T-mobile Tap Gallery


When we first heard about the T-Mobile Tap we didn’t give it a passing thought, billed as just another “smart” dumbphone. These pictures, however, show a little more under the hood than we originally thought as the device looks to imitate smartphone charm without the smartphone muscle. With html browsing courtesy of web2go, GPS and a 2 megapixel camera the T-Mobile Tap looks perfectly suited for the individual looking for something eye catching and yet, simple. Look for it to drop November 11th. Check out the images in the gallery and voice your thoughts on the Tap in the comments!

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  • am456


  • jam012

    this looks like the wing

    • Lloyd

      No, it IS the sprint touch

  • Maryam

    Does it require a data plan? It looks like the Samsung TouchWiz interface.

  • Craiger

    Any word on price?

  • CMK

    I heard it will be $650.00 with a 2 year agreement or $4500.00 to buy it without a contract.

  • Megabonix

    Unless they’re selling it for $49.99 it’s got FAIL written ALL over it… :-|

  • matt

    Seems about right…

  • ogn1463

    Yea, i think CMK’s pricing is pretty accurate…haha

  • RWWackoStu

    Does this have UMA/WIFI capability?

  • phoneking13

    i guess no new 3G launches huh? :/

  • Anthony in Utah

    @ Phoneking13 T-Mobile is still expanding the 3G coverage across the nation… just wait and be patient. Where are you located?

  • Koloheboy

    So they decided to roll this Tap first then the BB9700? How dare them LOL

  • Nerdlust

    Sweet keep em coming! Some(most) people want a simple phone.

  • Nerdlust

    does if require a data plan?

  • yor PAPPI

    Well just another crappy phone courtesy of HTC wow what a load of shit TMO gets . they settle for anything .I bet if i sold TMO a roll of toilet paper an told them this is the next iPhone killer they would believe me an try to sale you that roll of toilet paper to any dumb-ass that would buy it .Cmon people don’t believe the hype about there stupid phones

    • kershon

      yor PAPPI — GO TROLL YOUR BULLSHIT ON SOMEOTHER SITE! Who you working for ATT or VZ?

  • laCandela

    I still need to go to the store and play with the phones that’s the only way although I’m hoocked on BB I might wait to c what the other companies r goin to offer 4 the hollidays I’m ready to leave TMO

  • That looks crappy… very crappy.

  • is that touch wiz…

  • Lee

    HTC? I thought this was from Huwaii (or however you spell that). Does it have soft qwerty keyboard like the Highlight?

    Re: Data – per TMo chat & web site, Highlight is now Phone First device, so I would assume this would be treated the same way.

    I think it’s great idea, their are lots of people that want something that looks good, and has the coolness feature of a touch phone, without having to mess with all the burden a full smart phone can give you. And yes, yes you can use the term Luddite if it makes you fell better :)

  • kevin

    Looks old and ugly! Oh, is this a free phone??

  • kevin

    Tmobile needs help. What a F#@King joke.

  • Drizzle

    @yor Pappi…its not HTC so stop your ignorant ranting. Besides, there has to be all levels of phones from high end to the lows. This is meant to appeal to people on a tight budget who want a touch screen phone.


    is it made by samsung

  • James

    I hate to beat on a old horse ( that is the saying right?), but this phone better be $49 or less. If it is $99, then FAIL!!! The iPhone 3G, Palm Pixi and HTC Eris are going to be/are priced at $99. Instead of this phone, why not pick up the HTC Tattoo? Android and HTC sense in a compact package for $79 would be a hit for Tmo.

  • steven

    Made by HUAWEI as you can see from the battery. Appears to have Samsung’s Touchwiz interface?

  • NiiDiddy

    I think this phone will be around $129.99…and it will eventually fall under the $100 mark after a few months. And I bet a lot of T-Mo customers who like their feature phones, but want the simplicity of a touchscreen [just to say they have one] and dont necessarily care about the functionalities some of us on this blog care about – will go for this phone.

