All U.S Android Handsets To Get 2.1 Goodness?


Here is some news that will definitely excite those of you running an outdated version of the Android OS on your handset.  The guys over at AndroidandMe are reporting that ALL U.S Android handsets will get an update to Android 2.1.  But there’s a catch!  Processor speeds will prevent all of them from receiving every single feature that is present on the Nexus One, such as live wallpapers.  Nonetheless, the handset will have the Android 2.1 firmware.

Additionally, select Android phones will require a wipe when they are upgraded to Android 2.1, and some will have to do a PC install for the upgrade.  U.S carriers and Android handset manufacturers are currently working out the details of the 2.1 upgrade and deciding whether or not to send out the update via an OTA or make users upgrade using a PC.  If the update were to be installed from a PC, there would most likely be an application included to backup all the content on your Android handset.  AndroidandMe also claims  that all of this is set to take place in Q2 (April/May/June) of this year with the G1 and the myTouch the initial two first-gen handsets to get Android 2.1.  Until we have further confirmation, this is going under the rumors column for now!

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  • yay this means we will finally have video drivers, not going back to unrooted firmware though too slow!

  • My G1 is still going strong and serving me very well. The long fabled 2.1 update would sure breathe new life into it and make it all the more useful. But…like all previous Android update rumors, leaks, reports, hunches, etc…I’ll believe it when I see it. :-)

    • Jak Crow

      I’ve already got a G1 running 2.0, and running it smoothly. 2.1 will not be that big of a jump for mine.

  • Dalton

    This sounds awesome. But I honestly am not all that excited for 2.1. But still. Awesomeness.

  • FILA

    Well this sounds cool, Im kinda upset about not having the live wallpapers, which I can understand but really, there will come a day where Android will be just to much for slow 528 phones like the G1 and MyTouch and any other 528 phone out there to handle that you’ll be pretty much forced to upgrade if you want future Android versions.

    • Paul Roberts

      the wallpapers work with the openeclair rom, think you need to update the spl though.

    • J-Hop2o6

      my Touch Pro2 handles live wallpapers just fine.. they’re juss feedin’ u guys lies.. i have Android 2.1 running from my 6 class 8GB sd card from SanDisk.. alot of things work like 3G, marketplace, calls, txt, ect.. so i dont know why they would hold live wallpapers back.. but the more heavy graphic live wallpapers chug along tho.. but its because we only have software rendering, and not hardware accel. yet.. but the devs are making FAST progress since late december.. so ya’ll should check more of this info over at xda

      • J-Hop2o6

        oh yea.. the TP2 also uses that crappy 528 7201 qualcomm process like the g1, mt3g, and etc.. HTC loved that process for tooo long.. smh

  • TrinNY

    This is great news but I hope we see a Snapdragon, Arm or even Moorestown phone with Amoled, physical keyboard, trackpad, & 3.5mm jack soon. But I will also settle for a Desire now :) (I’ll compromise and keep my nails short)

  • Wicked1

    A PC upgrade? How about no. That just ups the odds of people messing up their phones. Id rather it be an OTA, and with me having a Cliq, I think we will go the OTA way, because of the Motoblur and the additional things Moto has to do with the Android OS. If its a PC Upgrad, it better be a very easy process. I was afraid hardware would limit the features some handset would get. Hopefully we get the live wallpapers, if the Cliq can handle it without problems.

    • Jak Crow

      Because these upgrades are going include a new SPL that’s going to reconfigure the phones partition schemes and it will be safer to do it via an app from the PC in case there are issues with the process.

    • rikki

      Yeah me having a cliq too i would rather have it over OTA seems better

  • the coolest geek

    About time, i was at the point of rooting my phone. Now that I have a time frame I think I can wait. But I would like that live wallpaper tho, but some new features are better then none.

  • capsule gang

    Give us the drivers now and the full update later! Most of the users that would be aware of a pc-update have already rooted their phones so the official update isn’t nearly as important as just giving us the proper drivers.

    • 4ty-phive

      ^My thoughts exactly

  • dominick

    Yawn I’ve had 2.1 on my G1 for a while, what’s next?

  • T.P.

    This is good,my concern is going forward that they should not release phones not capable of handling the complete software. No more 528 processors.

  • dsim91

    Good news for all, but by then I will have my HD2 I geuss I could still upgrade my G1 thou

  • Rickb928

    Well, I’ve hsd to wipe for EVERY OTA release on my G1 since RC33, so this is nothing new. A PC based upgrade sounds like they may want to change the system or ROM, and 2.1 may need it.

