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While we work on a complete and total breakdown of the new T-Mobile Even More/Even More Plus rate plans, Fierce Wireless has put out a cheat sheet. Breaking down the offerings of the big 4, and showing the advantage of T-Mobile plans versus the competition, the breakdown will hopefully put out a few of the fires I’ve been reading in your comments. Conspicuously leaving out MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and other regional carriers who might otherwise offer competitive plans, T-Mobile remains focused on battling the national carriers who represent the greater competitive environment.

Judging by your emails and comments, there remains a great deal of misunderstanding and miscommunication stemming from the unveiling of these rate plans. Five days out of the gate, we understand there are still some kinks to be worked out. While some may find their current rates more valuable than new offers, the majority of customers–customers of larger, beefier competitors–may not. Comparatively priced, those on other networks can easily find the T-Mobile plans offering more for less. T-Mobile will continue to focus on maintaining and growing their value, with aim toward the higher arpu customer typically residing in the Verizon/AT&T camp. In the opinion of this author, T-Mobile should be ramping up its own marketing campaign against AT&T appealing to disgruntled iPhone owners. Touting a superior 3G network, especially in the metro areas where the predominant AT&T issues take place, T-Mobile is missing a valuable opportunity. Verizon is taking to AT&T and their woes; T-Mobile should be prepared to fight dirty as well. Nobody ever won a war by playing nice. The wireless industry is a constant war, T-Mobile needs to be prepared to win.

Fierce Wireless

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  • hott


  • BillShrink has updated their wireless plan analyzer so it will tell you who has the best deal for you based on your cell habits. Even More Plus with 500 minutes looks good to me.

  • acsteffy87

    i just called tmobile and they told me i have pay the ETF to switch to EvenMorePlus. There is no point to switch to the EvenMore rate plan because i would end up paying $5 more, plus i have a corporate discount that pretty much gets rid of all those nasty extra fees and taxes.

  • tmoRSA

    Tmobile won’t start their official advertisments that point out the advantages of the new plan vs other carriers until today. New advertisments are said to be launching today nationwide.

  • Oh and looks like the cheapest plan you can get with the Droid is $89.99/month. Come on T-Mobile, get a Droid killer. Or an Android 2.0 phone with a large screen and QWERTY keyboard. That’s all I want!

  • rossi

    Let’s see a breakdown of family plans… 1500 minutes as the max, then you have to jump to unlimited? AND then the extra lines cost 300 or 400% more than they do on the 1500 minute plans? hmm, yeah.. no thanks.

    Sure, Individual plans look great, family plans suck.

  • Jay

    Well these plans are “ok” for now. But with sprint its 129 for a family 1500 any time unlimited mobile to mobile to any carrier and unlimited txt and data. that’s 65 a person. Can T-mobile match or come close? Plus the Hero is $179

  • matt

    $130/month for at&t and verizon is for regular phones, not smartphones. It’s $150/month for smartphones.

  • Jay

    I am saying SPRINT is 130 for two lines. 1500 any time minutes, including unlimited txt and data. Plus unlimited mobile to mobile, thats a great plan. Tmobile is going to run you 150. and there mobile to mobile is only for their network, Sprints plan is for any network. I just feel in order to pass the competition you have to beat the competition. I have been with tmo for a long time about 8 years and this is the first time I thought about switching. Anyone think they will work something out for me?

  • Chris

    Holy crap..according to billshrink, I can save $632 over 2 years by moving to the Even More+ 500..currently I’m on myfavs 300 with unlimited text+data.

    The next best deal? Verizon, saving $133 over two years. No thanks :)

  • This again? Wow.

  • XProflmfao

    Lol. All I gotta say.

  • Yeah it’s ME

    @acsteffy87…I did live chat with a tmo rep online to make sure I didn’t have to pay an etf to switch to EM+ b/c an in store rep said I did…per the online chat you do NOT have to pay the eft…just the $35 migration fee…try doing live chat…you can even get the transcript of the conversation emailed to you or you can print it out

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I have a 1000 family plan with a Mytouch, memoir, and a curve 8320 with data on my Mytouch, unlimited text and insurance for 130 a month roughly. They said I’d save 10 dollars a month. I’ll just deal with what I have right now

  • Chris

    From what I’ve heard — if you have less than a year, you can go to an Even More Plus plan with just the migration fee. More than a year, and you have the ETF.

  • umaluver

    ugh no more plan news. we want handset news!

    how about that big SE announcement next week? is that for us?

