Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween Tmonews readers!! It’s a little late in the day and I have perfectly good explanation for that your honor. Just kidding, but not really. Have a happy, healthy and safe night and enjoy that candy goodness. Me, I’m going as an escaped convict with the girlfriend, though her outfit is better looking than mine. Still, she’s handcuffed to me and that’s exactly the way I want it. Don’t tell her I said that, seriously, don’t tell her. Ok, I’m writing loopy and I don’t want you to endure anymore of my rambling. Happy Halloween!! Stay tuned for pictures of T-Mobile advertising in New York City on a Skooter, it’s super!


  • Ritchie

    Happy Halloween, I got my click and i love it. For me it beats my 32GB itouch. Havent picked it up since i got my phone. I just didnt like the MotoBlur do i took them down. Im able to watch my movies on my cliq, use LaftFM for radio genre playing. Love it.

  • Ritchie

    P.S. i got mad at TMo b/c i got the pre-order and was suppose to get a free car charger. Didnt get the car charger and when i called the rep told me to take a copy of my email order and they will give me one. I used to work as a rep for sprint and im like thats not right. I called again and they did a ticket to research and would take 72 hours. Now for all you reps at tmo is this correct? I will return my phone and cancel my lines if they will not honor my free car charger. I got proof…

  • zapote21

    So someone made a mistake, they told you that they would do good for you, and its not enough? LOL
    Got it…

  • Ritchie

    Its not that, you can promise me from here to heavon, doesnt mean that thye will go thru with it. I think it will take me a good month beofre i even get my car cahrger or a credit for the mistake. They could of given me a credit. I would of taken it and bought a car charger. I just dont trust the cell companies hence i worked for one.

  • jon

    @ Ritchie
    “I just dont trust the cell companies hence i worked for one.”

    You did work for Sprint though.. not T-Mobile.

  • Ritchie

    @ Jon, lets be specific and not broad. Sprints customer care s^cks not the service, the extra charges s*ck as well

  • BronxBebe

    Can I BITCH here? LOL.. Sighs still having issues with my SKLX09 it’s doing exactly the same thing before the outage. The freezing and losing NETWORK connection plus it seems I’m not the only one. In a few days it will be a month and still not everything is back like it should be. Never in my many years as a cell owner had a big problem with a cell and I’ve been with TMOBILE the longest. It’s my first SK after waiting for the right one for many years and very disappointed I spent money on a disaster.

    I’m part of the deaf community who relies on the SK because of the IP RELAY only used on SK’s&BB’s-which also it’s good for those who can hear if can’t talk you can text for emergencies&more.

    Rich,does the MOTO CLIQ has accessibilities for the deaf and disabled on it cos I and many others would like to know about it cos TMO CSR isn’t knowledgeable with this. I would appreciate it if you or anyone else can tell me thank you.

    I’m waiting on the supposedly $100 appreciation card from TMOBILE to use towards a new cell either the MOTO CLIQ,BB or BEHOLD 2. I’m leaning towards more the BB 9700 cos of the IP RELAY accessibilities.