One More Dose Of Confirmed HD2 Release Date

hd2release date

Realistically I’d say we’re pretty confident of a March 24th release date for the HTC HD2. T-Mobile themselves have said March, a leaked retail slide nailed down the 24th as a solid date and now Home Media magazine has gone and further confirmed the March 24th date. Aside from the release date comes a little more info on the T-Mobile/Blockbuster partnership which will allow T-Mobile users to buy or rent new-release movies. Users can stop and pause a movie download and then continue to watch it on an Internet-connected television or Blu-Ray disc player that has Blockbuster On Demand on board. Very interesting indeed for Blockbuster to allow this kind of movie downloads as Apple has thus far not allowed iPhone users to download movies to their devices. Very interesting indeed.

For those of you bound to ask in the comments, price is still unknown!

Home Media Magazine

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  • TM-Tech1

    You mean T-Mobile got multimedia super rom too, yeah, I throught Technology1 is working T-Mobile and HTC now….(lol)

  • HTC confirmed the March release date

  • Id love to see the prices on rentals/buying.

    Only negative I can think of right now is that I dont have a Blockbuster on demand Blu-Ray player.

    You would think with the xbox integration that I could “dock” this device with the Xbox 360 and then play files stored on the device (though I bet NetFlix wouldnt love that).

    However – if I understood the 22minute long “live demo” video WinPho7 will allow users with a Zune pass to put videos/pictures/music from their subscription onto the phone – which means I dont necessarily need Blockbuster to get movies/tv shows – and I wouldn’t need to buy a new Blu-Ray player either – just use the equipment I have already.

  • Todd

    March 24th it is. Can’t wait!!!!

  • Gizmalien

    Would have preferred Netflix, but I’m still hooked and determined to get this phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    The question I have, will the HD2 have “TV Out?” That’s the capability of one to connect a $15 VGA cable to the phone on one end, the other end has the old style three male VGA plugs (red and white for audio, yellow for video) that connects to a display (via the devices female VGA plugs) such as an LCD TV, DVD player or whatever that acts as a throughput.

    On my Touch Pro2 I had that capability, the connection on the phone end being the TP2’s USB port.

    I ask because I want to connect to TV Out (which is a Microsoft OS feature) and play movies on the phone, but watch them on an external display.

    I did this once when teaching. I had converted a DVD movie and put it on the TP2’s microSD chip. When the room’s DVD player was on the fritz I connected TV Out and we saw the movie that way (the movie being displayed on the rooms projector). Not DVD quality but it got the job done.

    IMHO someday we will be using either built in projectors on our phones to play media on big screens (projectors better than what’s out there now) or the graphics cards on phones will improve dramatically, to where the phone will have an HDMI port and we can play DVD quality movies via our phone, whether downloaded, streamed, or converted from out libraries and put on the SD chip.

    The day will come, as I said before, when we will connect our phones to a dock in the house, the dock providing a wireless signal throughput the house, including receivers to large flat panel TVs and computers (unless the phone has a keyboard attached and it acts as the computer. Yes, desktop computers are going to be extinct someday.)

    You can then do anything in the house that is computer related, using a single “super phone” for all functions (calls, e-mail, net connection, playing movies, etc.)

    You connect th

  • Doyle

    My understanding is This a blockbuster App in which, i can Stream movies from My phone ??
    Will this be availble for the touch pro 2 also?/ or is it any way i can do that on my touch pro?

    • FILA

      I dont think the TP2 has balls for this

  • aLb3Rt

    now the big question is…. can we all afford it?! lol

  • FILA

    Blockbuster tryin to come back, I think once Netflix gets a hear about this, which was prob about 20 hours ago or whenever it wont be long…

    • Mockerfab4

      LOL! Thinking the same thing. The CEO of Netflix hates Blockbuster and would do anything to edge the competition. Healthy Competition is great for consumers!

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Except if you knew anything about Blockbuster’s history, you’d realize they HATE all competition. I know cause I use to work for them and its not conspiracy, they used to have employee bulletins that spelled out all their aquisitions and victories. They spent their entire time as #1 doing nothing but controlling the rental game and pushed all competition out of business. They did nothing to improve services or the customer experience and gave 2 craps about consumers… until Netflix finally blew them away. Corporate shit bastards. Anything to do w/ Blockbuster is a huge failure to me. Now T-mobile is going to be ‘partnering’ with them? I guess T-mobile just loves that 4th place spot, don’t they?
        The phone is cool, but the first thing getting deleted is the BB app, don’t need it, don’t want it, don’t even want to see the logo. The only good thing I will say about them is that this is the FIRST time in about 10 years they actually did something that wasn’t reactionary and a blatant rip-off of their competitors. It took them this long to think of something.
        If the CEO of Netflix hates Blockbuster, then him (or her) needs to come out and have drink with me.

  • Matlock

    Damnit, would have been better if it was NETFLIX, screw Blockbuster! I hope that with the upgrade to Winmo 7, netflix will be available, as its suppose to synch up with Xbox Live, would be awesome as hell!!!

  • wMIsThEbEsT

    yeah screw Blockbuster and their 4 dollar 20 year old movies give me a break! Howard the Duck, That will be 4 dollars plus tax wtf, no wonder why they are about to go bust idiots.

  • problem with blockbuster is there greedy and everything cost money. where netflix gives you access to streams starting a 8.99 a month. keep your blockbuster junk and hurry up and release that hd2!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      To clarify what this person means:

      On my Netflix account I have the lowest plan, $9 a month that allows me to rent one movie at a time, unlimited in the sense that if I can’t get another movie until I return the one I have. If I turnaround a movie every couple days (depending on how fast the mail is, which for me it is since there is a mail distribution center close by) I can get about six to eight movies a month. Not bad.