  • Greven


    Even More Plus for families = $130 for two lines with unlimited everything.

  • rossi

    @ Greven

    Gotta compare the even more plans in that case…

    Nice try though.

  • Dennis

    They missed a category. Even More 500 Min + UL msging + UL Web for phones is also $60. ($59.98 actually) Includes option for subsidized free phones w/ 2 yr contract, or even Touch Screen Highlight for $150 after rebate (Or even better, $18.88 + tax in-store at Walmart).

  • rossi

    @ Chris

    Do you know if you are still bound by your old contract’s end date if you migrate with less than 365 days left? Would you still have to pay the etf if you switched to another carrier a month or two after your migration?

  • Greven


    Yes, you’re still bound by any contract you’re currently under.

    Regardless, what we all need to realize is that these plans are not geared toward current T-Mo customers, they’re geared toward other carriers’ customers. They need people to come to them, not just keep the ones they already have. This is why current customers can keep their grandfathered plans if there isn’t a significant savings. It may seem meh to you, because you’re used to low TMo prices, but consider the person in NYC whose AT&T plan just ended, and has been suffering with spotty, unreliable 3G coverage at $130/mo. Magenta just said to him, “Hey, come over to us. We’ll knock $50/mo off your bill, no contract required, you still get a major 3G carrier, and you can pay off your new phone over 20 months.” I’d call that a win.

  • Rob

    I believe that EMP for families runs $139 for two lines unlimited everything.
    Also keep in mind that you are not allowed any corporate discounts on the EMP plan…a lot of people get a 15% discount. Plus you also have to factor in that there is no phone subsidization on the EMP plan. So for two phones…you’d better plan on an additional 200-250 bucks to buy each of two phones. So that adds an additional 20-25 bucks per month over the course of 20 months…

    So that ‘alluring’ 139 dollar /month plan is really about a 159-164 dollar per month plan. Not nearly as good of a deal.

    And tack on another 15% for anyone that would normally qualify for a corporate discount. So if you are lucky enough to get a 15% off corporate discount…this 139.99 dollar plan is actually comparable to a 184-189 dollar/month plan from another carrier.

    Not sure why everyone looks at the wonderful EMP plans and forget about the added expense of buying phones…

    STILL am PISSED about losing MyFaves. I wish they would any MyFaves back to the plans. I would be completely happy with the new plans if they would just include MyFaves…PLEASE T-MO…give me my MyFaves back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Should we start a petition to bring back MyFaves???

  • david

    just switched to even more plus/500 mins literally like two mins ago
    all i had to pay was the 35 migration fee which came out to only like ten bucks more then my plan is now so its worth it in the end

    also something i didnt understand before
    you can buy a new phone with the 20 month payments deal
    it doesnt depend on a credit check and all that like it does now
    20 month is what it is…set
    pretty cool!
    so that was a huge factor for me :]
    i thought it still depended on a credit check


    When Will T-mobile Gets its Droid i gotta admit im a little disappointed how good the droid is yes im jealous t mobile needs the n900 bad but android is shaping up pretty fast especially the Google Turn By Turn Navigation that was the icing on the Cake Htc Needs 2 come with Snap Dragon Andriod Slide Out Keyboard Beast Thats Kicks The Droids But and Land it on T-Mobile…..Or Nokia should Maybe Consider making a Android??? although i do kinda like Mameo operating System Google kinda sold me with the Built in Navigation for free street view and flash 10 support plug-in built in for when its released in the first Quarter or i got one more Solution Hurry The Hell U and Make The G2 and make it do everything the droid can do plus more and we win!! The Unlimited Plans are cool even though some people are complaing they are pretty good 2 me..and im not worried about the 3G coverage they are moving pretty fast with that i Just want 2 see some Hot Mature Phones When u go to Cnet.com and look at There top 5 phone u see sprint has the hero Verizon has the Droid and At&T has The Iphone I Say Make The G2 More Powerful Skinny Sexy android 2.0 Better display plug-in for flash support big storage built in and we can’t lose if we can see this why can’t t-mobile I Swear T-mobile has monkeys working up top sometimes i think t mobile parent company DT needs 2 take it over and do it the right way

  • Matt

    What is the point of this? Basically it highlights just how soon the demise of the big 4 is coming. The prepaid are going to come marching in and slowly eat away at the customer base of even the lowest T-Mobile plan. Page Plus Cellular and Straight Talk offer Unlimited Talk/Text for much less than the big 4. Even relative new-comer, PlatinumTel is more competitive. The interesting thing is that the prepaids are competing directly with their suppliers and winning too.

