Samsung Behold 2 Accessories Start Arriving


Ah, yes, the inevitable accessory screenshot indicating stores are ramping up for the launch of a new phone. The Samsung Behold II is a heavily anticipated addition to the T-Mobile USA lineup and Samsung’s second entry into the US Android market. We have yet to truly see what the interface will look like, but given the shot below combined with the very similar press shots, Touchwiz + Android should be very interesting indeed. Expected to drop November 18th, the Behold II is shrouded in mystery without specs, price or any other sort of leaked information that usually precedes a phone of this magnitude. Where there is one accessory, there are two so we will be keeping an eye out for more on this Samsung goodness.

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  • mssensational

    I’m sending my cliq back today.

  • Max

    @ David Any snapdragon Android coming to the Magneta?

  • 30014

    No specs = no interest. But I think it will be on par spec wise with tmo’s other android phones.

  • akil

    its samsung so its processor should be at least 500mhz

  • Chris

    I’m pretty much done with the Qualcomm 528 that most Android phones have been using. ARM Cortex PLZ

  • Noel

    Tmobile…enuf w/ all the Android phones, or phones with kitty toy-like the Cliq, mt3g, behold 2 etc. We want more powerfull Android phones w/ bigger screens, like 3.5 to 4.0 inch, faster processors(1Ghz snapdragon), Htc sense ui, Android 2.0 (Eclair),
    I am getting sick of seeing all the other carriers grab all the upcoming Android phones w/ bigger screens…while Tmobile is nowhere to be found. All i see from Tmo is the introduction of phones that don’t cut it. Don’t tell us u will let the HTC DRAGON slip away to another carrier? I also hope there is a GSM version of the MOTOROLA DROID that may find its way to Tmobile. I know the HTC HD2 will be coming to Tmobile, thats awesome but it is a windows mobile phone not android. Nokia N900 is also a very cool phone that maybe coming to Tmo…but we need the BIGGER, FEATURE FILLED nd MORE POWERFUL ANDROID PHONES on Tmobile. Everyday i see all these johnny come lately to Android carriers grabbing all the new nd bigger Android phones…makes me feel like i should switch just get a good android phone…i know many many Tmo customers have similar concerns…Tmobile DO SOMETHING

  • twoboxen

    Agreed, but unfortunately budget carrier => budget phones. The reason AT&T/Verizon have nice, expensive phones is because they have more expensive plans.

    And, yes, I have a hard time calling T-Mobile’s new plans “budget”. I think they’re trying to creep their rates up to support some nicer phones.

  • Brent

    Seen rumors that the Behold II is $249 on contract. I’m struggling to put together a scenario that justifies that phone being more than the Droid.

  • NiiDiddy

    I hope TMOBILE is listening…

    Reason I say that is because I have come to the conclusion that it doesnt matter how great your customer service it, or how great you think your plans are – what matters is all of that PLUS the ultimate – BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER PHONES. Really that is the bottom line for most customers. Personally my line of duty is a Techie so I am always about the next big thing. Unfortunately with TMOBILE, its not like that when it comes to phones [and am a huge fan of Android]. We do need bigger screens, better processors and great UIs to go with our Android devices. For this reason ONLY regardless of plan expense is why lately I’ve been eyeing Verizon! Wake up TMOBILE…WAKE UP!!!

    God, I have this LOVE/HATE relationship with T-Mobile and it’s like pulling my hair out!!

  • rossi

    @ NiiDiddy

    “God, I have this LOVE/HATE relationship with T-Mobile and it’s like pulling my hair out!!”


  • mikeeeee

    just have UMA.

    been using samsung t-mo hardware for 6+ years now.

    would like to use it s’more.

