Dell Netbook Makes Another Cameo

2010-02-26 17.58.27

If you hadn’t yet started to believe that T-Mobile would finally unveil its first 3G equipped netbook, this image might sway you into becoming a believer.  Unfortunately, the details we want most, exact pricing and release date (still placing our money on March 24th), are nowhere to be found but I think this puts to rest any disbelief that T-Mobile was about to roll out its first Netbook.  The only solid piece of information here is the price category, “less than $200″. We’ll have to wait and see how pricing actually plays out as AT&T and Verizon currently sell the bulk of their Netbook line for $199 and below.  Put the price point any higher and T-Mobile better offer up one hell of a rate plan for this as the smaller 3G footprint will require some incentive to get customers on board.  I hope that we’ll get all the answers to  pricing questions and release date soon, very soon.

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