  • Greven


    Let’s not get too carried away here, lower pricing does not equate to market takeover.

    As an example, let’s look at the PC market a few years back, when a decent computer still ran about $1000 (and by decent, I mean just that – not top-of-the-line, but not crap). Emachines came along and started making PCs with the same specs as the bigger companies for half the price.

    Where are they now?

    The fact is, most of the time you really do get what you pay for. Boost mobile, owned by Sprint, offers unlimited plans for half the price. They also offer about half the coverage, no 3G, none of the mobile TV options Sprint offers, and so on and so forth. For many people, that’s fine. Not everyone wants all the bells and whistles, and they’re the ones flocking to Boost and Straight Talk and MetroPCS. Then you have the business and high-end users who will never switch to them, even if it’s $100 cheaper. You can count me among those. I do need all the bells and whistles, I need top phone options, 3G speeds and beyond, GPS, reliable coverage, etc, and if it costs me a little more, then I’m glad to pay it.

  • Kershon

    Enough with the plans. They are what they are, like them or not. I want some news about the PHONZ I crave. And they aren’t released yet.

  • fort

    I have the $50 month loyalty plan with $24.99 unlimited data that gives me 400 text. This is crazy! For $5 more I can get unlimited everything. But I have to pay the $35 migration fee. So 35+60 =$95 in the first year. Just for being loyal.

  • progressiv

    What I am wondering is why the reps are saying two different things. I thought if you have a contract established before 10/25/098 you can switch to Even more plus with only a $35 fee, no ETF. But people keeps posting that reps are telling them they have to pay a ETF? Are they wrong? Cause if no, TMobile can officially suck it. I have been with Tmobile since 2003, and I missed the loyalty plan because I switched plans just before it was active. I would actually save money on the even more plus so it would be officially lame for them not to allow switch overs. I swear I have read that as long as you had a contract before 10/25/09 you can switch to even more plus BUT YOU ARE BOUND to your old contract just with the new prices.

  • Googly

    Ritz Camera has a clearance on T-mobile phones. Not quite the Droid we’ve been looking for but it might be interesting to EM+ folks who want to pick up some phones.

  • progressiv


    I just got off the phone with a rep and was told no ETF for switching to even more plus if contract was signed before 10/25/09. I was also told that the $35 migration fee for 2 phones is $35 total. So its not actually 35×2=$70, its a mere $15 per phone if u are switching over 2 phones. I was told if you have more than 2 phones, you have to pay more.

  • Ricardo

    I once was blind but now i see…
    Yesterday, i decided to leave my family plan and get an individual plan. Once my sister, the primary account holder agreed, i transfered into the Even More 500 minute web and text plan. My 34.99 web and text transfered over as well. After all was said and done, my final total was 85.99.
    I spent the rest of the day scratching my head, wondering why
    1, the bill was so high
    2 i still have to wait till the end of my contract to get a new phone.
    So i did some more research on the even more plus plan and after doing some numbers, realized that i
    1 would be paying 25 more dollars every month on the even more plan
    2 could get the Cliq on monday and only pay 20 dollars
    3 could put the 200 i saved for the cliq in my account and use that monthly to pay for the phone
    4 would not have to pay my first bill till december
    5 would still be able to pre order a premium phone like any contracted customer
    This plan is so great. All the benefits with no contract. I can literally get any new phone and only pay a 20th of the price to get it. I can also use my t mobile account like a bank. If in January, a new phone comes out, i can sell the Cliq, deposit those funds into my account and use that money to pay off my debt. AND THERE IS NOT INTEREST ON THE DEBT. This is the greatest thing since slice bread. Give these plans a chance guys. They are better then what we think they are.

  • Manuel635

    Man i need to get in on this even more plus plan!

  • Scuzzy19

    I just switched to the even more plus on my family plan with 4 lines and I just ended up saving 56$ a month and got 500 more minutes on my plan to boot I had to pay the 35$ to migrate to the new plan on two of the lines which brings my first bill to about the same which I was paying already.

