HTC HD2 Releasing Mid-March?



Let me just preface this post by saying we are filing it strictly in the rumor category.  Nailing down the release date of the HTC HD2 has proved elusive with regards to actual T-Mobile information.  We can only note that “Spring” is the anticipated timeframe.   However, the HTC HD2 release date rumor mill has begun to discuss the possibility that the HTC HD2 will be releasing Mid-March, or March 12th or 17th to be more exact.  The original source of the leaked HTC HD2 slide that started the March 24th hoopla recently posted on PPCGeeks says that the information he can gather shows the release date as “TBD”.  In our twitter and blog comments, at least a few of you have heard that the phone will be released earlier than previously thought.  As to the validity of these dates, we can’t say but we couldn’t verify the March 24th date either although there was some evidence to support it.  For the moment, the release date game continues.  The moment we get something confirmed, you know where it’ll go.


  • krnboi345

    Ohhhh man it would be even better if they released it before! I hope we find out the pricing soon too!

    • john

      well, this would make sense to go with the 24th, the sole reason i say this is that the trade in promo ends on the 23rd, and i don’t see them giving a trade in on this phone.

  • ahh

    I’m hoping it’s the 24th to save alittle more dough

  • Todd

    I wish the release date was yesterday.

  • Inuyasha

    24th or earlier is fine with me :D

  • Lance

    I was SUPER hyped for this phone, but ever since WM7 was revealed and the HD2’s upgrade status is iffy, im on the fence now. It is one sexy device though, so the sooner its out, the better.
    Give me official word that this thing will be upgradeable to WM7 from Microsoft and HTC, and this thing is mine!

    • B-Mobile

      Ditto, give me HD2 + WM7 or start passing out htc obsession info my way please :)

  • TheDude

    It’s still the 24th. This same thing happened with the Touch Pro 2 and it all got pushed back from every rumored early date there was.

    • blowfeesh

      it is definitely coming out earlier. our learning and development dept just got them and i got to play with. blows my n1 out of the water. we dont have a release date but once L&D gets the phone, the release is a week or 2 off

  • Sgt. Cell

    March 1st would be great as well, now if I could only find a 32gb micro sd card.

  • CO_yeti

    It would be smart to push up the release date. This phone is losing a lot of the interest it had generated and the Nexus One is coming out on Verizon on the 23rd. Lets hope Tmo doesn’t have a repeat of the TP2 and move the date back…

    • gargoyle999

      I agree with this. I was thinking T-Mo may try and pull in the release date since N1 on Verizon will steal a lot of thunder from the HD2 release if it is the day before.

  • The store associate didn’t have a price point on the HD2, but he said I can safely assume it will cost around $300 with a 2-year agreement. We all know this can change slightly by the time of release, but I think it’s a very safe estimate.

  • Todd

    Where’s the advertising for this phone?

    • CO_yeti

      The question should be where is the advertising for T-mobile in general!

      • Mockerfab4

        Watch NBA games. They play them every commercial break. ;)

  • Question: How much would any of you be willing to pay for this phone?? Retail or discounted.

    I think I would go as high as $25O.OO. I would commonly wait a little while after a phone has been released in hopes that a deal would arrive but I’m not sure how much longer I can wait for this phone.

    • Twitch110

      i think you’ll be paying more than that brother. I think it’s going to cost a pretty penny. It’ll be hard for me to pay over 250 too. I want it so bad, but still a little worried with throwing down all that money on a phone that seems like the OS is on the brink of extinction. Hmmmm…I’ll still probably buy it though :)

    • just some d?de

      Its has WM on it so id be willing to pay $375 for someone to smash it with a sledge hammer.

      Android Rules, and now is taking over.

      • John

        You Disgust Me.

    • just some d?de

      It has WM on it so id be willing to pay $375 for someone to smash it with a sledge hammer.

      Android Rules, and now is taking over.

      • Mockerfab4

        Exactly how I feel about Android!

      • TMoEmployee

        Androids Market is subpar. It’s glitchy and full of the same fart and sound apps. Until they put forth some real nice 3D rendering apps…. Wait! They don’t even have to be 3D, just work right! Free doesn’t mean better. Get a grip, Android does not rule, yet…

    • sikkboy

      I noticed you used O’s instead of zero’s in “25O.OO”. Is it odd that this bothered me?