      For that $9 I also have access to Netflix’s Instant Viewing of movies in that database (the movies are typically older titles, never new releases). Netflix used to limit the number of hours one could view online movies based on the plan one had, more expensive the plan, the more viewing hours one got.

      They changed that to anyone can watch as much as they want,, regardless of plan (I suspect because people were not watching all that much).

      Netflix also has a “Watch Instantly On Your TV” service which requires a device they sell or one can use an “Netflix Ready Device” such as an X-Box.

      It’s obvious that Netflix can stream video to the HD2. I wonder what the delay is.

      I don’t know how widespread news is about this new BB service, but I would imagine Netflix is livid. I suspect they will announce streaming and downloads to smartphones quite soon.

      When Netflix comes out with the service I would expect them to outdo BB by allowing FREE viewing of the Netflix online Instant Viewing database, the same as we can do with out computers.

      That would be a slick move and a logical extension of the Netflix service, which is to provide subscribers all forms of access to movie viewing, whether DVDs, BluRay, online instant viewing and soon smartphone streams.

      • Jeff

        Very informative post. I enjoy reading valuable contributions such as this.

  • papito007

    amazon mp3 & blockbuster on the HD2…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Pardon if I don’t know how this works, but all T-Mo is doing is featuring the BB software on the phone, nothing else, unless there is some special price cut for T-Mo customers.

    If that’s the case, just do as the one member here says, delete the program.

    When I had my Touch Pro2 I download Netflix’s app. (It was available as a MS Marketplace download). So just do that and replace BB.

    With the Netflix app it:

    a) Puts the familiar logo on your apps list and with HTC Sense puts the logo in a quick link spot (see where BB currently resides, that’s a HTC Sense “quick link”).

    b) Allows access to your account and look at what’s in your queue.

    c) Lets you make changes to your queue.

    d) Plays previews and trailers.

    Of course it’s just a matter of time before Netflix plays streamed movies to the HD2 or other smartphones.

    I have been with Netflix since they came into being and I have always hated BB, especially when they were ripping people off on fines and late fees. But, does this service mean that BB can stream movies to the HD2?

    If so, doesn’t that mean they beat Netflix to this service? I am not able to get streamed movies from Netflix yet. So if this is a BB streamed movies to a smartphone service, tip of the hat to them for doing this.

    I’ll have to go look at this further. But for this T-Mo announcement I have not kept up on what BB is doing, I really don’t like the company.

    Moreover, what is BB going to charge for this service, or does T-Mo charge for it too? If BB thinks they are going to get $5 a movie, no thanks. I have no interest in paying even $2 for a movie on even the HD2 screen.

    Maybe BB’s actions will start a media war the same as we are enjoying between the carriers. Wouldn’t it be great if Netflix trumps BB by letting us watch on the HD2 unlimited free movies from the same Instant Viewing database that’s available online with out computers.

  • ManoloDF

    I hope to god the HD2 has UMA capabilities. The BB9700 as the only 3g phone with UMA just does not cut it for me or thousands of T-Mobile UMA fanatics.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I want the phone to release earlier than March 24th but I’ve been waiting for over 2 years for a new device so I can wait one more month. I’m totally satisfied with my Nokia 3220. Even though it’s slowly starting to fall apart. I’m confident that it can last another month.

    I hope the price is reasonable as well. A reasonable price for this device is $350, nothing more. Anything over $350 is really pushing it. Come on Tmobile and HTC, don’t pull a Nexus One on us with the secrets. That didn’t turn out too well for Google.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Also, I’ll be stuck playing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom so I’ll probably forget that this phone is coming out and then time will start flying by and before I know it, I’m holding my new HTC HD2.

      Also, I wonder what Tmobile is going to call this device? Get ready for, *Dun dun duuunnn* THE WING 3!!! HAAA!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      If you mean $350 on a two year contract, see my previous prediction that your price is probably a good guess.

      I think it will especially be $350 on a two year now that I see that HTC, T-Mo and Microsoft consider the HD2 a Windows 6.5 phone, not a Windows Phone Series 7.
      Based on that, I don’t think the HD2 will be priced too high since MS is making so much noise about WinMo 7 and Windows Phone 7.

      I suspect everyone is going to want the latest and greatest in November when the Windows Phones Series 7 modes debut.

      After much thought I suspect the HD2 will be a WinMo 6.5 device. MS said they were going with dual platforms, 6.5 and WinMo 7 operating systems. It makes sense to me now that the HD2 will be the flagship WinMo 6.5 phone.

      MS said that WinMo 6.5 phones will be the cheaper of the two devices (that is, the phones with 6.5 versus WinMo 7. They also said that WinMo 7 phones will provide the “premium mobile experience.” Whenever MS uses the word “premium” that means more money out of out pockets.

      So the above are additional reasons why I suspect the HD2 will be $350 on a two year contract, $550 retail. I’d love to be wrong and the prices to be lower, but based on previous pricing models, e.g., the Touch Pro2, I sadly think I’m right. I say sadly because I don’t qualify for discounts so I will be paying full price. :(

      I’ll pay it because I had the Touch Pro2 and loved that phone. (Even after having it six months I still enjoyed the feeling of that phone in my hand. It was the best phone I ever had, and I have had maybe 200 phones over time.) The HD2 has sucked me in because I want it more than I did the Touch Pro2.

      Sheesh, I better shut up, I am starting to feel like a lustful perv.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Excuse the typographical errors in my last. I meant “models debut” not “modes debut.” Can’t have you wondering what “modes debut” means.