    I had them predate my plan change to the beginning of my billing cycle so this month I will see my regular bill but reap the benefits of the added minutes. I so far love the new plans mainly because its saving me 56$ a month so that amounts to ~672$ so im VERY happy with the new plans

  • Robert

    Wow.. how about being shill for the company. “Comparitively speaking you get more for less”? You mean less services right? T-Mobile has YET to put out a decent phone that we all crave… and then the ‘services’ they don’t offer also don’t get play by you… such as TV, GPS with voice navigation, etc etc. So basically you ‘might’ pay less… but you’re not getting nearly as much anyway. Next time how about some truth in advertising?

  • rossi

    I guess the thing I don’t understand is that these people had the option to get the same myfaves plan that I currently have for two years, and they didn’t come.

    Then you guys tell me that these plans aren’t geared towards people like me who have been enjoying tmobile’s lower prices for a long time, instead they’re geared towards attracting the other network’s customers. The irony here is that the old prices were better than the new ones, but you guy’s say the new plans will attract the other companies customers because they’re cheaper? Huh? Can you wrap your mind around that?

    I get the feeling that the real reason the other carriers have larger subscriber bases is because they offer them something more than simply cheaper plans. Yes, I am saying they have more customers because they offer more coverage and better phones.

    By the way, bill shrink says that tmobile’s new plans would cost me $900 more every two years than what I currently have. The interesting part is that Verizon and AT&T it would only be $450 to switch to either one… I guess my situation may be unique…

  • FILA

    ERIN i think your hott! ;-) your rarely see girls on “fanboys” websites like this, usually just guy geeks, no offense to any other females out there.

    Anyways, for all of us on here, were way to geeky and to intelligent to the average consumer out there looking for plans. They dont dig through shit like we do, and thou we all know this isnt the wisest decision for T-Mobiles strategy maybe the average person in the mall will seem to think so. But Im gettin screwed. You know I dont talk much so 500 min and unlimited text and data is great for me. but what really came in handy was myFavs which I guess is gone now. What about those times when Im gonna talk for someone longer then my 8.3 hours then my contract allows me to each month, then im screwed. Unlimited minutes and text and data for the PLUS plan will run me $80 a month, thats $5 more then what Im paying now with myFavs and unlimited text and data. Thats where there screwing us. them myFavs really helped out.

    another thing, I guess were not being FORCED to upgrade to one of these plans. I mean I guess were still gonna have myFavs till that day we go in the store and change over? Or are they giving us a time limit to switch over. And I think its bullshit that theres NO WAY to cross between PLUS plan and back to classic without gettin a new number. What if 5 years down the road (granted they still have these plans) I want to change plans, Id have to re-sign up and get a new number. WHATTTT crazy.

    G1v2 coming 1st quarter 2010

  • Tournstone

    @rossi, your situation is not that unique. And I think some one let a couple of t-mobile marketing people in here. Wow, that sounded prepared. Price is meh, looks like it might work for some. But value is not price alone. Been with t-mobile for many years. Really wanted that n900. Tonight, we are moving on.

  • sprinter

    It is just like the b.s. our of Washington…no matter how you spin it, promote it or package it…the facts are the facts. The facts are this is a downward pricing adjustment for Tmobile that brings them to about the same level as sprint. It is a huge yawn….the response from Sprint, ATT and Verizon has been “T who”

    We were promised a great game changer by all the “in the know” people. Hell they made people sign non-disclosures for this. Where are the great new handsets, the aggressive 3G rollout…the amazing rates. You can try to pump it..you can advertise it…hell you can make all the charts and graphs you want – but at the end of the day it is a non-event. Oh, and the family plans totally suck. the price of data on each line is just silly!

  • keekolacita

    No one HAS to switch to the new plans if they want to keep their old one. I LOVE MyFaves- no one can take them away from me. I have my 300 minutes- which I never touch- and use THOUSANDS to the peeps I can’t stop talking to. And even though no NEW customers can get them- TMobile will let me keep them until my 300 minutes is no longer sufficient for me. My dad still has a TMobile plan from 2000 that gives him 3 day weekends- and they haven’t and WON’T make him change plans. PLUS, the coverage in my area keeps getting better and better every week! THAT is the kind of customer service TMobile talks about being award winning. And it’s why my fam will never leave the magenta landscape!!

  • @ FILA, lol thanks, I’m a big nerd though.

  • Ricardo

    A really really cute nerd, Erin.

  • BronxBebe

    TMOBILE commercials are out for the new plans and MOTO CLIQ during the WS.

  • urbanrio

    “While some may find their current (actually former) rates more valuable than new offers, the majority of customers, customers of larger, beefier competitors may not.”