    So if they do indeed release a PC update, watch the modders crawl all over that like roaches. And come up with some very, very interesting stuff. One-click root, anyone? If all I had to do was plug my G1 into a PC and click for root and a ROM, well, that opens the gates. Since the G1 is getting old by industry standards, this is as good a time as any.

    But I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • timmyjoe42

    This concept frightens me.

  • The concept makes all Android phones look sexy! Now click is not too bad anymore lol.

  • eYe

    These are not news… these are rumors with no identified sources behind them. I will agree with ryaninc, I believe it when I see it.

  • Davidohio

    If this is true it is great news, and long overdue! I still have my G1 and it is running fine but 2.1 would be a welcome surprise :)

  • DJ

    Bring it on

  • Jay

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Interesting, I guess if they choose the PC update route that the developers/programmers will create a sub-app that roots the phone. LOL. That would be just like we all have been doing since the G1 first showed up on the scene.

    I just bought a like new used G1 on my local San Francisco Craig’s List for $100. Before that I have been out of G1 action from back when I gave my G1 to my girlfriend.

    Have to say I really like the G1 and Android (but said a few days ago on T-MoNews that I also like Windows Mobile too). Guess when I get my HD2 next month I will keep this “new” G1 so I can enjoy Android apps.

    All that said, and the reason for this post, I am AMAZED at how fast the stock G1 has become. Is “donut” 1.6 the latest authorized build? Whatever, that’s what is on the G1 I bought. Maybe people are spoiled, but take it from someone running the old, original OS, my G1 from back then compared to this one that is fresh (I think the former owner did a hard reset), well… there is no comparison, this recent G1 seems twice as fast as the old one. (I am going to e-mail the former owner and ask exactly what he did because I am impressed with the G1 as it sits).

    Any updates will be interesting, but the debate in my mind is if I should root this G1 too so to have some fun with it such as installing the HTC Sense UI and some alternative versions of Android (on my old G1 I installed the Hero build, then from Europe. That’s how long ago it was that I fooled with the G1).

    Anyway like others said, people need to remember this is a dated handset. Many handsets have appeared to replace the G1 and it’s really old in “tech years.” What’s “tech years” you DON’T ask… but I’ll tell you anyway.

    As I said in 2005 (Net mag article) there’s human years, dog years and now “tech years.” Human years are 1 to 1 (that’s obvious); dog years are 7 to 1; and tech years are 10 to 1. (Yeah, I made that up, but it’s my theory so I can.)

    Applying “tech years” to the G1, this phone is now approaching vintage (after all, it went public, so to speak, in 2008). (Sidenote: That’s why I keep saying Apple better do something about the iPhone. Apple cannot maintain the same old form factor for too much longer. Despite its innards, the iPhone’s look is becoming stale. Maybe an iPhone with a keyboard might debut?) Back to the G1.

    I think it’s important to take into account certain things with regard to the G1 and this update.

    First, it’s great that G1 remains supported. Since the “shelf life” of handsets is on average about one year, by all rights the G1 could be justifiably relegated to “no longer supported” status; T-Mo, HTC, Android and Google could abandon the G1 and move on to new stuff (can you say Nexus One, Droid, HTC Hero, Behold II), especially since the G1 will be two years old in a few months (including the time when it appeared on the Net in the months prior to its official debut).

    Bottom line on this point, IMHO this G1 update evidences Google’s continued commitment to Android as an open platform (although Android is becoming “fragmented” to the platform’s detriment, it’s good to see Android and Google adhere to core principles trumpeted when the G1 debuted). I think it’s noteworthy when taking into account the huge number of handsets that have arrived on scene to replace the G1.

    Second, however, is a reality. People have to cut the G1 cord. As one member succinctly said herein, the G1 is slow and underpowered when compared to devices now on the market. So no matter the OS, update or tweaking, the G1’s hardware is what it is, outdated. There’s only so much that can be done to the G1 until its hardware limitations prevents a G1 from taking advantage of upgrade features. (E.g., the G1 graphics card preventing one from ever using those uber cool animated wallpapers.)

    Guess all I am saying is that as much as I like this used G1 I just bought (to tide me over until March 24, which I declare is “National HD2 Day”) the time has arrived to where certain metaphors may be appropriate: “Time to give the G1 a proper burial” or “Time to cut the cord.” And maybe it’s time to consider how to list the G1 for sale on eBay: “Vintage G1, Mint, Tech Museum Piece, With Lots of Accessories, But NO 3.5mm Audio Port, So Don’t Ask”

    These smartphones are becoming mini-computers. Remember the old days of Windows 3.1 and terms such as 286, 386, 486 and Pentium? Just as much as we had to accept that our 386 machine would not run the latest 3D games, my impression is that the G1’s hardware is like a 386 machine. We can’t cram into it an OS meant for a Pentium 4 CPU.

