HTC HD2 Releasing Mid-March?



Let me just preface this post by saying we are filing it strictly in the rumor category.  Nailing down the release date of the HTC HD2 has proved elusive with regards to actual T-Mobile information.  We can only note that “Spring” is the anticipated timeframe.   However, the HTC HD2 release date rumor mill has begun to discuss the possibility that the HTC HD2 will be releasing Mid-March, or March 12th or 17th to be more exact.  The original source of the leaked HTC HD2 slide that started the March 24th hoopla recently posted on PPCGeeks says that the information he can gather shows the release date as “TBD”.  In our twitter and blog comments, at least a few of you have heard that the phone will be released earlier than previously thought.  As to the validity of these dates, we can’t say but we couldn’t verify the March 24th date either although there was some evidence to support it.  For the moment, the release date game continues.  The moment we get something confirmed, you know where it’ll go.