    It is logical to conclude that if the former rate plans offered more value than the new plans for some, then the former plans would also offer more value than the new plans for the customers for “larger, beefier competitors.”

    Basically from what I have been able to surmise about these new plans is if you were on a MyFavs plan you will be planing about 5.00 more a month with the new plans. If you were not on a MyFavs plan you will be paying less.

    To my surprise you don’t have to switch plans…not even if you want to add data to an existing MyFavs plan. I just added data to my MyFavs 300 plan and bought a new subsidized Cliq for 200.00.

  • rossi

    @ Urbanrio

    “It is logical to conclude that if the former rate plans offered more value than the new plans for some, then the former plans would also offer more value than the new plans for the customers for “larger, beefier competitors.”

    That’s exactly what I am saying. Really, that’s not even deniable when it comes to data. Old price for data with 400 messages was $25 or unlimited data and messaging at $35. They took away messaging and put the price for unlimited data at $30. Hmm, not so tricky now are we? What a joke. It actually pains me to see tmobile’s marketing try to sell themselves as something they are not. “Nationwide 3G network” “phones you crave” “Coverage you need” etc, etc.

    3G= “let’s throw a few towers in the centers of a few big cities across the nation! Check.”
    Phones= “Let’s give them the Cliq, I know everyone wants that. (I guess it’s a good thing we are releasing all this before DROID hits the market) Check.”
    Coverage= “Yeah, sure, if you are in a major city or along a large highway you’ll be fine. Verizon? they must cheat or something. Check.”
    New Plans= “let’s force everyone to go to an unlimited plan if they have a family, that’ll increase our income, and they’ll ‘think’ they’re getting the best value. check.”
    Hmm, now to market this all… “Nationwide 3g network, phones you crave, coverage you need, value.” “hehehehe, they’ll never figure out that we increased our arpu (at least for family plans) and changed nothing else! WIN!”

    I sincerely hope the phones, 3g, voice coverage, and prices change in the next 6 months or we’re gone(I’d probably leave earlier out of spite except I will not pay the etf). I mean seriously, verizon offers me a family plan that would cost me $10 more than my current plan per month, but I would double my minutes, retain 10 unlimited numbers, and get a better network. Why SHOULD I stay? Well, I actually love the look and specs of the HD2 so far, so I may stick around a while longer if that baby comes around. Luckily I am in a city where 3G happens to be downtown (3 mile radius or so)

  • taylor

    i know this has nothing to do with nothing, but tmo needs to STEP THEIR GAME UP! when it comes to android, its like they get us all excited like yay new phone then some other carrier comes in and BEASTS tmo, and the customers are stuck, honestly i just want them to figure it out, because i do believe that tmo is the under dog, but i do think they could be the TOP dog if they just stepped their phone game up!

  • JB6464

    T-mobile can have all the plan changes they want,but if they don’t improve better 3g coverage and bring in those hand sets we all crave people are Not going to jump ship to T-mobile from other carriers.

  • Rhino

    I looked hard at switching to the Even More Plus plan, and would have gotten 50% more minutes and unlimited text (instead of 400/mo) and saved $5 per month. What kept me from switching was the ridiculous $35/line “migration fee”. At $5 savings per month, it would have taken 14 months to see any savings. I just don’t understand why T-mobile wants to penalize out of contract customers like me for switching plans.

  • There are no disgrunted AT&T iPhone users. There isn’t anything else that comes close. T-mobile is not competing with AT&T or Verizon — it’s a battle for 3rd place. Too bad.

    • David

      There are no disgruntled AT&T iPhone users? Right…you need to do a little research on disgruntled, at&t and iPhone my friend!

  • Kickstar13

    I’m disgusted with AT&T. Cancelling as soon as there is an unlock solution for the 3GS on the new firmware.

  • NIck

    First of all if I hear T-mobile claim “a Nation-wide” 3g network one more time I might kill somebody. It is the furthest thing from nation-wide. It is the smallest 3g out of the big 4, and not even close to 3rd. Sometimes when in a 3g area (Detroit) I still wouldn’t get 3g, it just depends on the time of the day.

    @Twitch110 how are you paying 80 or 90 for you and your wife if you where paying 130 before? there is no plan that would allow you to pay 80 or 90 for a family plan.

