G1 Owners To Get Android 2.0 Love?

Android users still rockin’ a T-Mobile G1 it looks like there’s hope! A lot of you have been frustrated that Google may not be updating the first Android device (G1) to the new and improved Android 2.0. Android 2.0 includes many new features such as the new Turn-By-Turn Google directions in their Google Map Application, confirmed to be preinstalled in the new 2.0 software. However, where does that leave current G1 owners? Well, looks like you may not miss all the fun after all. Referencing this video, some developer has managed to port Android 2.0 (Eclair) over to the G1. Before you start crying tears of joy, since the G1 doesn’t have the “power” to handle the 2.0 software, it is very sluggish and barely usable. However, note this is not the final build of Android 2.0, so do keep that in mind. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share your thoughts/opinions with us in the comments!

Android Central Via Android.HDBlog

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  • Yes, this is very exciting. If hackers are able to do it, then Google and T-Mobile can clearly make it work. Looks like we can put to rest all those rumors of the 2.0 software being too big to work on the G1. Very, very excited about 2.0…can’t wait for it to hit my G1! :-)

  • PoloKidd

    does anyone know when this will be pushed to the MyTouch…bc my phone keeps force closing and tmobile customer service just says to be patience and wait until the update!!

  • eli_the_great89

    I hope this comes true. Although the G1 is by far the greatest “slider” phone with a touchscreen cause the “Wing” and “Tilt” were not good whatsoever, the G1 needs a lotta work to make it into a more user friendly phone. Moving the screens and navigating is pretty heavy on the fingers. Hopefully the multi-touch along with other Eclair improvements will loosen up the touchscreen navigation.

    Yea there’s a trackball…but I only use it to get to the “not so easy to get to” places.

  • eYe

    The problem is that T-mobile does OTA updates for which they need to have a separate partition on the device which is already tight on the storage space. Hackers do it by update.zip file and that’s why they can eliminate above referenced partition (so called DangerSPL) and increase system partition. They can also shrink data partition (the one that holds all the apps) because most of modified phones store apps on SD card anyways. So, while it’s possible, it’s a 50/50 chance that’s it’s not going to happen. Of course, you’re more then welcome to root your device and enjoy all the goodies.

    Update is not going to fix anything for you. What you need to do is wipe you phone clean (factory reset) and re-add apps one at the time to see which one is messing with your phone. I can guarantee you that it’s app that’s causing the problem. If you just update your system it will continue to do the same thing.

    With that said, I’m pretty excited about 2.0 . I would be a lot more excited to see another device from T-mobile capable of running it. G1 was great for it’s time but today’s Android requires faster processor with more Ram memory and more onboard storage. I will, of course update my phone to Eclair just to see what it feels like but as soon as something better comes along from T-mobile – count me in.

  • mo

    Wow, that eclaire looks delicious. Cant wait for them to relase it to AOSP so Cyanogen can pick the goodies…

  • I don’t understand the remark about the G1 being underpowered. Are the first generation Android devices using similar hardware configuration except the G1 doesn’t have as much memory as the other ones?

    Anyway, I have faith in the ‘Droid community to come up with a solution. Looking forward to the new nav app on my G1!

  • @eYe
    Sorry, I gotta disagree with you. I think it’s pretty certain that the G1 is going to get it and would be surprised if it didn’t happen. The official T-Mobile OTA updates also download an update.zip file to the SD card, the same way manual updates work.

    Plus, Google is still selling their dev phone, which is a G1. If they’d changed their dev phone to a Droid, then I’d be worried. But it’s still a G1 and they’re still actively selling it.

  • Ryaninc: Did you SEE how sluggish 2.0 was on the G1? It’d be crap to make everyone auto update. I’m guessing they won’t. Not when it is running at about 3FPS for transitions and stuff.

    I just want tmobile to release an Android phone with a better processor so I can upgrade from my G1. =[

  • *black*silva*

    Well its not that it doesnt have enough power its that the rom is brand new with barley any modifications to it.

  • The reason this is so sluggish is that it is an eeeeeearly build, and a port of that build. It was hacked so much just to get it to boot. At this boint, wifi, bluetooth, gps, all aren’t working, heck, the phone can’t even shutdown. You have to yank the battery to turn it off. This 2.0 to G1 port is of course slow as heck–it’s dripping with errors. But, it was that way when we first ported Hero to G1. Now, we’ve got it hacked so it runs FASTER and BETTER on the G1 than the real Hero does on the real hardware! Be patient. (though we’ll have Eclair running nicely before anyone gets it OTA. We root hackers did it first with Cupcake and Donut.)

  • queensnewbie

    This is barely useable??? I’d say this is no more sluggish than most unperfected cooked ROMS.

  • rushmore

    If Tmo has the sense to pay for drivers to be made for their 7201a and add dynamic scaling- that is in ALL of their devices, Android 2.0 would work fine. Just need the DSP active and helping the CPU out.

  • rushmore

    I suggest it is sluggish due to an inactive DSP and no video accleration in the 7201a.

  • eYe


    Sorry, gotta disagree with you now. Updates are downloaded into cache, not into download folder on SD because it’s not a user initiated download. And ADP1’s roms are about 8MB smaller then T-mobiles so vanilla Android Eclair may fit G1 but T-mobile’s version may not. But in any case, source code has not been released yet so it’s too early to speculate. I’m not arguing, I’m just pointing out the limitations of stock G1. But then again, they figured out how to do it for Donut so there’s always a chance.