  • NONE

    It will be the 24 we have a meeting for it on the 18th of March.

    • Kevin

      Mine’s tomorrow. Already got a chance to play with it for a few hours. The screen will blow your mind in real life, and the capacitive touch is amazing with touchflo (sense now I guess)

  • wojax2

    why would the release of the nexus one on Verizon effect the release of the hd2 on t-mob.If people are waiting for the nexus on Verizon ,they most likely already are Verizon costumers,if they really wanted the nexus one they could’ve already had it through t-mob.Thats why i say this will not effect the release of the hd2 that much-considering you can get the nexus one,and hd2 on the same carrier-unlike Verizon that only offers one of the devices. Dont worry people, this device will sell a-plenty.The tech-heads are drooling at this awesome piece of hardware.

  • Max

    Unfortunately,it’s running the wrong OS for me

    • wojax2

      The wrong o.s? I mean c’mon android fans…its not like android is the say all-be all in o.s. its gonna be quite interesting to hear some of you talk about win mo phone7 when it hits.. you’ll all be screaming how great the OS is compared to android when you’re holding your new 7 series phone. What good is an o.s if it doesn’t have the proper hardware and features to run it? take a chill for a moment, this might be a 7 series upgradeable phone after all. Patience my padawan..

      • TMoEmployee

        I agree with you. Personally, I hate Windows but, I’m learning that Android is really weak. I think HTC did a wonderful job covering up Windows and the ROMS you can download to cover it up makes it even better. I can care less about this Windows 7 talk. Just give me a fast, hot and useable phone. And that’s either the N900 or HD2. Hmmmmm……

      • Cybersedan

        Coming from an Android fan here… no need to knock the HD2 it actually is a true smart phone that does basic things like multi-tasking :-), if it’s not for you it’s not for you. It does look like an amazing phone, I hope it lives up the hype and the price is right.

      • just some d?de

        Wojax2 have you seen any of the videos going around of WM7. All it is is a skin on top of WM. Anyway what ever it is WM7 is not good man, it was MS’s last chance to play in the mobile market. But from the looks of it its a no go. Even sony announced they are droping MS for android. start looking for a different mobile OS.

      • @ just some dude: yeah, because sony has fantastic smartphones and seems to know exactly what they’re doing…right.

      • Mockerfab4

        @justsomedude…WM7 isn’t even out yet. And we’re already making the prediction it it’s no good? Lame. Wait until the damn thing is out before passing judgement.

        As for Android. That’s been out 3 years now and by far the worst OS I’ve ever had the displeasure of using!

  • dave

    Either buy the phone or don’t, but stop whining about which OS it’s using, know one cares if people think Android is better or worse than WM7, or the iphone or BB.

  • newcleus

    As much as I want this phone and would really prefer that it’s upgradeable to WinPho7 I will most likely get it either way. With that said, I think a March 24th release will be best because I understand that MS will announce if this will get WinPho7 at Mix10 March 15-17th. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • thom

    Can we get this thing released already. I am having agony pains sitting here hitting my refresh button every few minutes trying to get up to the minute info. It is driving my crazy. I need tihis now or I will go completely bonkers.

    • epic

      ha me as well I’m waiting for a price out of contract hopefulll less than 500

    • Dan the man

      Lol! I’ve been doing the exact same thing for the past month! I’m obsessed about the HD2. Its going to be so easy for me to dump my blackberry(s) for this beauty. For shits sake. My bold 9700 can’t even play normal non-mobile youtube videos without having to go to the mobile website! And it doesn’t even play them half the time!!!


    Perhaps they will release it around March 12th, for current t-mobile customers, and the 24th for the public.

    • gargoyle999

      I like the way you think!

      • Mockerfab4

        I agree!!! Reward us Tmo. ;)

  • i want this phone now!…but my good friend who works for tmoblie said that they go for training for this the hd2 tomorrow so hopefully we see this phone real soon!

  • just some d?de

    wow this just in MS may drop WM all together, it blames Androids amazing growth.

    Its the begining of the end for WM. lol.

    Android rules, and taking over.

    • Cybersedan

      I hope this doesn’t happen… fan or not it’s good competition that spurs innovation. I’m an Android fan, but the more players on the block the better for consumers.