    I think there are a lot of T-Mo fan boys on here that are just happy because T-mo told them they should be. Well Im not! I think these new plans are crap. I cant believe they got rid of the fav 5. I think that proves how weak they are. As soon as all the other carriers started offering the same thing they had to come up with a new gimic to get people excited about. Too bad this gimic blows. Give me a break no contract, really thats suppose to mean something. why would anyone get excited about paying full price on a phone ($399 for a G1) that you would probably break the payments up on over a 20 month period sure sounds like a contract to me. Or lets say you bye the phone outright, then you have a $400 phone that works on tmobile and if you want to switch carriers your options will be limited to At&t (Sprint and Verizon are cdma) and At&t doesn’t even use the same 3g bands! So like I said you would have to be a pretty big fan boy to be excited about this.

    The Sprint $60 ($129 for 2 lines) plan is the best plan out there with 450(1500 for 2 lines) and unlimited to and from any mobile # unlimited web/Text and all other data services like Navigation tv nfl and nascar. Way better deal. I wish tmobile would have thought of this deal first!

  • TomCruise

    its all about choices, in plans and phones.

    give people choices, avg phones to great phones. cheap plans to expensive plans.

    its not always about only cheap, if it was then 1G iphone wouldn’t have been a success as it was not subsidized.

    tmobile never really had a great choice in phones. 1 or 2 ok phones and all other avg/bad phones at any point of time.

    they atleast had a good choice of plans. different usage limits etc.

    too bad they took that away too. now no choice in phones, no choice in plans.

    for family either take 750 or 1500 mins or go unlimited. what if somebody uses only 1600-1700 mins a month? they have to pay whole $40 extra (w/o any corp discounts added) before tax.

    and no myfaves? they could’ve left that option along with UMA and these plan offerings would’ve been golden.

    i’ll live my contract out and when its up, i’ll go for the hottest phone irrespective of carrier. my loyalty to tmo is no mo’.

  • Charlie

    as a t-mobile sales rep, and a very knowledgable one at that about the wireless product, i chose to leave AT&T for t-mobile due to superior customer satisfaction. yes, t-mobile is behind a bit in the 3g game, but hearing it frontline on a regular basis, i have had an increase in AT&T users, Sprint users, and Verizon users enter my stores because of the new plans they heard about. these plans still offer a myfaves optional, so no one fret- the myfaves are still available, you just wont be on a myfaves plan. customers from all walks of life in the wireless industry (meaning from all of the carriers) are interested and thrilled about the affordable plans. t-mobile has fuull intention of being nationwide 3g by the end of the year, with rumored plans to move to 4g by the end of 2010 (and those rumors are internal). The generated revenue for the company (or at least in my market , division, AND region) has been great!!!!!! In my 1 year at t-mobile, i have never seen so much hype for us. When i worked for AT&T, i couldnt even tell you what t-mobile was…and did that a little over a year ago. I believe this will truly change the face of the wioreless industry. i really do.

  • Marc

    @charlie, you’re the first person I’ve heard saying that myfaves is still here? How can someone get that? and the thing that pissed me off the most about this whole thing is no corp discount on EM+, that’s ridiculous.

  • rossi

    @ Charlie

    My question for is, when can I get a strawberry snow cone? You frosted the rest of big magenta there, so I figure you might as well send some the customer’s way!

  • Bill48105

    We’ve seen MyFaves is available as add-on to UNLIMITED plans (which is stupid because it defeats the purpose since you already have unlimited) otherwise it’d just be a glorified quick-dial. Are you telling us the unlimited MyFaves add-on is available for the new non-unlimited plans? If so I’ll jump for joy! Even more if you tell me T-Mobile did an about-face & has unlimited WiFi UMA calling add-on for non-unlimited plans too. Don’t be a tease! :D

    I’ve been told by numerous res there IS a corp discount on Plus plans. Sort of.. It qualifies you to waive the $35 fees and applies to monthly ADD-ON’s but NOT the base monthly rate. I know, I know not exactly the same & why I said ‘sort of’ but don’t say it’s not available because it is, just not completely. ;)

  • Charlie

    @Marc- the myfaves option is still available.

    there are no other unlimited options at this time, because the majority of customers dont want to pay for any addition add-ons like the wifi-calling. i can assure you i have sold that feature MAYBE once in my year tenure at t-mobile. the corporate discount is not necessary for the plus plans because the discounted rate plans far exceed the discount you would receive on a full price plan… lets say Verizon– non unlimited plan, unlimited web browsing for blackberry…say around 130 a month- with a 20% discount, that drops your bill to about 112. on the Even More Unlimited TTW plan for 79.99, you are STILL saving $32 a month…the average savings are beyond normal and are definitely NOT the industry standard.

    from a front line employee–i ask…what more do you people want?!? t-mobile has always been the value leader, and we have continued to show that with groundbreaking offers unheard of in the industry…first to launch myfaves, now the first of the big 4 with the most affordable unlimited everything plan WITHOUT a contract….in fact, we’re the only company that doesnt require deposit OR contract! isnt this what people want in a rate plan? we’re a european company, so we make european decisions…

    and about the snow cone….what are you talkin about??!?