    It’s definitely not for majority of us on here…but it will still sell to the “others” as I have described above in paragraph 1.


  • NiiDiddy

    Also, I dont think it will require a data plan like the Androids do – and I hope y’all understand why Androids require a data plan. If not – let me know and I will try to explain as I understand it!

    And yes…interface of the Tap resembles the TouchWiz!!

  • Mardenator

    WinMo?? Touchwiz?? android?? these are the questions that haunt me..

  • theguy

    this phone is 129.99 with a 50.00 MIR and will take the 9.99 W2G plan. its replacing the behold. the behold 2 will now be a smart phone. so that will give tmobile 2 touch screen phones that dont need data, the Tap and Highlight.

  • J-Hop2o6


    its made by HUAWEI.. but damn that looks like TouchWiz by Samsung.. but who cares.. can’t wait to recieve my TP2 in the mail tomorrow =)

  • Gundam509

    Honestly, I played around with this phone and its a nice pile of dung! The display resolution i amongst the worst displays ive seen in a very long time. You guys can just pass on this thing, not even worth it! I personally wouldnt take it even if someone paid me, well ok, i lied i’ll take if they paid me thats about it!

  • Blaine

    This phone is T-Mobile trying to tap into the low end touch screen department. It’s the convenience of a touchscreen with an affordable price tag. Don’t think it will do well? Let me draw your attention to three phones: the LG KP500, the Samsung S5230, and the Samsung S5600. All three of those phones are low end, and have sold millions of units since their release. There is a definately a market for this type of phone so this phone does have a decent probablity of doing well.

  • moondog

    Another lower end phone for Tmo- what a surprise ;)

  • ken robinson

    It looks like it doesn’t have an onscreen qwerty keyboard just the old style phone keys-tap the abc button 3 times to get to the c? That’s lame!

  • IwantToKnow

    lol this looks like my old vx6900 aka the htc touch which was the worst htc phone ive had what a waste of money they should just use this money to update the 3g towers thats what we need not this crap

  • -ray

    So T-mobile is not marketing to tweens anymore.. Just to small kids now….

  • here4knowledge

    the phone is gonna sell for 79.99 on a two year and it isnt made by htc it is huawei

  • ken

    does it have a landscape full qwert keyboard?

  • Brian

    I just got back from the T-Mobile store and checked this phone out while I was there. The screen wasn't very responsive. It reminded me of the Behold and the TouchWiz interface. Not a bad price though. The phone was very light weight and felt good in the hand. The resistive screen is a deal breaker.

    • Brian

      Oh by the way it is a Huweai (sp?) phone not HTC.

  • Tahir

    Does it need a data plan???

  • Rena

    I just got the Tap over the weekend. It works great! Love it so far. You DO NOT have to have a data plan with this phone and we don’t. It’s very simple to use and does come with a full touch keyboard when you turn the phone to the side for texting (that was something I had to go to the T-Mobile store and play with the phone to find out). One complaint have is when you take a photo, the photo saves at a 90 degree angle and you have to edit it to turn it. Oh and one more thing, when putting in contacts, make sure you change the settings to save to your sim card first or it will only save to your phone and you will have to copy each contact to your sim card.

  • Nick

    glad to hear that it has a QWERTY when you turn it, that was determining weather or not i was going to get this phone

  • delilia

    i just ordered it today for 150.00 because i have the samsung t819 and i hate it besides being brown its plain and there are no good covers for it so i bought the tap in berry color and i am pumped to get it.I will let you all know how it works,since your all belly aching without ever have tested the phone.

  • erasable

    i have a g1 still and im considering getting this phone. i know that sounds like a downgrade and thats exactly what im looking for. i just want a nice simple phone for now. maybe in a few months ill get back into the smartphone state of mind. but right now the tap seems to be nice step back.

    • Aimeeramirez2237

      I have a tmobile tap for sale right now nothing wrong with it just switched phone companys.Iveonly had it 2 months asking 65 for it

  • Akiza

    tap looks like a good phone n its 50.00 with a plan