Swype Demoed On The HTC HD2

As we patiently wait for March 24th to come around, the folks over at PocketNow were nice enough to shoot up a video showing us exactly how Swype works on the HTC HD2.  The HD2’s large 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen makes for an even better Swype experience.  Watch the video above to see a demo of what you can expect in the T-Mobile HTC HD2, and, if rumors are to be believed, expect something even better!

Sidenote: If you haven’t already, check out our hands-on review of the HTC HD2 here.

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  • T

    I HATE SWYPE! On a phone with a screen that big you would think that people would be just fine without swype. I hope that there will be a setting to just use the normal keyboard!!!!

    • TheDude

      Did you watch the video even a little? By the one minute mark he had already showed typing regular without a problem. And yes, you can turn it off. sheesh.

      • ig0tno0dles

        Yeah bro, calm down a lil bit.

      • britt

        oommmgg can sum1 plzzzz tell me how to turn swype off!!!!!!!! i havee tried sooo many times and it oesn’t work i truly hate swype and just want to type normally

  • Cybersedan

    Wow, someone who hates swype, was wondering if you existed. No harm, you can’t please everyone.

    From my experience swype is the most revolutionary virtually keyboard interface.

  • Nobody Cares

    swype is sick.

  • HD2 NOW, please!! Come on TMo!!


    Can’t wait to sell this nexus one for that beauty

    • just some d?de

      its a shame that the HD2 runs crappy WM, others wise it could of been a useful device.

      Android rules.

      • JB6464

        Fuck Android !

  • hoop

    been using swype on the TP2 and it is really nice (you can turn it off if you want just click click and off)! only thing i dont like about it is where you have two letters the same like ee, oo, etc… i havent quite got it perfected yet but i’ll get it one of these days

  • JAKE

    i have swype on my motorola cliq its amazing

    • Lillypad

      how did you get the swype on the moto cliq?

  • B

    wait, so you have/had the HD2 but can’t confirm or demonstrate any of this swype business? not to be mean, but if you have the actual phone, should you even listen to other post about it?

  • I didn’t know how I felt about Swype until I saw that demo. It is definitely sick! However, I think I still need a physical keyboard with my phone. Can’t wait to see what T-Mobile has to offer this year in Qwerty Keyboard devices!

  • hoop

    they had the UK version of the HD2 which doesnt have swype on it. thats why the video says it was a rom from xda bc it doesnt come on the phone.

  • esco

    @ B, He probably had the HD2 for a short period of time, then had to send it back so he couldn’t demo it himself. Just a guess. Also, I tried to use swype on TP2, and I couldn’t do it :( You have to always hit the letters, and it can be hard to do if your trying to …swype fast. Ill have to test it out again once I get the HD2 the very moment it comes out.

  • Mockerfab4

    Wow, wasn’t all that crazy about the Swype feature, but after seeing this demo, I think it looks cool. It definitely does work faster then my typing. Will probably take getting used to.

    Only 25 more days!!! YAY!

  • trife

    That’s PIMP!! I never knew this is what Swype consisted of but now that I do, the HD2 is a no-brainer. Can’t wait.

  • Chris

    Wow! I did not see the big deal about Swype before and figured it wouldn’t be all that accurate, but after seeing this I’m glad it’s going to be included on the HD2. It really does make a difference seeing it in action versus just reading about it.

  • h3n0g00d

    I waaant this phoooooone uuuuugh *fap fap fap fap fap fap*

  • Dave

    I have known about Swype for quite some time and I have seen quite a few demonstrations of it now – never live, and I have never tried it for myself – but the basic idea of how it works is fantastic.

    Undoubtedly there will be some learning curve, and I would have to get used to doing it, but after watching every demo I can find (there area a few on YouTube) I come away thinking that Swype will be an option on nearly every phone that has a touchscreen.

    As the software becomes more accurate and as users get more comfortable with the interface/style I doubt there will be people single tapping letters any more.

  • sortamad

    i have just two words to say: cant WAIT!!!

  • carlos

    Just thought I’d let u know… The HD2 is dropping MARCH 12th!!! Not the 24th. If u don’t believe me let’s make a bet.

    • TheDude

      lol, this sounds familiar… what other highly anticipated windows mobile phone sparked tons of release date rumors and passed by all the early dates without a problem? So yes, I will take you on that bet.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Swype is pretty awesome. I’ve used it for about a month now and its pretty cool. Only comes in handy when I’m at work and I dont have time to tack in each letter or when texting at the stop light(driving on clear roads as well).

  • vikingfan45


    • shawn1224

      I’m not even a winmo fan but clearly you’re biased. This has flagship potential and clearly beasts any other TMO device except for maybe the N1 and that’s strictly sold by Google. The screen alone is enough of a selling point for me.

      Anyways, Swype is awesome I use it on both my MyTouch and Behold II.

  • summer03

    how do you get swype on moto cliq?

  • Farah

    I was just using Swype on my HTC HD2 and its the stupidest thing ever. I hated it!!!!

  • baileyy

    i hate swype. i don’t know how to take the setting off my phone. i have the htc hd2, anyone have any advice?