G1 Owners To Get Android 2.0 Love?

Android users still rockin’ a T-Mobile G1 it looks like there’s hope! A lot of you have been frustrated that Google may not be updating the first Android device (G1) to the new and improved Android 2.0. Android 2.0 includes many new features such as the new Turn-By-Turn Google directions in their Google Map Application, confirmed to be preinstalled in the new 2.0 software. However, where does that leave current G1 owners? Well, looks like you may not miss all the fun after all. Referencing this video, some developer has managed to port Android 2.0 (Eclair) over to the G1. Before you start crying tears of joy, since the G1 doesn’t have the “power” to handle the 2.0 software, it is very sluggish and barely usable. However, note this is not the final build of Android 2.0, so do keep that in mind. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share your thoughts/opinions with us in the comments!

Android Central Via Android.HDBlog

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