      I’m even hoping Apple will go back to the drawing board, and raise the bar again, in the end whether you like one or the other platform the competition is good for us as end users.

      • just some d?de

        innovation and Microsoft dont go together, i wont be surprised if they do drop WM. They really need to consecrate on Windows. I mean Windows 7 just got released and they are already saying windows 8 comes out next year. So i gues i was right windows 7 is a flop to just like windows 8 will be.

        Anyway Android rules, and is taking over.

    • ndy500fan

      Seriously dude. You gave us a link from December 1st, 2009. That’s brilliant. Way to stay on top of things.

      • not to mention it was an op/ed piece written in the guardian, who love to share their opinion. and windows 8 isn’t being released in 1 year. absolutely dumb.

      • Mockerfab4

        What do you expect from Android user. Maybe their Google search is broken. Maybe should try Bing. ;)

    • chaoscentral

      Dude quit being a fanboy, I love Android just as much as the next guy, but WM is not being dropped at all. That article is from december 1, 2009. They just announced Windows Phone 7 Series, and Windows Mobie 6.5.x will live on as Windows Phone Classic. Windows Mobile isn’t going anywhere, and to be honest, it is still superior to android, this is coming from a guy who has owned a Hero, Behold 2, CLIQ, and G1 in the past 6 months. I’m leaving the Android world as soon as this phone comes out.

      While Android is good, it’s not the best, it still lacks a ton of polish, and unless we see more control over hardware specifications I don’t see this changing. MS went the smart way with WP7s and made minimum hardware requirements, too bad Google didn’t as well. Tell me Android on a G1 is a good experience, and I’ll laugh in your face. I’ve gone through just about every custom ROM there is, and not a 1 looks polished like the HD2, and still run just as smooth.

      • Cybersedan

        I’m waiting and waiting for the day google does this, the N1 specs for instance should be the minimum requirements for 2.1 and on :-).

      • just some d?de

        recent data whould suggest others which, it is the best thats why it is supassing iphone and MW in the mid us states. and thats why Steve jobs came out the other day to say Android is no threat, LOL. scared much apple LOL.

        i love watching this the demise of one top mobile OS and then WM.

        Android rules and is taking over.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        @Just Some Dude

        As quoted by you, “recent data whould suggest others which, it is the best thats why it is supassing iphone and *MW* in the mid us states”

        I didn’t Know Modern Warfare was an OS. HAAA!!!!

        Honestly Just Some Dude, I really like Android alot and wants the Motorola Shadow which supposed to have Android on it but listening to your rants on Android are really making me rethink it slightly.

    • Mockerfab4

      LAME! That was from Dec of last year. 2 months ago. Did you miss the big headline from this month about WM7!?!?

      And it was a rumour. See if I trust anything from that blog….

  • Mgoggles

    First day of spring is the 20th of March. 24th still looks likely.

  • wojax2

    ah ,the sweet chatter of fanboy noise.makes me wanna…..well nevermind! winmo 7 series rulezzzz!!(still waiting for my hd2)

    • just some d?de

      one day you’ll look back on your HD@ and say that was a mistake. Nay i take that back it already is a mistake and its not even out yet. LOL

      android rules.

      • Mockerfab4

        Wish someone gave me that advise on my MyTouch. Fortunately had the common sense to figure it out on my own and shipped back ASAP.

      • Twitch110

        Ditto MF4. My mytouch sucks booty. There’s no way the HD2 will disappoint. No android phone even compares. I just handled the N1 for the first time the other day. Was DEFINITELY not impressed.

  • damien

    Tmo reps are going into a training day for the HD2 this upcoming week

    • just some d?de

      thats cool, i can see the support call now. Sir can you please factory reset your device. Unless they work the three finger salute into the buttons some how.

    • CO_Yeti

      I believe this meeting everyone is mentioning this week pertains to the comp structure changing and maybe a price plan or two. Haven’t heard anything about phones, but it would be nice.

  • Oce

    Can’t open a blame browser page without seeing 5 or 6 N1 ads. If google wanted to saturate the market with N1’s as much as they do the internet, they would’nt make you jump through hula hoops of fire just to attain a subsidized N1. I like both WinMo and Android but getting real sick of android fanboys always in HD2 threads with their “If this thing only had android” comments. JUST GIVE DEVS OVER @ XDA SOME TIME AND IT WILL!!!!! Until then just chill! BTW I have 2 lines eligible for upgrade; N1 for my wife, HD2 for me. ;)

  • Chgo26

    @ just some dude, you are beyond ridiculous and it’s not entertaining on any level. I truly hope you’re no older than twelve.