  • Chris

    Here’s a good article on the potential issues with 2.0 and the G1:


    If HTC can port it to Hero(which they’ve said they will), it should probably work on the G1 since the hardware is very similar, however, the G1 has less available space to work with(as detailed in that article), so that may be the limiting factor.

  • I am curious to know what clock speed they had that G1 at. Considering that the stock ROM clocked it down to 128mhz and it can be clocked as high as 528 on cyanogenmod.

  • joe

    Sorry but this article is very misleading, and you should correct it. The G1 is more than powerful enough to run 2.0 – the only thing in question is the size of the internal flash memory (reference : android discuss and platform mailing lists).

    Also, this rom does not run ‘sluggish’ because of the G1’s hardware. It runs sluggish because it was a quick and dirty 10 minute hack by Akira as a proof of concept. It was built from the SDK’s emulator’s rom for gods sake. Further more, it lacks native OpenGL support and tons of drivers.

    Don’t mean to be an ass, but this story is pretty much false except for being able to run 2.0 on the G1 (I have – I burned it 5 minutes after Akira dumped it).

  • phoneking13

    Will 2.0 run on the mytouch?

  • Ya, I’d have to disagree with the comment about this thing being “barely usable”. Having been ripped out of the developers SDK, the only thing running sluggish on this thing is the launcher (homescreen). Opening, closing of apps is SUPER quick, browser is flying, sms, phone calls…. They all FLY. I just couldn’t get my contacts to sync (which can be fixed with an Exchange account).

    As far as this getting an OTA Update from T-Mobile.. honestly….. I don’t know. I’m sure T-Mobile has something up their sleeves. Otherwise I would THINK they would discontinue the G1 be now and take them off the shelves, not continue selling hardware that will never be updated… right? (Although I supposed the can “pre pack” the phones with 2.0) But even then, maybe we will get a nice “upgrade” option? Anyhoo….

    G1 users WILL SEE THIS WORKING 100% on their phones from great developers such as Cyanogen once he gets his hands on the source code. =D

    SO MUCH SPECULATION! LOL…. Guess we will just gave to wait patiently with our G1’s and see. =)

  • Ed

    How does Eli or whoever think the G1 was better than the Tilt? The G1 is built like a freebie phonein terms of quality.

    Least the tilt can run WinMo6.5 with no issues. G1 is younger and chokes on the Android 2.0 update.

  • rockerolla

    I think some of you people are incorrect and I agree about the hardware and dsp issue. If you have root and can clock to 528, you may be able to run it decent, but you are going to lose more of the current space for applications. Each new rom takes away more install space for applications. You all thing 2.0 is smaller? Try 20 megs larger.

    If you have a rooted G1, you will be fine as far as space.

  • rossi

    I found the specs:


  • I can’t wait for an Android device that has enough built in ROM and 32-64 GB of INTERNAL memory and a physical keyboard…

    Ah that would be amazing…

  • RCJ (Ralphy Boy)

    I disagree with eli_the_great89 that the G1 is the best slider phone to date. I’m sorry, but I have the Moto Cliq and it is the best slider phone to date with a on screen keyboard and great physical keyboard. I just wanna know when and if the Cliq will get the android 1.6 or android 2.0 update. The phone works great know, but I want more. The phone definetly has the RAM memory to support the firmware. Come on Tmobile and Motorola let’s see if you can’t give us an early Christmas gift and give us the OTA android 2.0 with the new Moto Blur firmware and software.

  • rockerolla

    I was reading where some are wondering if Google did suggest the current memory size in order to force people to remote centralized storage. If they knew about it as long as they did, why allow the memory size to stay as is unless that is it?

  • ali

    I would not be surprised if the G1 doesn’t get an official update to 2.0. This way, they’ll ‘force’ the users to buy new handsets. I don’t like apple, but you can say atleast their software was compatible with all versions of their toys — even the 2g iphone from the summer of 2007. Also, their software was available to all devices at the same time. Htc should have similar support for all their android devices.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I really do hope we see Android 2.0 officially on the G1 without having to root it. If not, I am going to be really dissapointed in Tmobile. They could at least offer current G1 owners an early upgrade at the full discount price if this becomes the case. Like someone mentioned above…. even apple supported the old iphone with an update. Hopefully HTC, Tmobile, and Google will do the same.

  • Jak Crow

    The G1 will be able to take on even more future updates if HTC and Tmobile provide an official SPL update that repartitions /data to be larger. The popular “Danger SPL” already dose this and my G1 currently as the same partition sizes that the mytouch and hero have. The average user just needs an official SPL upgrade to deal with this particular issue.

  • rockerolla


    HTC and Hero both Have more physical memory. Danger gives about 17 megs more space, but gets you nowhere near those devices.

  • rockerolla

    HTC (Mytouch)

  • Land Of The Trill

    Its not as simple for T-Mobile to provide the Danger SPL OTA sytle because it may corrupt or damage the system partition and it would require all the users data be deleted and start from scratch. Most customers are previous owners of sidekicks or aren’t as tech savvy therefore this would cause confusion for many. I will be able to install it anyway and so will all root users but to me T-Mobile needs to get out another android phone soon with better specs like the droid cause I need another android phone ASAP

  • marco

    maybe they can do the same as sony with its psp, the first one have less rom memory than the new versions, but you are still able to install the last firmwares on the first psp, taking out things such as themes so it can fit on the first psp rom memory