  • bob48167

    T-Mobile has really blown it. All the hype and they can’t even get their web site correct for there new plans. Even more plus family talk & text 750 four lines comes to $100 = 70 + 10 (third line) + 10 (fourth line) + 10 data on one line. Even more plus family talk & text 1500 same four lines same $100 = 80 + 5 (third line) + 5 (fourth line) + 10 data on one line. So then you decide to go look at the Even more plan family 750 $120 =60 + 10 (third line) + 10 (fourth line)+ 10 x 4 for messaging because there in no family messaging option. And you can’t even tell how much data is for one line because the only thing offered is free trial for data with no price shown for after trial is over.

    Incompetent buffoons

  • Rossi

    It’s a joke, a poor one, I’ll admit. However, you came in here talking about how everything is so rosey with tmobile. “4g Internet end of 2010” etc, etc. So… You were being unrealistic therefore so was I.

    Charlie, the ‘plus’ plans are not a huge savings… Not when you add the price of the phones in there. There’s much less savings on the family plans as well. Honestly, we want our coverage expanded, especially 3g (at least), and for god’s sake… PHONES! No, not the cliq or mytouch! Something that’ll make the other carriers envious.

  • Bill48105

    I guess I need to call into TMobile support again & see if I can add unlimited myfaves to one of the new plans for a reasonable amount & if so I’ll be less critical of the new plans. As I’ve said numerous times it’s like Tmobile is trying to force anyone who actually uses their phone at all to go unlimited everything. Especially more troubling with the family plans since each additional line is $40/$30 now. We have 5 lines! Price that out unlimited & you’ll see what I mean. It is especially sick when you consider 1 line is @home (NO INTERNET OR TXT NEEDED and already unlimited), 2 lines do 200-300 minutes per month NEVER use internet or txt & don’t need it & the other 2 lines do 700-900 minutes per month. So you see unlimited is a waste but 1500 minutes isn’t enough. MyFaves & unlimited WiFi helped with that. None of the people we call are TMobile btw, other than to each other. So we’re stuck between a rock & hard place with the current plans. We’d do 1500 but we’d have to watch our minutes very carefully or get raped with $0.40/min overages or we might consider the unlimited plan except as I said not all the users need unlimited & the $10/$15 200 minute add-on is worthless for us unless we want to get reamed with $0.40/min overages. (All they’d have to do is go over the included 200 by 50 measly minutes & they’ve already racked up $20 in overages that would equal if we had done unlimited..) Again, the unlimited mfaves or unlimited wifi calling on top of the 1500 would help us a lot, assuming it was priced right too.

    As far as very few people getting unlimited wifi calling, that is mostly the SUPER limited selection of phones that support UMA but also how confusing TMobile made it with hotspot@home this, @home phone that, wifi hotspot that, “requires special Tmobile branded wifi router/adapter” lies/misinformation. If all TMobile phones supported UMA wifi calling & TMobile didn’t have such confusing names for the different things it’d be MUCH more popular. I think most people who got UMA calling was because their TMobile coverage sucked ballz & they did research & found it on accident when looking for boosters or the new femtocell boxes all the other carriers have. (Remember that now TMobile went from leader-of-the-pack in home signal “booster” to bottom of the bunch now that all the other carriers have femtocell devices & TMobile seems to be dropping UMA) Anyhow, You can’t be too surprised there are so few people getting a feature under those circumstances especially when TMobile didn’t exactly push it and almost hid it like they were ashamed of it or scared people might abuse it.

  • Bill48105

    PS. It’s BULL that there is only unlimited TXT or INTERNET (or pay per use) on the new plans. (It doesn’t show as add-on for Plus via web site because you have to pic the TXT-included plan. And on the site you can’t do Plus with unlimited Internet WITHOUT having Unlimited TXT.) Again, TMobile trying to force people to go unlimited and BAD for business since not everyone wants all-you-can-eat or rip-off pay per use rates.