    Anyway, the earlier the better for this device. This money is burning a hole in my pocket and the Nexus One keeps flirting with me. It’s not what I want though. I just want to get away from AT&T & Apple. Two or three more weeks won’t kill me but damn it’s difficult. lol

  • just some d?de

    @Chgo26 may not be entertaining, but you took 1 min out of your life to respond.

    Android rules

    • Chgo26

      Don’t flatter yourself little one. It was either a quick response to you or pay attention to my friend talk about the Winter Olympics. Now, shoo.

      And to keep it in some way on topic, HTC HD2.

    • Inuyasha

      Seriously…quit being a tool… I’m sick of people like you who do nothing but troll on threads about phones and other things you don’t like.

  • Bobomo

    I don’t necessarily wish the HD2 had Android, I just wish it had an OS that wasn’t a freakin’ dead end. I LOVE the hardware, and I like what HTC has done with Sense, and what xda continue to do to improve the look and performance. But if this thing is going to be in my pocket for the next 2 years (or longer) I want to know that there will still be apps being made (by real companies, not just hackers and ROM cookers) and software that still supports it. And don’t give me that WP7 nonsense – not everyone is hyped about that not-yet-existing-OS as the tech press, and there’s been no verification anyhow. I’m just not willing to drop $300+ and make a 2 year contractual commitment to a dying platform.

    • Todd

      Simple solution…..don’t buy it.

    • Twitch110

      I actually agree with what you said. That’s the main reason i feel hesitant to buy it. It really does feel like it’ll be a dead end eventually. Bums me out a little bit.

  • wojax2

    androids overrated .if you want to really be truth full, palm OS is a smidge better.take that- just some dude! when 7 series hits the streets its gonna be game on! android fans!..just kidding guys,im just getting a little bored blogging and waiting for my hd2-wait….. whats that? your starting to lose reception on your nexus one-just some dude!.Take your palm of your hand away from the phone!

    • Oce


  • Newcleus

    I have a G1 and Android is okay. It force closes apps so many times it’s not even funny. If I ever have an emergency and have to call 911 from my G1, I hope it’s not because I’m about ready to black-out because I’d have to wait around 5 minutes for the phone option to finally come up.

    Maybe the specs should have been different so this thing could work better, but they weren’t and I’m ready to move on to the HD2.

    • Mockerfab4

      I had the same problem too!!!! I lasted 3 weeks with the MyTouch before shipping it back. Got tired of all the bugginess plus a whole slew of other issues. Not to mention, the support on the thing was sad. not Tmo’s fault as they always deferred me to the Google message board for additional help on the phone.

      Looking forward to the HD2. Not a fan of WM7, but the HTC Sense Flow on top of it looks great.

    • KAF

      Same problem here with my G1… takes forever for the phone option to show up and when I finally make a call, it wants to force close during the call.

      Android is ok and has more apps than WM but most of them are tip calculators, flashlights, soundboards, or something like that… nothing really worthwhile like WM.

      Can’t wait till the HD2 is in my hands! WM7 or not, its still better than any phone I’ve seen yet!

  • Oleg TMO

    I was playing with a live demo today (previously signed an agreement of non-disclosure and confidentiality) and as awesome and powerful this phone is I must say-the keys on the bottom feel really cheap and, of course, winmo 6.5 is unresponsive at times. But overall a pretty damn good experience, can’t wait to get it for myself!

  • Nain

    i really cannot wait for this phone, i love android, and been proud owner of a G1, motocliq, Hero, and now my current phone is a white mytouch, i also owned the tmobile wing, shadow, shadow2, and touch diamond2, windows mobile and android are two VERy different types of OS’, im tired of androids force closing and slowness even with task managers, my touch diamond2 was perfect just couldnt handle the keyboard, so the HD2 ties down windows mobile along with a bit of android (sense UI) in which for me equals a perfect phone, i can really careless for all the apps android has to offer, only ones i really used was good maps which can easily be imported to the HD2, my upgrade is already due. hands down im getting an upgrade with the hd2, willing to fork out at least 450.00 with activation fee and all taxes included

  • Jay

    Can’t believe people are actually praising WM7 like it’s going to be the best or even Top 3 mobile OS in the future when it comes out. Not only will it be behind Android, Symbian, WebOS and even iphone’s OS but nothing about it stands out and it doesn’t even look that good, it’s the most overrated thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s a non factor to me and I could care less about it. Android is the best out right now, followed by Symbian and WebOS IMO. WM6.x is garbage.

