • I’m so not waiting that long. If they don’t get it soon, I’m going to break contract and go with Verizon, because this is stoopid!

  • Josh

    I spoke with a T-Mobile rep at Kenowwd Mall on Saturday who stated 2011 or NEVER.
    Can you say Droid?

  • Jordan

    Yea but Dayton also has Cincinnati Bell 3g and they have t-mobile 3g as well…….

  • Josh

    They wont agree to allow them to share in Cincinnati proper. 275 area. As I hear, it might go to court. Thy have till Jan1 then I start a lawsuit.

    • phoneking13

      Call the BBB and the FCC.

    • timmyjoe42

      This is not good news.

  • NiiDiddy


    You might want to add to your list: Orange City, Florida 11/14/2009.

    Never had ANY for of 3G here…just EDGE. I woke up this morning, turned on my MT3G and voila! Blazing full 5-bar, 3G speeds!!! Orange City is next to DeLand, FL, and dead between Daytona Beach and Orlando (25 miles each way I think). Those cities had 3G…now a small city like ours have it too and its seriously blazing fast!!! Hell signal is so much better than when I go do work in Orlando!!!

    Just thought I’d share with you!

  • Sigh

    I was in a T-mobile store here in the Jackson, MS area, and I asked about 3G since my Memoir is 3G, and I want to upgrade, but not if it’s gonna be another year for 3G. The sales rep told me that the towers/infrastructure are in place, but the military is using the 3G frequencies in the area, so they aren’t allowed to turn on the 3G coverage. Don’t know how credible that is, but I will probably switch to Verizon now.

  • RuleNumber1

    To Sigh (and everyone else being lied to): That is such a baloney answer (yes, not bologna). This is the however the most specific lie they’ve told, usually they use terms like “carrier wave agreement” and “money issue”. Seriously though, it makes sense… The military needs 3G to control the predator drones via high-speed wireless.

    Everyone knows the real reason they haven’t blanketed the US with 3G coverage, and it is really quite simple… The world is going to end in 2012 (heard this from a very reputable tmo rep) so they aren’t going to invest the money. Hell, in two years, everyone knows global currency is going to be converted to rapture-cash which current has a 1:50 exchange rate!!! The are gonna be rolling fat down salvation blvd. Buying all kinds of Jesus pies and Moses muffins.

  • kodeine

    I live in fort wayne IN and a rep in thbe store told me the engineer was currently in the back hooking everything upand that it was pretty much all done and it would b turned on by thanksgiving.

  • timmyjoe42

    Shouldn’t Tampa be in that list? I was down there yesterday and was told they have it.

  • Eric

    Detroit is not on the list but we have had 3G for long time here in the Motorcity!