  • SpanD

    @ Noel-

    So Verizon picks up one Android phone and all of a sudden every other carrier has an Android Line Up?….this will TMO’s 4th Android phone and more will come. Calm the heck down. More will come next year, especially if TMO is going HSPA+

    If you want a moto I feel sorry for you, I’d rather take a G1 over a POS moto; Cliq is a POS and I’ve already seen build issues. Good luck getting that thing to last 22 months ;)

  • -ray

    It is rumored that the Behold II will have a 800mhz processor, but it will have a 3.2 inch screen.. Sorry, but I would like to have a bigger screen size.. I held out on the MT3G and Cliq in hopes that Tmo will get some good phones that compete with the other carriers. Budget plans are alright, but can’t they understand that they have always been cheaper than AT&T and Verizon but they are still in last place???? AT&T and Verizon may be more expensive, but at least they have phones that people want and they are willing to pay extra to get them. Tmo is the Walmart of cellular companies, they will never be anything else unless they are sold or bought out. I cannot believe that the rumor is that the Behold II will be $249.00 while the Droid is $199.00.. Get real Tmo..
    Sorry to be so negative, but I have had it with them..

  • Bill48105

    I agree good phones are important but what % of users actually want a super high end $900 phone that is almost a laptop replacement? Seriously. Yes there are niche markets for gadgets like that (and could imagine those posting/reading in here probably make that seem like 100%) but in reality MOST people want coverage, good pricing, plan add-on options that are reasonably priced, good customer service, free (or super cheap) phone every 2 years. The phone companies may focus more on the high end stuff because that’s what makes them the most money both from the phone itself & the higher monthly revenue stream but again I don’t believe the average person needs a mini computer with HD screen in their pocket. Not everyone wants to sweat bullets every time they go to answer the phone fearing that $900 piece of electronics is falling on the pavement or being lifted from their pocket. Heck TMobile should give free replacement insurance with every plan over $100 and then they’d sell lots of phones & have lots of customers! If they actually get nationwide 3G rolled out by year end (and I mean TONS of more cities) and they bring back old plans or better yet give MyFaves/unlimited WIFI addons to new plans, non-unlimited txt/internet options and fix the family plan mess (maybe a 2500 min plan) then things should be looking up real soon. Of course new phones couldn’t hurt. ;)

  • Yaniv

    Ive heard that the Behold 2 is supposed to be a Tegra @ 800 Mhz.
    If that’s the case, then the $250 is very justifiable especially since were looking at an AMOLED screen here which should look GORGEOUS from what Ive heard AND reduces battery consumption.
    Putting this at 800 Mhz would make it practically the same speed at the Droid (Droid = 500 Mhz on TI OMAP 3430).
    If so… Im getting this baby and Im happy with it.
    If not….. Im moving. TMobile is not a budget carrier. Deutch Telekom (parent company) happens to be a HUGE player over seas.
    I think Magenta is just not catching on to the fact that users want the hardware as well.
    Then again…. we bloggers may be a TINY MINISCULE minority of the end users. I mean really…. how many average phone users even have a clue was to what the cpu of their phone is or what OS it is for that matter.
    But… in all honesty this should not have happened. TMo was first to the scene with Android… it should have fought to make sure it was ALWAYS on top of that mountain. In the near future it will be a huge mistake. Theres a reason so many players are jumping on Android and why Motorola even has staked its livelihood on it.
    Also, while this is great….. I dont trust Google as far as I can throw them.

    On a side note….. consider the daffodil… and while youre doing that Ill be over here looking through your stuff =)

  • 30014

    @bill48105…tmo offers everything that you just listed and yet they are still in fourth place. Phone selection has always been tmo’s weak point. Low prices and good customer service aren’t bringing in the subscribers, so what does that leave? PHONE SELECTION.

  • Jay

    I am so sick of hearing people complain about the Cliq…..WTF do you plan on doing with your phone that it needs a freakin snapdragon processor?….Porn, PC games, downloading Torrents?……This is a phone and not a PC people….That big shiny tower next to your desk is what you need to be fast as hell…..The Cliq does not have lag like people complain about and it has run all of my apps perfectly and at great speed…..The 3G speeds in my area are very fast too!…..I’m a tech geek just like most of you people in here and I LOVE my new Cliq!….It feels sturdy and nothing like a toy like some of you people keep saying (who probably have never even used one unless you preordered it like me)…..The Cliq hardware puts the G1 to shame and Moto Blur is awesome…..Maybe if you haters actually had some friends to social network with you could appreciate what a welcome edition to Android the Cliq really is…..If you tried it and hate it fine but give it a spin before you cast judgement….Opinions are helpful but douchebagery is just annoying!…..How about some accessory love for the Cliq?…….PLEASE! ! ! ! !

