Unlimited Plan Breakdown


While we work on a complete and total breakdown of the new T-Mobile Even More/Even More Plus rate plans, Fierce Wireless has put out a cheat sheet. Breaking down the offerings of the big 4, and showing the advantage of T-Mobile plans versus the competition, the breakdown will hopefully put out a few of the fires I’ve been reading in your comments. Conspicuously leaving out MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and other regional carriers who might otherwise offer competitive plans, T-Mobile remains focused on battling the national carriers who represent the greater competitive environment.

Judging by your emails and comments, there remains a great deal of misunderstanding and miscommunication stemming from the unveiling of these rate plans. Five days out of the gate, we understand there are still some kinks to be worked out. While some may find their current rates more valuable than new offers, the majority of customers–customers of larger, beefier competitors–may not. Comparatively priced, those on other networks can easily find the T-Mobile plans offering more for less. T-Mobile will continue to focus on maintaining and growing their value, with aim toward the higher arpu customer typically residing in the Verizon/AT&T camp. In the opinion of this author, T-Mobile should be ramping up its own marketing campaign against AT&T appealing to disgruntled iPhone owners. Touting a superior 3G network, especially in the metro areas where the predominant AT&T issues take place, T-Mobile is missing a valuable opportunity. Verizon is taking to AT&T and their woes; T-Mobile should be prepared to fight dirty as well. Nobody ever won a war by playing nice. The wireless industry is a constant war, T-Mobile needs to be prepared to win.

Fierce Wireless

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