  • JB6464

    @ Charlie , You state : “from a front line employee–i ask…what more do you people want?!?”
    We want All the New High-End Smartphones to be available ! Not just the limited Andriod and WM phones that Tmo offers now.
    What are the phones we crave ? Is T-mobile going to give us a real answer and line-up of phones were going to crave ? Or instead leave us in the dark wishing for the phones Verizon and Sprint are releasing and we get the Cliq and MyTouch which don’t hold a candle in quality and specs like the Moto Droid,HD2,Hero,etc,etc.
    And how long are they going to wait to release the new phones we crave ? Hope it’s not until next year,by then the other three will release more phones we really crave.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    In terms of how Project Dark is doing, it’s a dud IMHO. How so? Well I have not heard media talking about any aspect of it, nothing about the plans, nothing about phones.

    To T-Mo’s defense, I don’t think it ever said that PD was coming, that it would be game changing and that it would squash the competition.

    Nope, it was in fact just rumors and gossip, the main points started by a bogus leaker on Boy Genius.

    Turns out PD is simply a reconfiguration of plans and pricing. And instead of being simple, customers once again need a calculator and chart to figure out what is what.

    This is a far cry from the rumored unlimited everything at newsworthy prices.

    And there’s no handsets from T-Mo. At least nothing that has made the news.

    Seems to me the only people thinking that PD was a big deal are T-Mo employees. The customer/consumer has not bothered to even yawn.

    In contrast, I saw the national news (ABC and NBC) cover an “iPhone killer, give Apple a run for its money phone, the Droid to be offered by Verizon.

    Sheesh… who needs ads when your featured phone is being talked about for free on the news.

    So the Motorola Droid is on the national news and what does anyone know about what T-MO is offering?

  • ADAM V

    @ Marc. OH NO you’re only saving sooo much money compared to AT&T VZW and even Sprint and you’re not signing a contract and you STILL want a Corp Discount? What else would you like? A free MyTouch with no commitment, let me guess? Wow, go to another big 4 carrier then if TMO is soo horrible. Jeez, you people make me sick.

  • ADAM V

    @bob48167 …family text is 20 dollars…go find that elsewhere :) or how about text and web unlimited for 40…yeah this is such a rip off. LOL

  • akil

    you people are so retarded on here t-mobile is saving you so much money

    “not when you add in the price of phones”

    listen up u dumb @#$$#$%^$% #$%$# #(*^……………. sorry
    anyway regular plans require a 2 year contract this requires no contract and gives you the option to pay for the phone over 2yrs, the average person will wait for a phone they really want to come out b4 the get it,so all those months you wait b4 you choose to get a phone your saving lots of money, this way your plan is way cheaper and its not like you have to buy a phone at the time you start the plan and plus just go on ebay if thats the case

  • rossi

    @ Akil

    Listen up, dumb @#$$#$%^$% #$%$# #(*^, just because it adds flexibility to your contract and the ability to buy whatever phone you want, whenever, does NOT mean that it saves you money. I am SORRY you could not comprehend that. If you think for one second that Tmobile would rather have you buy a phone from ebay, etc you have another thing coming. Does Even more Plus give you options? yes. Is it cheaper? Maybe, Maybe not (NOT in my case). According to the calculations I (and others) have done, it ends up being a wash (between even more and even more plus). Great, no contract. That is a plus, but you are not really saving any money by the time you add in the cost of your phone (that is, if you buy the latest and greatest at retail price). That was my point. I am sorry you missed it.

    By the way, every Tmobile rep I have talked to says that the new plans ARE NOT saving me ANY money. I find this hilarious because I have a vanilla myfaves family plan. Yes, this includes the PLUS plans. Therefore, I still have subsidies and save money over the PLUS options. To cover MY usage, I save $100 a month over the plus plan my family’s usage would require. With that kind of savings, I can buy new phones when I am not eligible for upgrade at full retail and still pay less than you. Isn’t that great?

  • akil

    lmfao @rossi chill out and yea i can comprehend it i was in a rush so i didnt feel like filling in all of my arguments

    i was more so talking about the ppl who are talkin bout leaving t mobile and going to verizon or at&t (sprint makes sense) and i’ve been reading alot of comments too and alot of people have been complaing because they only save $10-20 and because of that they want to go to another phone service but if no plans had been mentioned most ppl wud be content still and that confuses me somewhat $%@#$%@#%#^$% lol