  • Whocares


    Amen… Congrats on your moto cliq, and thank you for your post. It is very true… it can’t go without saying that the droid is a very nice device… but the CLIQ lacks two things of it.. 2.0, and LED Flash. Processors r pointless to compare and the other poster above is right.. r u mad because porn freezes up ur phone now??? seriously people u act like the G1 was a turtle.. it did its job for being the first device over a year ago.. and all devices now are tuned for the job.

    The CLIQ is motorola.. thats my hesitation.. and thats my hesitation with the Droid.. MOTO has sucked for yrs now… if they make a turn around with both these devices and they last like back in the day… okay then we’ll see. The Behold 2 is going to be the beast of the two in my opinion (i wish it had a keyboard)… but it is definitely the omnia 2 of the android world.

    Everyone is a hater, people will hate when tmo gets the n900 and the hd2 and hate about what?? IDK.. lol but people always find something.

    oh and to finish up the pricing thing.. if any phone is 250 ok so its 50 bucks more AFTER mail in rebate… 50 bucks less out the door… and guess what u are paying 30 to 50 bucks more a month at verizon… hmmm 50 up front or 50 every month.. after a yr… ya ya u know the math.

  • abi

    ok honestly I love tmobile and iam stuck on android. But if tmobile doesn’t cut the bs with android phones I hate to say it I’ll jump to big red with there expensive rates and hidden fees or to sprint with all there bs just for android. Seriously how does tmobile UK get the gsm htc dragon/ passion and verizon here gets the CDMA version WTF. Now sprint sez they have more android phones coming and all the htc phones will be android meaning watch a dragon android pop up soon for them and they say they have wimax phones coming to WTF tmobile pick it the fuck up fuck this behold2 fuck the cheap android pulse coming soon fuck these new plans I rather pay a high rate for the phone I want. Iam super heated with all these news from sprint and verizon with android. Yes stick with tmobile they will get back up f that iam done waiting tmobile just got left behind again. Y won’t verizon do anything about tmobile new plans cuz big red has the phones to over come tmobile plans. I bet u if every customer sends emails to there HQ and slam there systems with emails about getting new high end phones that we really want or they will lose what lil customers they have left. Watch them start listening and doing

  • abi

    playing nice doesn’t work anymore tmo they need to play dirty like verizon is doing to at@t. Shit I no iam not the only one feeling this way am I??????????? I mean shit this is getting old now tmobile a rep of getting left in the dust. Honestly who else feels this way

  • Bill48105

    Sorry to burst your bubble but T-Mobile basic cell coverage is very sad compared to the other big three & SUPER SAD when it comes to 3G. Not saying they are not trying to catch up but come on I had 3G on my ATT for years now and I get GPRS data (yes not even EDGE) 90% of the time on my T-Mobile.. (Not to say ATT doesn’t have it’s own woes like overuse (abuse) by iphone/smartphone/tethering people but that’s here nor there when talking basic cell tower coverage. Having *A* signal that is slow is better than NO signal at all.) What TMobile should do is give us a list of locations towers are going up & estimated date of completion to help alleviate some of the anxiety but they’ll never do that because of competitive reasons.