    Yes, the G1’s hardware specs are that ancient. Heck, even the not-yet-released U.S. HD2 will be outdated when the new category of phones, the “superphone,” shows up in Q4 2010. (Shocking, I’m sure, but that’s about right since technically the HD2 will be a year old when the Windows Phones and superphones debut. Remember, you have to take into account them “tech years.”) Believe me, I don’t like having to accept that even the HD2 will be outdated in Oct-Nov 2010, but from all that I have read it will be.

    The HD2 approaching outdated status, well that makes the G1 a museum piece. Any update leftovers, crumbs and scraps that they toss our way, appreciate them. I’m sure they will cut off the G1 soon.

    Once again, sorry for the long post, just warming up the writing engines, again.

    • Twitch110

      Dude, way too long. Start your own blog son! ;)

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well Twitch I did say sorry for the long post. Apparently that was not good enough, so… sorry again if the length of my comment offended people.

        And sorry to David if I violated blog rules about which I am unaware or if my comment exceeded the site’s bandwidth limitations.

        Maybe David needs to implement character limitations to shut people like me up, so to give all you all a chance to say something meaningful.

        As for me, I’ll do what I did in the T-MoNews Forums, I’ll just stay off the site.

        So see you all.

        • David

          Nope, no limitations will be enacted. Feel free to write what you want in as many words as you want. So long as you aren’t personally attacking someone’s mother, I’m perfectly content letting you write however long of a comment as you want. Seeing as this is the internet its impossible for me to tell everyone to “play nice” and hope that everyone does so. That being said, play nice as this commenter often brings a valid and well thought opinion to the discussion. I’d hate to see you leave Michael.

        • sorandkairi

          Nicely put

    • must say a little tooo long but enjoyed reading thanxs

    • jellyfisher69

      lay off that methamphetamine dude you gettin all wI er d

  • Kyle

    Hmmm, I agree with others. If this isn’t confirmed it’s a rumor. If this were to come does anyone know if the myTouch 1.2 will be able to have the live wallpapers?

    • Kickstar13

      I doubt any current Android handset in T-Mobile’s lineup will include live wallpapers with the 2.1 update.

  • kev

    In my opinion i could care less about live wallpapers. All I’m just hoping for is that it runs smoothly on the CLIQ, but i thought the CLIQ was already getting 2.1 in Q2??

  • Eviltweety88

    Well many kept the G1 or suffered the Cliq because of the keyboard. I can’t do the HTC w/winmo no matter how cool the hardware. Do you want to tap into the business sector that’s using Blackberry? Get us a 2.1 Android w/snapdragon-touch screen AND a decent qwerty keyboard. I know I’m not the only one who would jump on that.

  • shawn1224

    Most N1 users I know don’t even use live wallpapers, supposedly it’s a huge resource hog,

  • arizdegenerate

    I would love it to be a pc update. I hate the lottery process that a ota system creates. If its pc it don’t overload tmo servers AND I can get it when I want

  • jrperiod

    When will this update be ready is my question.

  • corduroy

    Does this mean that the Samsung Galaxy i7500 will also get 2.1 even though it has hardly sold here (USA) at all? If they do, I might give it a try.

  • garypalmer

    T-mobile juat told me all android phones will be getting 2.1 include g1, my touch ,Samsung behold, Motorola ciq.

  • David

    I’m not waiting for 2.1, I’m waiting just for working system (working bluetooth, 100% working alarmclock, optimized browser, option to phonebook sorting by last and first name, company names in phonebook, syncing with other system than Gmail, etc.). If Google can’t make this system work, animated wallpapers and other “fancy features” are useless.

  • Commiepig

    The reason why they are shipping the update to the g1 and other first gen phones is they want to make sure a mass update to a legendary device will work before screwing up everyone’s device…so be glad the g1’s are getting it first

  • Brian

    Well said ItsMichaelNotMike, and the moderator. But whatI’m reading about the matter is the version to be released is Android 2.2 (Froyo) perhaps I’m confused and mis-informed, but thats par for the cource involving this handset “MyTouch3G” with Google and htc plastered all over the phone. But none the less there really needs to be more “Costomer Service” with T-Mobile and Google regarding there products. Thanks all, Brian

  • It’s now mid-June 2010. There has been no 2.1 update for my G1. Custom ROMs are available for the G1; what’s the hold-up with T-Mobile? Independent developers can get it running, but T-Mobile can’t?

  • jcomputerguy

    I also am waitng for update for my g1 .I have version 1.6 and man what a pain.keeps force closing. Hope some day soon they will make g1 customers happy.. its june 30th 2010 and still no update. Tmobile need to take care of your customers or you will loose them ..