One More Dose Of Confirmed HD2 Release Date

hd2release date

Realistically I’d say we’re pretty confident of a March 24th release date for the HTC HD2. T-Mobile themselves have said March, a leaked retail slide nailed down the 24th as a solid date and now Home Media magazine has gone and further confirmed the March 24th date. Aside from the release date comes a little more info on the T-Mobile/Blockbuster partnership which will allow T-Mobile users to buy or rent new-release movies. Users can stop and pause a movie download and then continue to watch it on an Internet-connected television or Blu-Ray disc player that has Blockbuster On Demand on board. Very interesting indeed for Blockbuster to allow this kind of movie downloads as Apple has thus far not allowed iPhone users to download movies to their devices. Very interesting indeed.

For those of you bound to ask in the comments, price is still unknown!

Home Media Magazine

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