    I agree TMobile has always been super competitive & innovative with their rate plans (can you say MyFaves & UMA wifi calling and @Home line and limited time super specials but they killed off 2 of those) but in reality their low rates were needed because of their sub-par coverage or they wouldn’t have any customers. Until they get true coast to coast 3G they will not be able to play with the big dogs no matter what phones they have. Besides, it is obvious with the new plans (especially Plus) that they are trying to make the phones a moot point no matter what they say. (The phones you crave tagline does not say anything about exclusive TMobile phones just if you gotta have that awesome iPhone you can buy it & bring it over along with all your awesome unlocked HTC’s, Sony’s or whatever) Not saying they won’t try to grab & release good phones but why should they bend over & do million $ payoffs to cell manufacturing companies to get exclusive rights to phones if they can separate line from phone almost eliminate contracts & let you BYOD (bring your own device) from places like ATT who had to give up their 1st born to get the iphone deal! The issue with that plan is they use non-standard bands for 3G. If they used the same bands as ATT it’d be great cuz any ATT 3G phone come happily come on over & hopefully get roaming too but ATT wouldn’t do that because TMobile has crap tower coverage so not an even swap deal for them to do roaming agreement. Aside from roaming the other way would be if Tmobile could use the same bands as Europe’s 3G then at least all those phones would work on TMobile without kissing arse. Btw the band issue is one reason a TMobile/Sprint/Nextel/Boost deal would never work. That would be just a super huge cluster$&#@ mess of bands and incompatible hardware. If TMobile wants to compete with the big 3 they need similar coverage because the coolest phone in the world will be meaningless without that no matter how cheap their plan is. And as I said before they won’t get cool phones without clout, cash and the ballz to back it up unless they run on common bands. How I miss the days when GSM was a standard & we could freely move between the networks instead of this mess we call 3G.

  • rossi

    @ Whocares

    I actually want a phone to be able to run programs such as epocrates (I don’t even know if this is on android, as I currently use an iTouch, and I am using the crappy behold as my phone), etc for work use. Porn? You guys are reaching so far that you are trying to offload the complaints about speed on porn browsing? How about the truth is some of us actually want to use our “smartphones” as smartphones rather than the casual web browsing that you guys must partake in. In order to be efficient as a working device I would appreciate faster processors in my phone, but I can see that if you simply use your phone as a phone rather than a replacement for a PDA it does not matter how fast your processor is. I would also like the added speed for text messaging, calender use, and email. I absolutely hate the lag that occurs when I open the calender on my iTouch, but I guess, it’s probably all that porn I am streaming in the background… Nice try.

    Pricing is still a fail. I have explained it many times. I tried bill shrink for the heck of it last night, and they told me Tmobile’s new plans would be $900 more expensive for two years to cover my current usage. Also, verizon and AT&T would be $450 more than my current plan. Great price increase guys. Tmobile has you fooled.

  • BronxBebe

    Here’s some info specs on the Behold 2 everyone wants to know about:,1089997861,Samsung-T939-Behold-2-Mobile-Phone.html
    Rumor pricing is $149 with $100 rebate 2 yr contract for the Behold 2

  • Bill48105

    So you want a laptop replacement that is 1/10th the size & weight but still has great battery life? Keep dreaming. There have to be trade-offs. If you must have super big screen & super fast processor the phone needs to weigh 2 lbs & be the size of laptop. Oh wait they’re called netbooks. Not saying it won’t be possible some day but every time a new phone comes out that adds more speed & bigger screen people cry foul that it’s not smaller & lighter. Only so much can be done to please as many people as possible but you can’t please everyone and I’m sure TMobile, HTC and the rest all know that.

    Btw, what good is the coolest phone out there if you have no bars or only GPRS? Oh yeah, offline super smooth HD pr0n on a bright 4″ cell screen. lol

  • rossi

    @ Bill

    Well obviously it’s not going to run as fast as my desktop computer. However, whocares and jay were basically saying that the legacy hardware found in the G1, mytouch, Cliq were all that is necessary in a phone. The droid and Iphone 3gs both offer better processors than the aforementioned tmobile options and don’t give up battery life to tmobile’s offerings either. According to specs the HTC HD2 should offer acceptable battery life with a much faster processor and a larger screen. That is currently the phone that I want, and I think the extra processor speed would be nice for my working application. Which, no fortunately or unfortunately(ha), does not include looking at offline super smooth HD pr0n.

