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TmoNews Goes Hands On With The webConnect Rocket And Dell Mini 10


So my streak of T-Mobile luck continued this morning with a one-on-one with some super super nice T-Mobile PR folks who allowed me some hands-on time with the Dell Mini 10 and webConnect Rocket.  Let me just say, the webConnect Rocket is fast, very fast.  The Dell Mini 10 is no slouch in the speed department either but the webConnect Rocket is the real story. It’s been one thing for me to read the reviews from [read full article]

Dell Mini 10 Now Available

The Dell Mini 10 netbook is now available from T-Mobile.com.  It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic day for T-Mobile with the release of something for everyone, the HTC HD2, Nokia Nuron and, for you road warriors out there, the netbook!  Let me just go on record as saying I have my netbook with me at CTIA and it is perfection to carry around and use.  I feel quite … [read full article]

Dell Mini 10 Pricing

Update: Apparently there is a little confusion over the 3G connection and the Dell Mini 10. The webconnect services are built in, just the same as a Verizon or AT&T netbook comes with the service pre-configured. The same goes for T-Mobile here. The netbook is, by all accounts, a road warrior’s dream.  Lightweight with a lengthy battery and mostly capable hardware, the netbook has the computer industry in a frenzy.  Thus far, T-Mobile has remained idle … [read full article]