    I have a Nexus One and it’s amazing and you people are just plain blatant haters when you say it’s not impressive, please just shut up. It’s godly and the best phone out right now EASILY. Android is no doubt easily better than WM6.x and will be better than WM7 which is just a dumbed-down OS to appeal to the masses aka average consumer/joe and try to make M$ some more money and a bit more market share.

    And I have a Nexus one and it’s godly, easily the best phone out right now but I WILL be getting an HD2 the day it comes out. WM is a dying platform and nothing good and WM7 won’t be amazing either but Sense does a decent job of covering up the garbage that is WinMo and the HD2 is amazing hardware wise. It has a worse battery than the Nexus but I’m gonna have to see how that translates into use for me, but that screen is ****in HUGE and AMAZING, want it cause of that 4.3″ beastly screen, sucks it isn’t AMOLED tho like the N1’s.

    You’re prolly wondering why am I gonna get the HD2 if WinMo is dying and Android is better and ditch my N1…well it’s because I want the HD2’s huge screen and I can just jump ship to the HTC Supersonic later on. It’s gonna be dropping on Sprint later this year and is gonna be the HD2 basically but with ANDROID. WiMAX is overrated and it’s basically 3G and it’s laughable to call it 4G but it’s ok for now until LTE comes out. I don’t play favorites, I’m going to go the best phone/carrier possible. T-Mo gives me great service and the Nexus One is amazing, it’s godly. But I know how to budget and save my money so I’m good, plus no carrier/company is going to reward me or look out after me or anything so why should I do the same and be blind? It is what it is, that’s life. Just gotta live it up, we’re all gonna die eventually one day. Nexus One is amazing, can’t wait to try out the HD2 at a T-Mo store.

    • Twitch110

      That was the weirdest post i’ve read in a long long time. Makes absolutely no sense. Just curious though….what’s your opinion on the N1?

      • lol

        You got that right that idiot was so back and forth I felt as if I got stupider reading it. I’m also a android fan and seeing as how Ive never used WM before I’m actually looking forward to it, especially with the hd2now saying android is thee best is Extremely dumb its good Yes the best no every company has ther good and bads and android is in the same boat. So you over eccentric fanboys chill the hell out and do something else than try to sound smart JAY

    • Mockerfab4

      Traitor!!!! LOL! Enjoy HD2 in all it’s WM goodness! As long as there’s business folks like me, WM will thrive. Android lacks many of the BASICS that business folks require, like Activesync out of the box, not a $15 app (which I heard has issues).

      I find it funny that Android fans are trying to say WM7 is not going to succeed. Is it maybe because it poses a real threat? Otherwise, whats all this noise about an OS that isn’t even out yet!?! Until the phone is out, I would reserve judgement on how it will succeed.

  • Dan the man

    My mistake, I meant the bold can’t play decent youtube vids. And the mobile ones don’t work half the time..
    Oh and I guess we can all forget about the nokia N900 coming to tmobile, as it was announced that the nokia nuron was coming in March instead.
    That just makes it easier for me to go after the HD2 instead.

  • patient

    As I was getting my free trackball replacement for my 3 year old BB pearl (thanks tmo!) I talked to a TM employee and he said it would be coming March 12th and he was getting training to be a HD2 expert for the store

  • InsideScoop

    Just a wonder of insight. Tmo will not be releasing this til the week of the 20th, I personally have been invited to the event prior to the launch. Seems like the 24 is in the bag.

  • omez

    so which one is it? the 12th or the 24th?

  • SirMac

    To the androidians, what did you have before its release like 3 yrs. ago? Im so confused as to why people are so gung-ho over android. The crowd it appeals to is most certainly not the same crowd MS appeals to. If android made a computer, I couldnt imagine how many people would compare it to a mac or a pc. You will get what tmobile gives you, stop trying to have everything handed to you on a silver spoon. . .