    Basically, I am saying that there are many other reasons to want a faster processor on your phone than casual web browsing (or hardcore, hardcore porn watching).

  • Bill48105

    True, there are many different phones out there with varying processor speeds & capabilities but Mhz for Mhz they may not be equal speed wise or their power consumption. A great example is HTC Touch Diamond vs HTC S740. I’ve had both. The US Diamond has 1350mAh battery & s740 has 1000mAh. Both have 528Mhz Qualcomm processor (granted MSM7201a vs MSM7225) but the battery life on the Diamond is pitiful compared to the S740. (I mean real-life use no their lies printed on the box & spec sheets) They have different size screens (2.8″ vs 2.4″), one is touch & the other is not, one is Pro vs Std, among other things that are different but the S740 battery easily lasts 3-5x as long. The thinner 900mAh Diamond battery is even more sad & requires charging every few hours unless you never touch the phone. (Ironic considering it’s named the Touch lol) It just shows that specs aren’t always everything since processor wise they can do essentially the same thing. And phones can have other brand/type processors so they are even harder to compare. Anyway my point was, I for one would have MUCH rather had the Diamond have a slower or more efficient processor or whatever to make the battery last a reasonable amount of time than what we got and I’m sure many people would agree. And no I don’t mean doubling the battery size & requiring a thicker back like they did on the US Diamond to help band-aid it but a real answer. If you really want a super powerful processor on your phone I’m sure they can throw in an i7 but you’d need a really long extension cord to power that puppy. :D

    But I still wonder besides video wth could you be wanting to run on your cell phone that really needs a 1Ghz processor of any kind? You running SETI@Mobile or XBOX 360 emulator? :D Heck it wasn’t that long ago that computers were barely 500Mhz let alone 1Ghz lol

  • rossi

    @ bill

    I told you why I think a faster processor would be nice (which doesn’t involve watching hours of HD pr0n). There is also the fact that, in general, newer processors are designed to be more power efficient (especially mobile processors) or the software is tweaked to allow better cpu throttling etc.

    My point about looking at specs was backed up primarily by my mention of the Iphone 3gs having a superior processor but somehow managing similar or superior battery life compared to the Cliq, mytouch, G1. Therefore, one may conclude that a faster processor does not necessarily mean reduced real life use. It is dependent on many things (as illustrated by your example), and the faster processor adds to the usability of the device in day to day situations.

    Simply saying that a faster processor is not needed is contrary to the advance of technology, and in my opinion, blasphemous speech coming from a tech blog geek :) haha. Seriously though, Wouldn’t we all like our devices to be more powerful? Regardless of what you use it for? Even if you do not, technology will advance and faster processors will come out. I bet you will still buy one without thinking, “boy, I really shouldn’t buy this phone because the processor is unnecessary.”

    You’re right, it wasn’t that long ago that computers were 500 mhz, and I am really glad they didn’t stay at that clock frequency. :)

  • heres a tip for you ,the omnia2 has the same 3d cube ui implementation as the behold so, check out the omnia2 ui vids for clues into the new behold

  • SocietyOne


    You are my hero.

  • YanivC

    thanks for the link. So iy looks like this will have the 800 mhz cpu. awesome… i will be making this mine :)

  • Whocares


    Lol thank you

  • Joey

    Someone here provided a link, which showed the “alleged” specs of 800Mhz to the Samsung Behold 2. Can you provide that link, again?

  • heres a link to all the behold specs you can eat this is for real! so go and check it out.HTTP// this is courtesy of inhumanoid. just so you know its almost identical to the moment so thatrs a 800mhz processor with all the trimmings Forget what you know about the old behold its just a name this phone is a contender and i cant wait to sink my droid loving fingers into it. i would have to say that it is worthy of android 2.0

  • also i must thank TMOJOE and ARMO

  • tim

    Can anyone tell me if I should wait to buy the new behold or should I get the mytouch 3g

  • Anonymous

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